Land surfing, paddle boarding, flag football, frisbee

Under the background of national fitness and consumption upgrading, minority sports such as Frisbee, flag football, land surfing, paddle board and cycling have gradually entered the public’s field of vision. These trendy sports not only mobilized people’s enthusiasm for participating in sports, but also stimulated sports consumption and promoted the development of sports industry.

Land surfing, paddle boarding, flag football, frisbee … Recently, many people have found that there are some novel and interesting minority sports in the city where we live, and the attention is quite high. These trendy sports not only arouse people’s enthusiasm for participating in sports, but also stimulate sports consumption and promote the development of sports industry.

Compared with the well-known mass sports such as basketball, football and table tennis, the participation of minority sports in China is not high. Even the newly-promoted online celebrity Frisbee has only about 500,000 domestic players, and the long-term participation of paddle sports is only over 100,000. However, "although the sparrow is small and complete", under the background of national fitness and consumption upgrading, minority sports are thriving and becoming a new choice for more and more people to exercise and keep fit.

Quick lap

The weather was hot in early August, but people’s enthusiasm for sports has not diminished. Under the scorching sun, on the lake on the north side of Chaoyang Park in Beijing, many people can be seen wearing life jackets, hats and sunglasses, standing on large floating boards, holding long paddles and paddling the floating boards slowly-this is the recent super-hot paddle board movement.

Cao Lin, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, has always liked water sports, but because of the epidemic, she hasn’t gone out diving and surfing for a long time. During this time, she frequently saw the paddle board moving and brushing the screen, which was very interesting. She immediately ordered a board from the Internet, and she couldn’t wait to come to the lake to experience it before receiving the goods.

"The coach will teach some boarding and rowing skills before launching. The paddle board is very buoyant, so it is safe to wear a life jacket. The most important thing is to do a good job of sun protection and waterproof mobile phones. " Cao Lin told reporters that the average price of paddle board is almost the same as that of other types of sports activities on the market, from 200 yuan to 300 yuan once. In terms of equipment, an entry-level paddle can be done for a few hundred yuan, which is still relatively "close to the people".

The reporter noticed that the "red-hot" of the minority sports showed a multi-point outbreak trend: not only frisbee, paddle board, cycling, land rushing, etc. accelerated growth, but also rock climbing, skateboarding, sailing and ice hockey. According to the survey data, there are more than 420 paddle sports-related enterprises in China, 127 paddle clubs and more than 120 frisbee-related enterprises. Various platforms have also launched special activities to meet the individual needs of consumers. For example, Keep, an online sports platform, has held many offline activities with the theme of frisbee and Plogging, and will provide users with fresh, interesting and high-quality offline activities such as paddle board, yoga, skateboarding and city cycling.

Bai Yufei, a professor at Beijing Sport University, believes that at this stage, cities are restricted, the frequency of mass sports activities on a large scale is significantly reduced, and there is also a certain risk of cross-infection when exercising in indoor venues. The superposition of these three factors has indeed inhibited people’s fitness and leisure needs, and people urgently need to find some sports that can be carried out outdoors, which are easier to organize and convene, the entry threshold is not too high, and the number of participants in a single activity will not be too high. Frisbee, flag rugby, land rush, paddle board, and so on.

A more important factor is that in the process of consumption upgrading, people’s demand for diversified sports is constantly improving. Bai Yufei pointed out that after a country’s per capita GDP exceeds $10,000, the sports industry will usher in a big explosion, and people’s acceptance of non-traditional sports activities will also be greatly enhanced, and individual projects will even grow into sub-industries that cannot be ignored. In 2019, China’s per capita GDP exceeded $10,000 for the first time, and achieved steady growth in 2020 and 2021. The popularity of minority sports in these two years is in line with the development law of sports industry.

Social promotion

Wang Zhenzi didn’t know there was such an interesting sport if he didn’t brush pictures of Frisbee on social platforms frequently.

Wang Zhenzi, who just graduated from college last year, now lives and works in Tongzhou District, Beijing. In April this year, she began to play Frisbee. After experiencing many clubs, she finally chose a professional Frisbee club and participated in activities at a fixed time every week. She told reporters that under normal circumstances, the club will adopt two charging methods: settlement by time, with an average of one person from 80 yuan to 130 yuan each time, including venue fees and photo fees; There are also training courses, and the cost ranges from several thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan.

Because of the unique social attributes of Frisbee, taking photos has become an important part of sports. Wang Zhenzi said that a sports meeting usually lasts for one and a half to two hours, and the club will ask professional photographers to take sports photos for everyone to choose from.

In the process of participating in Frisbee, Wang Zhenzi found that Frisbee players spend more at one time. 100 yuan’s once-in-a-lifetime activities can not only exercise but also gain beautiful pictures, which is very cost-effective. However, players who really love this sport pay more attention to how to improve their skills and how much fat to burn at a time. The original intention is different and the needs are different. Wang Zhenzi believes that if you really want to play Frisbee well, you should join some regular clubs or training institutions.

Behind the rise of the minority movement, it is not difficult to see the figure of social media. The "Top Ten Life Trends in 2022" released by Xiaohongshu shows that the number of frisbee-related searches increased by about 24 times compared with the same period of last year, and the number of rugby notes released by Waist Flag ushered in explosive growth in March this year, while the latter entered the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games as a candidate project not long ago; According to public comment data, since June this year, the search volume of land surfing has increased by 12 times compared with the beginning of the year, and the evaluation related to land surfing has increased by 380%.

Feng Jun, deputy secretary-general of the Sports Management Professional Committee of the Chinese Management Science Society, believes that it is thanks to the push of the head social media that minority sports have received a lot of attention in a short period of time, and some groups have been driven to join the attempt, and then displayed and shared on the platform. As the cycling photos of friends circle continue to be refreshed, the number of notes related to Frisbee in Xiaohongshu has soared, and Tik Tok’s football video with flag on the waist has been wonderful, attracting more people to participate in these sports. In this cycle, the head social platform has increased registered users and consolidated its market position, the public has found new fitness programs and emotional expression outlets, the operational ability of the original community of minority sports has been greatly improved, and related clubs have sprung up, eventually forming phenomena such as Frisbee wave and cycling fever.

Into life

"Very tired, very hard, but I enjoy this process!" On a Saturday in July, Zhang Wen, a resident of Fengtai District, Beijing, returned home after climbing for more than 10 hours at night. She will have a good rest on Sunday to ensure that she can go to work normally on Monday.

Zhang Wen told reporters that the so-called night climbing is to climb mountains at night. Her destination this time is Donghouding, Chicheng County, Hebei Province, the highest peak in the north of Beijing, and she walked all the way for about 36 kilometers. She and her companions will choose to start climbing late the night before, finish at noon the next day and watch the sunrise in the morning.

Zhang Wen said that mountain climbing is a relatively small sport, especially a long journey, which requires a certain physical foundation and daily targeted strength training to ensure the stability of cardiopulmonary function and muscle endurance, and even fewer players can reach this standard. Every time she goes out, she will do a good job in advance, design a good route, and bring the necessary food and warm equipment.

Zhang Wen admits that the reason why he likes climbing mountains is because this sport tests endurance and willpower. At the same time, being immersed in the beautiful scenery of nature also avoids the boredom in sports. Now, she basically goes out to climb mountains once every week or two, and she will look forward to challenging more difficult mountains, and she has gained happiness and healthy body in the process.

Cycling is also a popular minority outdoor sport. On the colorful riding street in Jinpan Village, Shige Township, Ganxian District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, many cyclists wearing helmets and colorful sun-protective clothing swished past and quickly disappeared into the winding mountains. In recent years, there are more and more people who love cycling, leaving their lithe figures on the road.

Statistics show that up to now, there are more than 2,700 cycling-related enterprises and 690 cycling clubs in China. In Bai Yufei’s view, this cycling craze is different from using bicycles as a simple commuting tool in the 1980s and 1990s. It can be understood as a lifestyle and sports trend that appears on the new journey from realizing a well-off society in an all-round way to common prosperity. It represents the return of a lifestyle, and it is also a sports mode covering all ages under the background of building a healthy China and a sports power, which is very suitable for modern people’s outlook on life and consumption.

At present, minority sports still face a series of problems, such as nonstandard development, imperfect standard rules and lack of stable consumer groups. In this regard, Bai Yufei pointed out that the premise of the vigorous consumption of minority sports is that the project has lasting vitality, which requires the joint efforts of the government, associations, schools, media, communities, clubs, manufacturers, etc., and constantly exerts efforts in policy guidance, event preparation, event organization, education and training, atmosphere creation, venue management, product supply, etc., to dig deep into the market potential, accurately match supply and demand, improve the service system, and create a sustainable business model. (Economic Daily reporter common sense)