Dear Taiwan Province compatriots: Today is New Year’s Day in 2019!

  40 years ago today

  This proclamation stole the headlines.

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  It was New Year’s Day in 1979.

  The National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) published.

  Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots

  Solemnly declare the major policy of striving for the peaceful reunification of the motherland

  Clearly put forward a series of measures to develop cross-strait relations,

  Policies and measures to promote the process of peaceful reunification

  Including implementation as soon as possible.

  Direct contact between compatriots and postal services.

  Visit relatives and friends, visit and exchange

  At the same time, the mainland announced that it would stop shelling islands such as Dajinmen and Xiaojinmen.


  The shelling stopped and life went on.

  Business-minded Jinmen people

  Put the artillery materials during the artillery battle

  Turned into a kitchen knife for cooking.

  Jinmen residents use shell warheads to make Jinmen kitchen knives. Zhongxin. com Wang Dongming photo

  Cannonball-basedJinmen kitchen knife

  Become a local famous product

  Said together with kaoliang spirit and tribute sugar."Golden Gate Three Treasures"

  Compose a passagesword to plougsharesA much-told story


  During the Battle of "Shelling the Golden Gate"

  Closest to Kinmen IslandWeitou Village, Jinjiang, Fujian

  Less than 3 square kilometers

  Drop more than 50 thousand shells

  Hence the name"The first village of artillery battle in the Straits"


  The publication of the Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots in 1979.

  Changed the fate of this village — —

  The former "first village of artillery warfare"

  become"the first village of cross-strait marriage"

  As of August 17, 2018

  There are 146 cross-strait couples in Weitou Village.

  War becomes fireworks.

  On August 17, 2018, the Fifth Cross-Strait (Jinjiang Jinjing Weitou) Tanabata Returning Family Festival opened in Weitou Village, Jinjing Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. Since 2010, the local authorities have held a Qixi Returning Family Festival every two years. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Guojun photo


  Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots

  Although the full text is only a short 1800 words.


  "Be honest with each other and make sense.

  The tone is cordial and affectionate.

  Be earnest and sincere, and be reasonable.

  It has aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad. "



  The mainland has been actively taking various measures.

  carry forwardCross-strait personnel exchanges and exchanges and cooperation in various fields

  Promote the creation of cross-strait relationspeaceful developmentA brand-new situation


  How many how lovely locks in bright mirrors in high chambers?

  How many wives have been silent for years?

  How many children don’t know their father’s life and death

  How many strangers dream of China every night?


  The Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots spread to Taiwan Province Island.

  Many mainland veterans in Taiwan

  I can’t restrain my homesickness any longer.

  They saw it."Go home"Hope of

  "I can’t live to see my parents in this life.

  Go back to the mainland even if you die!

  Don’t stop until you reach your goal! "

  Homesick veterans shouted slogans, marched and assembled.

  Singing "Mother, where are you?"

  Want to break through many obstacles

  Knock on the door of cross-strait blockade

  On November 16th, 1987, Mr Chunsheng, a 67-year-old Taiwan compatriot, returned to Guilin to pay homage to his parents who died, but he gave up his long-cherished wish for many years (data photo).



  Cross-strait civil exchanges resumed.


  January 14th, 1988

  The first "Taiwan Province returning home to visit relatives" set off for the mainland.

  The veterans finally returned to their hometown in mainland China, where they missed each other day and night.

  On January 20th, 1988, the first "Taiwan Province Returning Home Visiting Group" organized by Taiwan Province "Promotion Association for Returning Home to Visit Relatives from Other Provinces" boarded the Great Wall. Xinhua news agency


  Some people went home.

  Some people can never go home.

  "I have been a wanderer alive, but I refuse to be a wandering soul when I am dead.

  Trees soar, leaves fall to their roots. "

  This slogan circulated among Taiwan Province veterans.

  Gao Binghan, a Taiwan Province lawyer whose ancestral home is Heze, Shandong Province.

  A promise that has been kept.

  On November 14, 2017, Gao Binghan was wiping the urn of a veteran. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Yingquan photo











  1993年4月27日“汪辜会谈”前汪道涵与辜振甫握手。 新华社发






  carry forward两岸制度化协商的机制











  2008年12月15日7时20分,作为两岸直接“三通”首个飞往台湾的大陆航班,深圳航空ZH9095航班从深圳机场起飞。新华社记者 壮锦 摄





  2015年11月7日,两岸领导人会面在新加坡香格里拉大酒店举行。习近平同马英九握手。 新华社记者 兰红光 摄



  Opened a field withMilestone significanceMeeting

  Consolidate and deepen

  relations across the Taiwan Straitspeaceful developmentofCommon political foundation

  Opened cross-strait relationsA historic page


  the year of 2018

  "31 measures to benefit Taiwan compatriots"appear publicly

  To Taiwan-funded enterprises and Taiwan Province compatriots.

  Bring great opportunities and a real sense of gain.


  40 yearsThe Finger Points

  40 yearsThings change from sea to field.

  The "Fireline" of the Battle of "Shelling the Golden Gate" that year.

  Now it is the frontier of cross-strait exchanges.


  August 5, 2018

  Fujian Water Supply Project to JinmenRealize the formal water supply

  Have a drink with a family on both sides of the river

  On August 5, 2018, clear water from Fujian flowed into the receiving pool next to Tianpu Reservoir in Jinmen. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin photo


  Since the publication of the Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots for 40 years,

  Many of the policy propositions put forward

  Has become a reality.



  We commemorate the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Letter to Taiwan Province Compatriots.

  Is to create a better future for both sides of the strait.

  "Compatriots on both sides of the strait share a common destiny.blood brothers,

  Blood is thicker than water.The family. "

  Compatriots on both sides of the strait shouldmake joint efforts

  Maintaining the Political Foundation and the Right Road for the Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations

  Resolutely oppose all forms of "Taiwan independence" separatist activities.

  Promote cross-strait relationspeaceful development

  carry forwardPeaceful reunification of the motherlandprocess




  (Producer: Xu Qian Liu Xiaojun Zhang Lihong Author: Zhang Qing Zhao Fengyan Zhang Lian Editor: Dong Jingxue Proofreading: Wang Shuai)