Doing aerobics for 2 hours every day causes "muscle dissolution"? Why has sports become a "health killer"

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Today, the topic # Girls do aerobics for 2 hours every day, causing muscle dissolution # Rushing to hot search, which has caused many netizens to discuss.

According to the video report of Shaanxi Net Bailu, recently, Xiao Zhu of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province began to feel sore in his lower limb muscles after exercise. It was not until the symptoms worsened and the urine color changed to soy sauce color that Xiao Zhu realized that the situation was wrong.After examination, Xiao Zhu’s blood creatinine, creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase and other indicators are seriously high, and doctors consider that she is suffering from rhabdomyolysis syndrome.

What is rhabdomyolysis? Can you get it if you eat crayfish? How to prevent it?

"rhabdomyolysis" is not aKind of disease

Human muscles are mainly divided into three categories, including skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and smooth muscle. Striated muscle refers to skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. As a "strength type" muscle, striated muscle is one of the main types of human muscles.

The so-called "rhabdomyolysis" is actually caused by some factors that destroy skeletal muscle cells and release a substance called "myoglobin" into the blood. Myoglobin is broken down into some toxic substances, which may block renal tissue and lead to renal failure.

Rhabdomyolysis is not a disease,But a kind of clinical syndrome with similar manifestations,There are various reasons for this. The most typical manifestations are muscle pain, weakness and strong tea-like or soy sauce-colored urine. There may also be serious life-threatening situations, such as acute renal failure, arrhythmia, heart failure and liver failure.

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Some media reports point the cause of rhabdomyolysis to crayfish. However, there is no necessary connection between rhabdomyolysis and crayfish, and its causes cover 39 categories and more than 100 kinds, including strenuous exercise, excessive alcohol and taking lipid-lowering drugs, such as atorvastatin.

Wang Silu, senior national food inspector and internal auditor of HACCP food system in China, said,At present, there is not enough evidence to prove that eating crayfish will definitely induce rhabdomyolysis syndrome.Strictly speaking, crayfish can only be regarded as a "suspect" of disease, and its "criminal evidence" is not sufficient, but it can not be completely exonerated.

Most rhabdomyolysis has mild symptoms.

Xu Siyuan, an attending physician in the emergency department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that from the "rhabdomyolysis" cases admitted to the emergency department of the hospital in recent years:

Most of them are mild, and some patients can relieve their symptoms as long as they take more rest and drink more water.

Some patients with severe symptoms, if found in time and sent to the hospital as soon as possible,Generally, only fluid replacement is needed to achieve the purpose of diluting blood, which is helpful to excrete damaged muscle cells and protect renal function.The symptoms will also be alleviated.

Cases with the most serious symptoms, such as renal function injury or even failure, are rare in clinic, and these cases often need hemodialysis to be treated.

To prevent rhabdomyolysis syndrome, Wang Silu gave the following suggestions-

First of all, exercise should be moderate and gradual.Warm up well before exercise, and replenish water and electrolyte properly during exercise.

Secondly, pay attention to drug factors.Rhabdomyolysis syndrome caused by misuse of drugs is not uncommon in clinic, so it is necessary to take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice in quantity and on time.

Excessive exerciseIt can be judged that,For example:You can talk to people when running, and if your heart doesn’t feel overloaded, it is healthy exercise; When exercising, if a certain part of the body feels pain, you should reduce the number of exercises and the range of movements; Beginners should do aerobic exercise for 15~20 minutes.

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Reasonable arrangement of exercise intensity

step by step

Don’t let sports become a "health killer"

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