The Three Kingdoms Period Episode 1.

In the smoky era at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo, a guy who ruined the country and the people, succeeded in usurping government, which made the scholar-officials headed by Da Situ Wang Yun feel saddened. However, there is one person who is not so depressed, and that is Cao Cao, who is a captain. Although he seems to be playing tricks on Dong Zhuo, he has long wanted to get rid of this evil thief.

One day, Wang Yun held a grand birthday party and wanted to take this opportunity to close the relationship with Cao Cao. I didn’t expect Cao Cao to come uninvited, so he made Wang Yun angry and blew him out of the house directly. But Wang Yun is a wise man after all. After the banquet, he decided to personally introduce Cao Cao into the inner room to hear what he had in mind.

Cao Cao unreservedly told Wang Yun about his plan to stab Dong. Hearing this, Wang Yun was so excited that he gave his ancestral seven-star treasure knife to Cao Cao, asking him to contribute to justice. The next day, Cao Cao was preparing to act, but Dong Zhuo noticed the moment of assassination. In order to escape, Cao Cao had a brainwave and claimed to be here to offer a knife. Just as Dong Zhuo was puzzled, Cao Cao stood up to leave and fled without hesitation.

Afterwards, Dong Zhuo suddenly realized that Cao Cao’s knife was fake and the assassination was real. So he immediately ordered Lu Bu to catch Cao Cao quickly. This story tells us that sometimes humor and wit are the key to success.