Winter in Jilin is colorful! Don’t believe me. Look.

When winter comes, white snow becomes an indispensable theme, but do you really think that the winter colors in Jilin will be so monotonous? Can’t!
Yuanxiang inn
Winter in Jilin is colorful! Look ~
Winter in Jilin is white!
With the dress of fluttering snow, white must be the main color in winter. The winter in Jilin is full of fairy tales because of the snow.
Laobaishan original ecological scenic spot
White is synonymous with purity. The winter in Jilin is pure enough, as far as you can see, and it is a gift from nature. Because of this color, walking in this silvery white world makes you feel good!
Liudingshan cultural tourism area
Winter in Jilin is blue!
Good ecology has created good weather in Jilin. If you come to Jilin for this warm appointment in winter, you will see the blue sky, clear and bright, and pleasing to the eye.
Changbai Mountain
Jilin blue, with a palette, is not easy to make pure! Under the blue sky, no matter where you go, it is a gorgeous oil painting with full texture and indescribable beauty.
Changchun Jingyuetan National Scenic Spot (Gao Fuxing Photography)
Winter in Jilin is red!
With the background of white snow, red is particularly dazzling in winter! Country B&B, the red lanterns hanging high are beautiful, which well explains that the most grounded gas is the most fashionable!
Erhexue town
When it comes to the winter fishing in Chagan Lake, red is the best prop for the "atmosphere group" of fishing and hunting harvest. The red silk is like dancing happily in winter, much like the enthusiasm in Jilin people’s bones.
Winter fishing in Chagan Lake
This winter, "Ji Lin Hong" has added fresh blood. The Beijing Winter Olympics and the Beijing Winter Paralympics are coming soon. The mascot of the Winter Paralympics based on the red lantern "Snow Rongrong" will become the most beautiful decoration this winter!
Winter in Jilin is yellow!
In winter in Jilin, I always want to give you some "colors" to see. Yellow is very eye-catching. In the world of ice and snow, the frozen sticky bean bag, the quick-frozen corn stored in autumn, and the big cake that is a perfect match with the iron pot stew … Every bite is warm and sweet, and the fragrance goes from the nostrils to the mouth, then to the stomach, and warms the heart.
Jiutai Maanshan village wangshan restaurant pot-stewed
Jiutai Maanshan village wangshan restaurant sticky bean buns
Jiutai Maanshan village wangshan restaurant pancake zi
Jilin yellow smells of happiness!
Jiutai Ma ‘anshan Village Wangshan Restaurant "Three Warps and One Steaming"
Winter in Jilin is green!
At the end of autumn, the leaves fall, and since then it seems that the simple color system has been opened. However, in winter, Jilin can still find greenery and full of vitality. The radish and dried vegetables stored properly in the vegetable cellar can still be green and fresh in the deep winter, and even the tip of the tongue is like welcoming spring.
The famous beauty pine in Changbai Mountain will also be full of green, quietly hiding under the snow, and its lively character can’t be concealed. If you don’t want to travel far, you can also find the beautiful "Jilin Green" in the Puppet Manchuria Palace Museum. The color matching of pine trees and snow is the happiness depicted by nature’s brush.
Puppet Manchu Palace Museum (Yang Ming Photography)
Several yew trees are bright green all the year round, and occasionally one or two kittens climb the yew leisurely, full of sprouting and enjoying a comfortable little life.
Puppet Manchu Palace Museum (Yang Ming Photography)
Winter in Jilin is colorful!
In the winter in Jilin, the enthusiasm is like fire, and people bring colorful colors to the winter, dressing up this season of rushing to the outdoor to have fun.
Yuanxiang inn
In the major ski resorts, the more the ski suits are spent, the more eye-catching they are, and everyone is competing to show their colors. A high-profile appearance is the highest tribute to the ski resorts.
Songhua Lake Resort
Beidahu ski resort
Changbai Mountain International Resort (Chenhui Photography)
The happiness of skating in powder snow is not as good as that of others, and Xiao Mengchong also came to join in the fun. That’s right! It’s also "colored"!
Changbai Mountain International Resort (Chenhui Photography)
Changbai Mountain International Resort (Yang Zhe Photography)
Source: Youyou Jilin