"New World" started the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2019.

  70 years ago, the historical waves turned upside down in 22 days. What choices will people make before the curtain of "New World" opens? The New World, a drama dedicated to the era directed by Xu Bing, first exposed the "opening" version of the pilot notice, with Sun Honglei, Edward Zhang, YIN FANG, Wan Qian, Chun Li, Hu Jing, Qin and Han Dynasties, Zhao Zheng and other leading actors all appearing, and performed a dramatic drama of the changing fate of little people in Beiping. As a drama dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, "New World" stirred up the storm as soon as it opened, and became the most concerned and anticipated drama by the industry and audience in 2019 with its excellent appearance.

  The curtain of "New World" will rise, and the texture of Chinese opera will revitalize Beiping City.

  New China is thriving, and the old world is changing. The TV series "New World" tells the story of the changes of the times in Beiping City in the 22 days before the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 through the life choices and fate changes of Jin Hai, Tie Lin and Xu Tian, and the acquaintance of Xu Tian and Tian Dan, a communist party member.

  The "Opening" version of the preview starts with Wan Qian’s discussion about the "New World" between Tian Dan, a Communist party member, and his father. In their minds, "The new world will be strange when it embraces us, but it must be warm and reliable", which is not only the vision of communist party people, but also the people’s hope for a new China.

  In a short period of one minute, the dark waves of Beijing on the eve of peaceful liberation surged, and all the characters in the play appeared. The confusing plot and the complicated relationship between characters are displayed one by one, and combined into a "ukiyo-e painting of the Republic of China" that gathers all kinds of people in the Republic of China. Through the tense rhythm, sharp contradictions and conflicts, and intense emotional display, it echoes the words at the end of the film "There are still 528 hours to the peaceful liberation of Peiping". Both the star-studded starring lineup and the blown-up plot in the play all reflect the quality of the drama and the epic atmosphere. The big scenes, such as the wheat waves symbolizing hope and harvest, the People’s Liberation Army entering Beijing with strict military discipline and ordinary people living in their own world, also make this trailer full of strong impact.

  Many powerful factions fought in troubled times, and the Yin Yun brothers in Edward Zhang, Sun Honglei gathered.

  Excellent texture and drama conflict occur together, and the strength starring helps to open the intricate plot. With the exposure of the first preview, the fast-paced plot of "New World" is full of suspense and danger. Jin Hai, Tie Lin and Xu Tian, the main characters in the play, made a stunning debut, and the plot with the three brothers as the main line went hand in hand, and the role relationship in the play gradually surfaced. As the "big brother" and the warden of Jingshi prison, Sun Honglei plays Jinhai blazing with anger, which is full of drama; Tie Lin, a member of the Secrecy Bureau played by Edward Zhang, walked through the crowd with a serious expression; Compared with the steadiness and aura of the two eldest brothers, YIN FANG plays Xu Tianzeng with action scenes, and the identity of the police also means that he represents justice. There is a scene in which YIN FANG is shirtless, and the hormones are bursting. In the film, the three brothers not only joined forces to defeat the enemy, but also had a big fight. In addition, before liberation, the forces of all parties in Beiping City harassed them, and the three brothers became fascinated.

  In addition to the male characters, the performance of the female characters in the film is equally eye-catching. Tian Dan, played by Wan Qian, points a gun at the enemy and doesn’t want a man. As the representative and guide of the "new world", Tian Dan also brought new hope to the three brothers; Chun Li and Hu Jing are full of emotions and thoughtful. Surprisingly, the scene of Zhou Dongyu’s kidnapping flashed in the trailer. It is reported that her role will be an important person who will influence the direction of the story. Under the background of the eve of the peaceful liberation of Beiping, the characters’ thoughts on the righteousness of home and country and personal choices are very sobering.

  Presenting the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xu Bing went out to recreate the "red" classic.

  In January 1949, the peaceful liberation of Beiping was one of the major events before the founding of New China, which was not only of great significance, but also had a far-reaching impact. However, although New World chose the story background on the eve of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, it took the little people as the protagonist of the story, connecting and depicting the relationship between the little people and the big era with rich imagination and ingenious design. Explore the good and evil of human nature by promoting the development of suspense stories. Among them, affection, friendship, love and other multiple emotions are intertwined, from powerful people to peddlers and pawns, and all kinds of crises are everywhere. The amount of information, the number of mysteries and the complexity of the plot have brought a great breakthrough and transformation to film and television creation.

  In order to present the ideal shooting effect, the crew of "New World" has been shooting hard in many places, striving for perfection in every scene. In addition to hard shooting, a strong production team is also a great guarantee for the quality of the series. The director and screenwriter of "New World" is Xu Bing, who used to shine with the high-scoring Chinese drama "Red". This time, in order to better complete New World, Xu Bing has gone through three years of painstaking creation and preparation, striving to restore the true background of the times. During the six months of intense filming, the whole crew traveled more and more, insisting on real-life shooting, in which the first prison in Jingshi has a scenic area of nearly 3,000 square meters and a magnificent atmosphere.

  Meet in troubled times, be immersed in love with children, and whether the characters in the play can realize their self-discovery and redemption in the era of uncertain fate. In 2019, let’s wait for the broadcast of New World!