Fashion Bazaar red carpet: Andy’s face is as stiff as a stone, Baby is as thin as a female ghost, and Zhao Liying is beautiful.

On the evening of May 30th, "Bazaar Fashion Annual Party" was held in Shanghai as scheduled.

Whenever there is such a grand ceremony, female stars will always dress up and become the brightest babies in the audience.

This time, the "Bazaar Red Carpet" adopted the form of live webcast, which allowed the audience to see the most authentic stars, so their status was good or bad at a glance.

1. Dilraba: the enchanting mermaid.

Tonight’s Reba, dressed in a well-tailored fishtail skirt, turned into a beautiful and enchanting little mermaid, attracting the attention of countless netizens.

Although Reba’s "ugly pictures" often flow out in the workshop, she is still perfect and flawless when she looks at the pictures of her face tonight.

Even in the animation state, Dilraba is still charming and lovely, and instantly touched the hearts of netizens. No wonder she has so much "face powder".

After entering the infield, Reba changed into a simple white shirt and black skirt, which looked fresh and natural.

2. Andy: The contrast with Reba is very tragic.

Andy and Reba are both 30 years old, but their state contrast is very tragic, and we can also see the difference between cosmetic face and natural face.

When Andy walked down the red carpet, she wore an orange dress with a floral tube top, which looked very warm. It’s just that her hairstyle is a little old, which makes this whole body not brilliant.

Especially in the close shot, Andy’s face is as stiff as a stone, and risorius’s sense of filling is very heavy, and he has already lost his natural agility.

During the webcast, the host stepped down to interview Andy. She sat with Adam, Reba and others, and there was a big gap between their faces.

Especially when making big expressions, Dilraba is fearless and his face stretches naturally. And Andy side, face as if stuffed with two stones, what do you think are uncomfortable.

3. Angelababy: The fans are blowing again.

Every time Baby walks down the red carpet, her fans will buy a hot search of "Baby has never lost the red carpet", and this time is no exception.

However, this red carpet was conducted in the form of live broadcast, and there was no opportunity for the stars to retouch, and the real state of the Baby was also unobstructed.

Under the live camera, the Baby is skinny, like a female ghost, like a gust of wind can blow down, really worried about her health.

However, Baby’s face is really resistant to beating, and it can resist all kinds of shots. It deserves to be an "artificial beauty". Which doctor should Andy ask her?

4. Zhao Liying: The United States has reached a new height

Zhao Liying has been very tired since her divorce. Every time she walks on the red carpet, she is not in a good state, but this time is an exception.

Zhao Liying on the fashion Bazaar red carpet, wearing a silver-white starlight dress with neat hairstyle and jewelry, is simply beautiful to a new height.

Especially in the animation state, Zhao Liying’s smiles are all amorous feelings, cute, mature and elegant, which is simply beautiful.

The lighting of the red carpet was very dim, and most actresses’ pictures were like a female ghost, but Zhao Liying was completely fearless and beautiful.

5, Li Xiaofeng: Yang Mi avoids its sharpness

The host on the fashion Bazaar red carpet turned out to be Hawick Lau’s new girlfriend Li Xiaofeng.

I saw that she wore a decent white dress with neat short hair, which not only had her own style, but also did not steal the actress’s light, so she was very measured.

Bazaar didn’t see Yang Mi in this fashion, and the outside world agreed that "Yang Mi avoided it because Li Xiaofeng was the host".

6. Victoria Song: The dress is so cheap.

Victoria Song’s styling was a great failure this time. The dead Barbie powder dress and messy hairstyle all lowered the level of Victoria Song.

Although the fine retouching is very beautiful, but look at the scene of the picture, Victoria Song looks completely ordinary, inadvertently exposed the truth of the world.

7. Yang Caiyu: Beautiful alone.

A while ago, it was rumored that "Yang Caiyu and Chen Jinfei have divorced". But looking at Yang Caiyu on the red carpet this time, she is in a very good state, and she has a beautiful feeling of being alone.

Yang Caiyu wore a purple tube-top dress and won an award from Bazaar. Without the support of big bosses, she still lived happily.

8, nursery rhymes: how to wear it is very rustic.

It is said that nursery rhymes look like Zhang Ziyi, but in terms of temperament and fashion sense, she is really inferior to Zhang Ziyi.

Obviously, he is a big shot, and every time he wears a high-definition dress, nursery rhymes can always wear big names and throw them out of the country, which is also the only one in the circle.

9. Tang Yan: Happy little woman.

After giving birth to a child, Tang Yan completely gave up her ambition and became a full-time good mother.

But her team refused, and kept forcing her to come out for business. No way, Tang Yan had to bite the bullet and come out to work.

On the red carpet, Tang Yan wore a light pink fluffy skirt, which was lovely and fresh, and the smile on her face seemed to say "I am so happy".

After entering the infield, Tang Yan changed into an elegant and sexy semi-transparent dress, which was beautiful in any way. No wonder it charmed Luo Jin.

10. Simon: There is a big gap between fine retouching and raw drawing.

At the Cannes Film Festival a while ago, Simon was interviewed by Hong Huang, but he didn’t let the other party send out the unfinished picture, which triggered a hot discussion on the whole network.

Why didn’t he dare to let it happen? Because there is really a big gap between his refined drawings and his raw drawings.

Looking at the fine retouching, Gong Junyan has a high value and there is no flaw on his face; But looking at the picture, Simon’s face is uneven, which is not what everyone thinks.

This fashion Bazaar red carpet is really comparable to a "magic mirror", which shows the true face value of the star with a picture.

PS: Actually, Gong Junsheng is also very handsome, haha.

11. Cecilia Boey: a sexy and mysterious beauty.

Cecilia Boey wore a translucent black tulle fishtail skirt this time, showing her good figure and looking very mysterious and sexy.

In the animation state, Cecilia Boey’s figure and face value are still very resistant to beating, and she is really a little flower that has become popular in recent years.

12. Qu Ying: the big sister in fashion.

Before these stars made their debut, Qu Ying had already become the "shoulder pole" in the fashion world.

Although she retired for many years, she still came back beautifully and quietly, taking the lead on the red carpet and declaring her position in the fashion circle with actions.

13. The real state of male stars is so funny.

The male stars on the fashion Bazaar red carpet are all real and funny, which makes netizens laugh.

Lei Jiayin, who was delayed by the photographer, looks short and frustrated, and his head looks super big, so he deserves to be "the biggest head in the circle".

Huang Xuan, who is wearing a suit and jacket outside, is obviously a young man of literature and art, but he looks very greasy on this red carpet. What went wrong?

Adam, who is obviously very handsome, looks very hip this time, which not only makes his legs short, but also makes him look sloppy.

While waiting in the audience, Adam and Andy sat together, and they chatted enthusiastically all the time. Netizens were all curious, "What are they talking about?"?

Fortunately, Li Xian, as a popular student, can resist the lens of Bazaar, and I look clean and refreshing, very handsome and stylish.

Although Bazaar is a big sign and has invited many stars, tonight’s live broadcast is really good!

The scene was not only dimly lit, but also photographed the female stars as "female ghosts". The sound quality was also very poor, and even the host could not hear clearly.

Excuse me, doesn’t Bazaar watch the live broadcast herself? Won’t you adjust quickly when you find the problem? The level of this party has been lowered a lot.