Table tennis world cup: world runner-up 0

Chengdu table tennis mixed team World Cup is in full swing. On the afternoon of December 6th, Beijing time, a focus matchup was ushered in. Two Asian and European powerhouses, South Korea and France, met in a narrow way and launched a fierce matchup. As a result, two world runners-up, Lin Zhongxun and Shen Yubin, were swept away in the mixed doubles 0-3 fiasco, and the South Korean team was once in danger.

However, the Korean players gradually found their feelings in the subsequent games, and finally achieved a reversal with a total score of 8-5, refusing to be unpopular: the Korean team had already lost a singles match in the previous group match, which seems to be really in a bad state! Please see below for the detailed situation.

South Korea is the most active team to sign up for this World Cup, with almost all the main players. Except for Li Shiwen, the other seven athletes are all first-class in their own countries (Zhang Yuzhen, Lin Zhongxun, Li Shangzhu, Ahn Jae hyun, Shen Yubin, Tian Zhixi and Jin Naying), and the singles and doubles are strong enough to impact the main players of China.

The French team’s lebrun brothers and Yuan Jianan are also very strong. The veteran Simon once ranked in the top ten in the world, and the teenager Pavard Ran Ran rose. Although there is a gap compared with South Korea, it may not be unexpected if you cooperate well and play beyond the level. This game is worthy of attention.

The first set of mixed doubles was the battle of focus. Lin Zhongxun/Shen Yubin, a pair composed of two world runners-up in South Korea, came on stage and played against Felix/Pavard of France. In terms of strength, the first two were relatively stronger. Pavard was inferior in France, but she and Felix were not familiar with each other, so there was a possibility of winning in chaos.

Sure enough, after the start of the game, the French teenager showed great courage and won 11-6. In the second game, Felix/Pavard made persistent efforts and won again with 14-12. In the third game, Lin Zhongxun/Shen Yubin had no morale, and finally the French team ended the battle with an 11-6 victory.

In the second set, two Chinese players appeared, and South Korean world runner-up Tian Zhixi came out to face Yuan Jianan, a famous Chinese player who had defeated Manyu Wang and Ito Meicheng. If nothing else, the two men, at least on the court, threw the service higher than each other, hoping to take the initiative in the first three boards. As a result, Tian Zhixi, who played with his left hand, took the lead in launching the game and won the first prize with 11-6.

In the second game, Yuan Jianan began to exert her strength, hitting the glue horizontally and making a fast attack, and then she pulled back a city with 11-9. Although she lost 5-11 in the third game, at this time, the total score of the French team was 4-2, and South Korea was still passive.

In the third set, it was a strong confrontation. Ahn Jae hyun, a South Korean star who cried Zhang Benzhihe and won the bronze medal in the men’s singles at the World Table Tennis Championships, took the stage and played against Alex, a French rising star who had defeated Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun and Zhang Benzhihe. However, Alex’s performance was as unstable as ever, and he even lost 8-11 and 4-11, and finally won back 1 point with 11-8 in the third set.

Although the total score of the French team is 5-4 at this time, the situation has been reversed, because the men’s and women’s doubles are next, and the Korean women’s doubles are ranked first in the world. The men’s doubles are currently ranked second in the world and ranked first before, and the French are under great pressure.

However, although the backward South Korean team chose men’s doubles in the fourth set, it did not let the world runner-up combination Zhang Yuzhen/Lin Zhongxun go out, but Lin Zhongxun/Ahn Jae hyun cooperated to completely hide the world’s tenth famous Zhang Yuzhen, while the French did not send the strongest men’s doubles combination, lebrun Brothers, and Felix/Simon participated in the war, which was still relatively inferior.

Sure enough, after the start of the game, the French players were defeated like a mountain. They lost two 6-11 games in a row. In the third game, they had an advantage but eventually lost 9-11. The total score of the Korean team was reversed by 7-5, and victory was in sight!

In the fifth set of women’s doubles, the South Korean team sent Tian Zhixi/Shen Yubin, the world’s number one, to participate in the war. This year, they won the Asian Games champion and the second place in the World Table Tennis Championships, and even had the highlight moment of 3-0 sweep of Sun Yingsha/Manyu Wang. Even the China team was afraid of three points, and this time it would be even more difficult for the French group Pavard/Luz to win.

However, after the start of the game, Tian Zhixi/Shen Yubin met with stubborn resistance, fell behind many times, but still caught up with a 9-9 draw. Then they scored 2 points in a row and reversed with 11-9. The South Korean team narrowly missed the comeback, and it was not easy to win the first round of the quarter-finals.