The economic vitality of Bincheng Night has steadily improved the quality nightlife in the "fireworks"

On July 29th, the Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion of the New District released the consumption activities of the Second Bincheng International Consumption Season Lohas Bincheng Action Ten Nights Economic Block. By enriching the scene, optimizing the format level, improving the carrier quality, and integrating the business travel style and development, we have created night economic business cards such as "Night Tour to Binhai City", "Night Purchase of Shore Goods", "Night Taste of Shore" and "Night Appreciation of Shore Scenery", and cultivated diversified night consumer markets including food, travel, shopping, entertainment, sports, exhibitions and performances.
In the economic activities at night, citizens are very fond of "fireworks", which further promotes the development of stall economy and night market economy. In TEDA Fashion Shopping Center 2022 Fireworks Night Market Food Carnival, barbecue, stinky tofu, ice powder, hot dogs, ice cream and freshly squeezed juice are all available. A stall owner told reporters: "In the post-epidemic era, we also actively participated in (this market) in response to national policies and contributed to the development of the twin cities of Jincheng and Bincheng. The scale and image of the night market now represent a kind of fireworks."
The picture shows the food stall area in the trunk market of Bincheng Art Park (Season 2).
The picture shows Luchu, Thailand, a special food in the trunk market of Bincheng Art Park (season 2). Photography: Pan Yixuan
"We officially opened the market on June 24th. After about one month’s operation, merchants registered very enthusiastically. From the initial consultation, there were only about one or two hundred cars, and now there are about 700 car owners coming to consult." Zhao Qian, Minister of Investment Promotion Department of Tianjin Binhai New Area Cultural Center Investment Management Co., Ltd., said that the trunk market made the whole block more diversified.
On the premise of preventing and controlling the normal epidemic situation, the original night economic brand project "Bincheng Art Park" (the second season) carefully created by Binhai Cultural Center caters to the innovative needs of new consumer groups, with the theme of "surging art interest", linking new e-commerce, new music, new cultural creation and other elements, and innovatively integrating theme activities such as star camp, self-help barbecue, outdoor cinema, performing theater and trunk market, music carnival, and refined lecture hall. The active linkage between the inside and outside of the museum has also provided new cultural products for Bincheng, and started the quality night life in Bincheng.
The picture shows the activity site of Bincheng Art Park (the second season).
The picture shows Bincheng Art Park (season 2) fun wild starry barbecue camp. Photography: Wu Yiwen
"In order to enhance the night economic vitality of Bincheng, the new district has fully mobilized the initiative of enterprises by guiding social capital to enter and introducing professional operation teams. Under the market operation, more and more night economic blocks have shown a benign and sustainable development trend. " Bao Jian, director of the District Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion, told the reporter that under the leadership of a professional team, Nashan District of Wisdom Mountain has taken turns to launch different types of performances such as parent-child dramas, dramas, music festivals and talk shows, enriching citizens’ night life. In addition, the District Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion has also formulated the Technical Standards for Night Economic Blocks to guide the standardized operation of the blocks. "Activities of different types and themes in each block are being launched one after another. I hope that through these high-quality, distinctive and popular night consumption activities, we can further promote and guide the transformation of night economic blocks to characteristics, standardization, quality and diversification." Bao Jian said.
Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center is located in the core area of Tianjin Binhai New Area, which is a cultural benefit project to enhance cultural soft power and promote cultural prosperity in Binhai New Area. The Binhai Cultural Center broke ground in 2014 and was completed and opened in 2017. In the past five years, the average annual passenger flow has exceeded 5 million, providing cultural services to more than 2 million residents in 21 towns, more than 1,000 communities in the jurisdiction.
As a night economic project created by Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center, Bincheng Art Park officially opened in July 2021, lasting for over 100 days. The activity set up a number of theme sections, so as to achieve "weekly characteristics, fine points in the field, bright spots every night", and colorful activities covered the whole summer. Before winter comes, it is planned to introduce the ice and snow theme experience project to connect with it, strive to achieve a wonderful continuation, and provide high-quality and diversified leisure and entertainment places for Bincheng.
(China Daily Tianjin reporter station)
Source: China Daily.