What’s the difference between exercise and exercise?

There are three differences between exercise and exercise:

Concept category: Movement is a phenomenon, which can describe both people and things. It involves a set of rules of physical strength and skills, and it is competitive. There is no object that does not move, and there is no independent movement that can leave the object. The main body of exercise can only be people, usually for the purpose of improving health, and moderate to intense exercise is carried out without excessive fatigue.

Form and purpose: Motion is usually conservative, that is, it can neither be created nor destroyed. Its concrete forms are diverse and can be converted to each other. Exercise is moderate to vigorous exercise without excessive fatigue, and its purpose is usually to improve health.

Relationship with the body: exercise can be a set of rules involving physical strength and skills, and can also describe the activities of objects. Exercise is usually a physical activity aimed at improving health.

Generally speaking, sports can include the activities of all objects, while exercise refers to physical activities aimed at health.