Messi’s next challenge: wait another 6 years and win the Super Golden Globe Award! Real Madrid legend

The Golden Globe Festival was held in Chatelet Opera House. In the grand finale, Beckham stepped onto the stage and handed the Golden Globe Award to Messi personally. Messi, 36, won the eighth Golden Globe Award. For Messi, this is a well-deserved award-after winning the World Cup in 2022 and being crowned the MVP of the World Cup, the suspense of the Golden Globe Award has actually disappeared.

With eight Golden Globes in hand, Messi continued to expand his lead. C Ronaldo, one of the peerless double arrogance, won the Golden Globe Award five times in total. Platini, cruyff and Van Basten all won three prizes. For football players, the golden ball award symbolizes the supreme honor, and getting the golden ball means sealing the king; Messi with eight golden balls is undoubtedly Wang Zhongwang.

In front of Messi, there is nothing to conquer. If you really want to find one, the "Super Golden Globe Award" may be the award that Messi needs to wait for.

Golden Globe Awards

In the history of the Golden Globe Award in French Football, there was once a winner of the "Super Golden Globe Award": Di Stefano. In 1989, French Football wanted to select the best players for the past 30 years. At that time, six people entered the candidate:

Cruyff with three Golden Globes, Platini with three Golden Globes, Di Stefano with two Golden Globes, beckenbauer with two Golden Globes, Kevin Kevin Keegan with two Golden Globes and rummenigge with two Golden Globes.

Super Golden Globe Award

French Football invites readers and Golden Globe winners to select "the best player in 30 years", that is, the super Golden Globe winner. In the end, Real Madrid legend Di Stefano stood out and won the Super Golden Globe Award, with cruyff ranked second and Platini ranked third.

According to the plan of 30-year evaluation, the second Super Golden Globe winner in history should have been selected in 2019. However, due to unknown reasons, the selection of French Football was cancelled. "French Football" has confirmed that the second Super Golden Globe Award will be awarded at the Golden Globe Festival in 2029.

Who will win the Golden Globe Award after 6 years is unpredictable; But Messi won the Super Golden Globe Award, which is no suspense. From 1999 to 2029, Messi must be the first superstar in the world football, and no one can shake his position. In another six years, we can see the 42-year-old Messi win the Super Golden Globe Award-at that time, Messi may have hung up his boots.

Luo Zhi was once a basketball legend in Hunan middle school. The Olympics wanted to enter the national team.

  Zhejiang Online-qianjiang evening news News "Hey, hey, what’s my story, Daju (Ju Peng), don’t you think!" Walking into Luo Zhi’s room, the teenager who was putting a bandage on his foot jokingly threw out such a sentence as soon as he heard that the reporter wanted to talk to him about his story. Ju Peng on the bed next to him smiled. "Oh, don’t ask me, I don’t know anything." Carefully tied his feet with bandages and gauze, Luo Zhi smiled at the reporter and said, "No way, everyone is afraid of being injured. You must be careful, otherwise you will get hurt too easily!" Let’s start. "

  Campus years have changed the basketball map of Changsha Middle School.

  Luo Zhi was a serious middle school student in Hunan before he was selected by Zhejiang Ma Qingnian Team. He said that his experience in school was a bit like the cartoon "Slam Dunk Master". Luo Zhi loved playing ball since he was a child. When he entered junior high school, he had grown to more than 1.70 meters, and he was incorporated into the Hunan Paddy Junior High School team. However, because he couldn’t play the main force all the time, Luo Zhi left the school team in a rage and ran to the street to play streetball with adults. "Now think about it, streetball is actually very interesting." Luo Zhi said that after playing streetball for a period of time, Luo Zhi’s skills advanced by leaps and bounds, and he led the class team to beat the school team in a game, which made him re-elected to the school team and became the main player. In the second year of junior high school, the rice field junior high school team led by Luo Zhi defeated the basketball team of Mingde Middle School, a traditional basketball school in Hunan Province, with an average height of less than 1.74 meters.

  The layout of middle school basketball in Changsha City, Hunan Province is that Changsha No.1 Middle School and Mingde Middle School share the world equally, and almost every year high school leagues have to fight to the death. Since Luo Zhi joined Changsha No.1 Middle School, the situation has changed. Facing the provincial key basketball high school, Luo Zhi led the team to beat the opponent several times. In the "Jingshi Cup" basketball match in Hunan in 2001, although Changsha No.1 Middle School led by Luo Zhi lost to Mingde Middle School in the final, Luo Zhi still won the final MVP by virtue of his outstanding performance. Later, he was elected to the high school basketball star team and participated in an exhibition match with Zhejiang Wanma. It was this game that Luo Zhi entered the sight of Pan Jianping, who was the head coach of Wanma team at that time. "Coincidentally, in fact, Pan Dao came to Changsha for a 2.08-meter center, but I didn’t expect to choose me in the end." Luo Zhi recalled that after that, a master basketball player on campus finally took a key step on the basketball road and joined Zhejiang Wan Ma Qingnian Team.

  However, until now, Luo Zhi still misses the time when he played in Changsha when he was in high school. "C is Courage, which stands for courage. Only by practicing hard and not afraid of losing can we win the first place! M is right! It stands for Manly. If it’s not a man, we’ll kick him out! " In front of the computer screen, Luo Zhi read out the theme words of these two CMBC (Changsha, Xiangtan and Zhuzhou Middle School Basketball Challenge) rhythmically. "These two paragraphs are read, and there is a theme song." CMBC, this is Luo Zhi’s first appearance on the basketball stage, and it is also the starting point for him to pursue his basketball dream.

  Hangzhou loves to eat boiled fish in Zhaohui District 9.

  Unlike most of his teammates, Luo Zhi has no QQ, MSN, little Internet access, no laptop, or even an IPOD or PSP game machine. It’s not because Luo Zhi saves money. For money, the big boy rarely thinks: "I usually give buy buy clothes and everything else to my mother. I have no place to spend it myself." However, Luo Zhi also told reporters that he is going to buy a laptop next year. "It’s not for anything else, it’s not for playing games, it’s just that I hope I can really learn something and learn some English."

  Talking about his life in Hangzhou, Luo Zhi shook his head and said, "It’s monotonous. It’s really monotonous. There is nothing to do except training competitions." Luo Zhi said that he seldom went to the West Lake, and the most impressive thing was the broken bridge. He used to go to the cafe near the West Lake with his teammates for tea and cards occasionally. Now it is a training competition every day, and I haven’t been there for a long time. Of course, since he is a "prostitute" in Hunan, loving spicy food is definitely Luo Zhi’s hobby. "After all these years, I’m still not used to eating Hangzhou food, so I like to find spicy food to eat," Luo Zhi said. "I like Hunan cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, and I like to go to a restaurant in Zhaohui District 9, Hedong Road, to eat boiled fish best. That store is actually not big, but that fish is so spicy, wow! Don’t mention how delicious it is! Hey, have you eaten? " Seeing that the reporter shook his head, Luo Zhi looked disappointed. "It’s really good for you to try it when you have the opportunity."

  Talking about his future life, Luo Zhi seems very determined: "All my relationships have been transferred to Zhejiang, and the provincial sports meeting is also for Zhejiang. I will definitely settle in Hangzhou in the future." Before leaving Changsha, Luo Zhi’s impression of Hangzhou was only two introductions from friends: "Clean and good public security". After so many years, Luo Zhi’s evaluation of Hangzhou is: "Hangzhou is really a particularly livable city." Although he wants to settle in Hangzhou, Luo Zhi has no plans to buy a house in Hangzhou in the short term. "Hey, one is that the house in Hangzhou is not cheap, and another is that it is absolutely impossible for my parents to come to Hangzhou with me." This may be Luo Zhi’s biggest regret. "My parents have many brothers and sisters and often get together. It can be said that everything they have is in Hunan, so they can’t adapt to changing to a strange environment. "

  I love talking on the phone off the court and want to join the national team.

  Talking on the phone for a long distance is one of Luo Zhi’s greatest hobbies, and everyone in Wanma team knows Luo Zhi’s habit of talking on the phone. No matter on the road or at home, after training and competition, you have to ask your teammates where Luo Zhi is, and everyone will answer you without looking back: "You must be on the phone in your room!"

  From a master basketball player on campus to a professional player, to a member of the national training team, a three-point champion in CBA All-Star Game and a member of the national team, Luo Zhi has come step by step in his basketball career. This summer, Luo Zhi has been recovering from injury since he retired from the second national team due to injury, which has also caused his condition to be not very good until now. However, the teenager didn’t give up his dream. He told reporters that he really wanted to fight hard and work hard, hoping to win an opportunity to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games and represent the national team. This is his dream. "I know my strengths and weaknesses. My three-point shooting percentage is good. What I lack is the ability to defend and pass the ball, but I have confidence in myself. Because I am a competitive player, I believe that through my own efforts, I will be successful."

  Before leaving the game, Luo Zhi splashed his hair with water in the bathroom to make himself more awake. The reporter casually asked, "How can your three-pointers be so accurate?" "Practice bai, the key is to find the feeling of the basket at that distance, practice that feeling, naturally. Anyway, outside the three-point line, I have the most feeling about the basket! " Luo Zhiyang Yang head, a face of confidence.

Editor: Liu Xinlong

Star players trade or leave the team, the Blazers and the Heat are solid, and Philadelphia is rebuilt and set sail.

Recently, it is reported that Damian Lillard, the star player of Portland Trailblazers, intends to join Miami Heat, while james harden of Houston Rockets wants to join the Los Angeles Clippers. However, the possibility of these two transactions is considered to be very small. First of all, Lillard’s interest in the Heat has aroused widespread concern. As an excellent shooting guard, he has shown his dominance and leadership in the past few seasons. However, to achieve such a deal, the Heat need to pay a high price. They may need to give up their core players and future draft picks, which is a huge risk for a team in the reconstruction period. Therefore, although Lillard is interested in joining the Heat, the actual transaction situation is quite complicated, which makes this possibility very slim. At the same time, Harden’s desire to join the Clippers also triggered media speculation. As an all-star shooting guard for many times, Harden’s joining will undoubtedly bring great help to the Clippers. However, the Clippers already have a strong lineup, including stars such as leonard and George. To realize Harden’s joining, the Clippers need to make major adjustments and may lose some core players. Considering Harden’s age and contract, this is also a high-risk transaction for the Clippers. Therefore, it is unlikely that Harden will join the Clippers. Although Lillard wants to join the Heat and Harden wants to join the Clippers, the possibility of these two deals is very slim. The interest and desire between teams can’t completely determine the outcome of the transaction.The actual transaction situation is very complicated. Teams need to consider their own development direction, the value of players and their future development potential.

The Trailblazers made a series of signings in the offseason in 2021, and won top players such as Harden and Lori, as well as future draft picks, which undoubtedly greatly improved the team’s strength. This signing not only added offensive firepower to the team, but also injected fresh blood into the team. First of all, Harden’s joining will bring the Blazers a strong scoring ability. As a scoring champion many times, Harden’s personal ability is beyond doubt. His excellent scoring skills and excellent three-point shooting percentage make him a defender’s nightmare. Harden’s joining will provide more offensive options for the Blazers, attract more defensive attention and create more opportunities for teammates. The arrival of Lori has added a sharp weapon to the team’s organizational ability. Lori is an excellent point guard, and his leadership and organization on the court are top-notch. He is good at organizing the team’s attack, can stabilize the team’s rhythm, and make wise decisions at critical moments. His arrival will make the Blazers’ offense smoother and provide more scoring opportunities for other players in the team. In addition, the Trailblazers also won the future draft pick, which is of great significance to the long-term development of the team. Future draft picks can be used to select potential young players, or as a bargaining chip to introduce other excellent players. This will enable the Trailblazers to better adjust and optimize their lineups and maintain their competitiveness in the future. The Blazers have achieved great success in this signing. The joining of Harden and Lori and the acquisition of future draft picks will bring more opportunities and possibilities to the team.The team not only strengthened its offensive strength, but also laid a good foundation for the team’s future development.

The Heat made a stunning deal in this offseason. They successfully got Damian Lillard and Joseph nurkic from Portland Trailblazers, and also won two second-round draft picks. This transaction is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the history of the Heat, and it has also injected a shot in the arm for the team to further enhance its strength and hope of winning the championship. Lillard is an excellent shooting guard. He can contribute more than 30 points per game, and he always stands up at critical moments. His joining will provide more offensive options for the Heat and form a tacit cooperation with Bam Adebayor. In addition, the arrival of nurkic will also provide more protection for the Heat inside, and his rebounding and scoring ability should not be underestimated. For the Heat, the significance of this transaction lies not only in signing, but more importantly, it shows the team’s ambition and determination. The Heat are not satisfied with the status quo, and they hope to further enhance their competitiveness by introducing top stars. This determination will undoubtedly inject more confidence and motivation into the team and attract more excellent players to join. However, we can’t ignore the risks brought by this transaction. Lillard and nurkic are both core players of Portland Trailblazers, and their departure will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the team’s strength. Moreover, the Heat need time to adapt to the arrival of new players, and the tacit understanding and tactics also need a process. Generally speaking, the Heat’s acquisition of Lillard, nurkic and two second-round draft picks is undoubtedly a very successful signing.This transaction not only improved the strength of the team, but also demonstrated the ambition and determination of the Heat.

The Bulls won T Harris, Koleb Martin, Keon Johnson and the next two first-round draft picks in a recent transaction, which is a very valuable transaction for the team. Bulls have been rebuilding in the past few seasons. They need to bring in young potential players and more draft picks to strengthen the team. First of all, T Harris and Koleb Martin are very promising young players. T Harris is an excellent shooting guard. He showed excellent shooting skills and scoring ability last season. Colleb Martin is an all-round striker, who can play an important role in both offensive and defensive ends. Their participation will add more young and energetic players to the Bulls and enhance the competitiveness of the whole team. Secondly, through this transaction, the Bulls also won two future first-round draft picks. Draft selection is very important for a rebuilding team, which can help them introduce more excellent rookie players. Bulls can use these draft picks to choose players who meet the needs of the team and lay a solid foundation for the team’s future development. Finally, this transaction also shows the confidence of Bulls management in the future of the team. They are willing to strengthen the team’s strength by introducing young potential players and draft picks, which shows their persistence and determination to the team’s reconstruction plan. Bulls fans can look forward to the future of the team and believe that the team will gradually rise in the next few seasons.T Harris, Koleb Martin, Keon Johnson and the next two first-round draft picks won by the Bulls through this transaction will have a positive impact on the team’s development. This transaction has injected more young and potential players into the Bulls and laid the foundation for the team’s future development. The decision of the team management also shows their confidence and commitment to the team’s future.

In the new era of pioneers, the heat is now stable; In recent years, many changes have taken place in the NBA, the most striking of which is the rise of the Trailblazers and the consolidation of the Heat. At the same time, the decision to rejuvenate the Philadelphia 76ers and the reconstruction plan of the Chicago Bulls are also worthy of attention. These changes are not only a reflection of the team’s record, but also a combination of management wisdom and player strength. Trailblazers have gradually emerged in the past few seasons and become one of the top teams in the western region. Behind their success, it is inseparable from the wise decision of the team management and the excellent performance of the players. Especially, Damian Lillard, the core of the team, has the leadership and excellent basketball skills, which makes the Blazers maintain a high level of competitiveness in the competition. In addition, the Trailblazers also introduced some potential young players through clever draft and trading strategies, which laid a solid foundation for the team’s future. At the same time, the Heat have maintained a stable record in the past few seasons. The success of the Heat can be attributed to the wise decision of the team management and the excellent performance of the players. They discovered some potential new stars in the draft, such as Bam Adebayor and Taylor Hiro. These young players injected fresh blood into the Heat. In addition, the Heat also introduced some experienced players, such as jimmy butler and andre iguodala, through trading and free market signing, which provided the team with leadership and stability. The Philadelphia 76ers chose the road of rejuvenation. The management of the team focuses on training young players.They believe that this is the key to building long-term competitiveness. Joel embiid and Ben Simmons are the most potential players in the team, and their growth and progress are very important for the team. The Philadelphia 76ers have also introduced some potential young players, such as Terrence Marks and Dee Harris, through draft and trade, who will contribute to the future development of the team. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls are in the initial stage of reconstruction. The management of the team realized that the team needed to rebuild its competitiveness, and they introduced some young and potential players, such as Zach Lavine and Laurie Markanen, through draft and trade. These young players will become the cornerstone of the reconstruction of the Bulls and bring new hope to the team. The rise of the Trailblazers and the consolidation of the Heat show the combination of the wisdom of the team management and the strength of the players. The rejuvenation decision of Philadelphia 76ers and the reconstruction plan of Chicago Bulls will also bring new vitality to the league.

The Blazers have made some important progress in the recent trading market. They successfully got james harden and kyle lowry from the Rockets and Raptors respectively, which undoubtedly injected new blood into the team’s strength. However, for the Blazers, it seems that they are not satisfied with the asking price of Damian Lillard. Damian Lillard is the star of the Blazers, and he has been the core of the team for the past few seasons. He is famous for his excellent shooting skills and leadership and has become a symbol of the Trailblazers. Therefore, if the Blazers want to trade Lillard, they will naturally ask a high price. However, other teams may be dissatisfied with the asking price put forward by the Blazers. After all, Lillard’s strength and value are obvious to all, and any team wants to get him at the least cost. Therefore, the Blazers may need to reconsider their asking price for Lillard in order to attract the interest of other teams. Of course, as the team management, the Blazers must remain cautious and calm. They need to find a balance in the Lillard deal, which can not only meet the interests of the team, but also attract the cooperation of other teams. This requires them to carefully evaluate the needs and resources of different teams and communicate and negotiate with them effectively. The Blazers were not satisfied with Lillard’s asking price when they got Harden and Lori. However, they need to reconsider their requirements wisely in order to achieve better results in the trading market.

The Heat recently brought in star defender Damian Lillard and center nikola jokic of Portland Trailblazers, which undoubtedly injected new vitality and strength into the team. This transaction made the fans full of expectations for the future of the Heat, and triggered a wide-ranging discussion. First of all, the arrival of Lillard has added a great threat to the Heat’s backcourt. As an excellent scorer and organizer, Lillard’s performance in Portland Trailblazers was impressive. His shooting skills are exquisite and he can hit the key ball under pressure. In addition, he also has excellent leadership and determination, which will help the Heat to better schedule and execute tactics in the game. And Jokic’s joining has provided strong support for the Heat’s insider. As an excellent center, Jokic has shown excellent ability in defense and rebounding. His physical condition is superior, he can resist the impact of his opponent and protect his own basket. At the same time, he is an excellent passer and can create good scoring opportunities for his teammates. This will undoubtedly provide more choices for the Heat’s offense. This transaction is a very wise decision for the Heat. In the past few seasons, the team has been looking for the right player to partner with jimmy butler, and the arrival of Lillard and Jokic has undoubtedly filled this vacancy. Their strength and experience will make the Heat a competitor that cannot be ignored in the Eastern Conference. However, we can’t ignore the risks brought by this transaction.The addition of Lillard and Jokic will inevitably change the team’s tactical system and players’ roles. The Heat need to find the best way to cooperate in a short time, and ensure that the other players of the team will not be affected. In addition, they also need to adapt to the team culture of the Heat and the tactical requirements of the coaching team. This requires the joint efforts of the team management and the players to ensure that the overall interests of the team are maximized. The Heat’s joining Lillard and Jokic is undoubtedly an important signing action. Their strength and experience will bring new vitality and strength to the team and make their mark in the Eastern Conference. However, the team still needs to adapt and integrate in a short time to ensure the success of this transaction.

The Philadelphia 76ers have recently become a hot focus in the NBA trading market. It is reported that they intend to trade james harden, one of the team’s core players, and the Clippers have become the biggest potential trading partner. However, the Clippers are unwilling to give up their young guard Mann, which brings some difficulties to the transaction. In the past few seasons, james harden has been the scoring champion and leader of the Philadelphia 76ers. However, although Harden’s ability on the offensive end is beyond doubt, his performance on the defensive end has been controversial. In addition, Harden’s salary is also an important factor that the 76ers can’t afford. Therefore, the 76ers hope to readjust the team’s lineup and salary structure by trading Harden. As a strong team, the Clippers are naturally full of interest in Harden’s joining. Harden’s offensive talent will further enhance the Clippers’ strength, and form a "Big Four" lineup with players such as Lucas Mann, paul george and Kawai leonard, which will make them a competitor that cannot be ignored. However, the Clippers are unwilling to give up Mann, which is one of the reasons why their trade negotiations with the 76ers are deadlocked. As a young guard of the Clippers, Mann showed amazing potential and talent. His performance on the offensive end is stable and comprehensive, and he also plays well on the defensive end. The Clippers are very optimistic about Mann’s future and hope that he can become one of the core of the team. Therefore, they don’t want to send Mann away, even in order to get a superstar like Harden.The deadlock in this transaction negotiation has brought some pressure to both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Clippers. For the 76ers, they need to find a suitable trading partner as soon as possible in order to reshape the team’s lineup. For the Clippers, they need to weigh whether to give up Mann to meet the opportunity brought by Harden’s joining. No matter what the final result is, this transaction negotiation will have a far-reaching impact on the two teams. For the Philadelphia 76ers, they will re-evaluate the team’s strategy and look for trading options suitable for the team’s future development. The Clippers need to consider how to strengthen the team while maintaining Mann.

The management of Philadelphia 76ers recently made it clear that they are willing to trade the team’s star player james harden. However, this does not mean that they will reduce their chances of winning the championship. Instead, they hope to get players who can help the team win the championship by trading Harden. As a top player, Harden undoubtedly has excellent scoring and organizational skills. However, in the lineup of Philadelphia 76ers, he may not be able to play the biggest role. The 76ers have two young and outstanding players, Ben Simmons and joel embiid, who have shown great dominance on the offensive end. Therefore, it is a rational choice to trade Harden, which can bring more resources to the team. The management made it clear that they wanted to exchange Harden for a player who could help the team win the championship. This shows their ambition for the future of the team and their desire for the championship. They will not be satisfied with just maintaining the status quo, but hope to improve their team’s strength by introducing suitable players, thus increasing their chances of winning the championship. This attitude is commendable, because it shows the persistence and determination of the management of Philadelphia 76ers. They are not only satisfied with qualifying for the playoffs, but hope to become a truly competitive team. By trading Harden to get better players, they laid a solid foundation for the team’s future. However, this does not mean that the management of Philadelphia 76 ers will blindly pursue transactions. They will carefully consider every possible trading opportunity and ensure that any transaction is in line with the overall strategy of the team.They will not sacrifice the long-term development of the team for short-term benefits. The Philadelphia 76ers management is willing to trade Harden, but it will not reduce the probability of winning the championship. They made it clear that they would exchange Harden for a player who could help the team win the championship. This decision shows the management’s ambition and dedication to the team’s future.

Lillard is eager to win the championship, but he is satisfied with his career. Damian Lillard, the star of Portland Trailblazers, has always been a player who pursues Excellence. He showed a strong desire to lead the team to win the NBA championship. Surprisingly, however, he is very satisfied with his career. Lillard is not the kind of player who only values trophies and honors. Although he has been striving for victory, he pays more attention to the process and progress of each game. He closely linked personal growth with the success of the team, and believed that only through continuous personal progress can he bring more victories to the team. Lillard has never stopped pursuing excellence. He is not only a scoring machine, but also an excellent organizer and leader. He led the team on the court with his excellent skills and wisdom, and also inspired his teammates to make continuous progress. He was elected as an all-star player many times in his career, which proved his position and influence in the league. However, although Lillard was satisfied with his personal achievements, his desire for the championship never faded. He knows that only by winning the championship can he truly prove his worth. Therefore, he has been constantly challenging himself and trying to improve his skills and leadership in order to bring more victories to the team. Lillard is not afraid to face difficulties and challenges. He knows that to win the championship, the team needs to overcome all kinds of difficulties and overcome powerful opponents. He has always maintained a positive attitude and firm belief that as long as he makes efforts,You will be able to realize your dream. As a player, Lillard not only pays attention to his own success, but also pays attention to the development and progress of the team. Through his actions and words, he inspired his teammates to pursue Excellence and encouraged them to believe in their abilities. He believes that only when the whole team can reach the best state can they win the championship. In a word, Lillard is eager to win the championship, but he is very satisfied with his career. Through continuous personal progress and team success, he showed a true leader and champion mentality.

Lillard is satisfied with his achievements, but he is eager to pursue the championship, perhaps leaving the Trailblazers. This topic has aroused widespread concern and speculation. As a superstar player, Lillard has brought the Portland Trailblazers into the playoffs with his outstanding performance and leadership in the past few seasons, and has created a series of amazing personal records. However, he also knows that to achieve the peak of his career, it is not enough to rely solely on personal honor. Lillard is a competitive player, and his dream goal is to win the NBA championship. Despite his great success in Portland, the overall strength of the Trailblazers can’t be compared with other top teams. This made Lillard begin to consider leaving the Trailblazers and joining a team with more strength to compete for the championship. However, it is not easy to leave the pioneers. There is a deep emotional bond and loyalty between Lillard and Portland. He has always been the core of the team, and the fans love him very sincerely. In addition, Lillard signed a long-term contract with the Blazers, which means it is not easy to leave the team. Nevertheless, Lillard still has the right to decide its own future. He can find a team that has a better chance of winning the championship through trading or free agent market. This is a rational choice for a player who is eager to succeed. After all, the championship is an important criterion to measure the success of a player’s career. No matter what decision Lillard finally makes, we should respect his choice. He has made great achievements in Portland and brought countless joys and memories to the fans.If he decides to leave, we should be grateful for all he has done for the team and wish him to realize his championship dream in the new team. In a word, Lillard is satisfied with his achievements, but the pursuit of the championship is his ultimate goal. No matter whether he leaves the pioneer or not, we should understand and respect his choice.

Thank you for reading this article. We have made some analysis on the rumors and trading possibilities among NBA players. Although there are reports that Lillard wants to join the Heat and Harden wants to join the Clippers, the actual transaction is very complicated. Teams need to weigh their own development direction, the value of players and their future development potential. Therefore, the possibility of these two transactions is considered to be very small. In any case, we will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the NBA and bring you the latest reports. Thank you again for reading!

Guangdong Dark Horse made a strong comeback, Du Feng revealed Jeff’s injury, and Shabazz replaced Ma Shangcheng.

Guangdong’s 2.01-meter dark horse is about to return. Du Feng revealed Jeff’s injury problem, and the tactics of Shabazz and Ma Shang Brooks are about to be changed, in order to eliminate Zhejiang Guangsha team.

The key thing to learn is the dark horse with a height of 2.01 meters in Guangdong. He is the small forward Zhang Haojia who is about to make a comeback. His three-point shooting percentage on the court was as high as 41%. Such a high shooting percentage is very scary. Because his knee was crushed in the regular season against Xinjiang team, he has been recovering from injuries for the past two weeks. Now it is gratifying that Zhang Haojia clearly stated that the next scene is about to usher in a comeback for Zhejiang Guangsha team. The three-pointer on the outside line has never been opened, which is the biggest obstacle that Guangdong team encountered in the course of the game. Guangdong team must work hard on the three-pointer in the next competition, and Zhang Haojia’s comeback as a dark horse of 2.01 meters will help Guangdong team open up a bigger situation. Simply put, in order to compete for the championship, the three-pointer shelling tactics on the outside line are very important. Therefore, zhanghao Jia’s comeback with Shabazz can have greater confidence to compete for the CBA championship.

Second, Du Feng explicitly talked about Jeff’s injury. In fact, after the regular season of Jeff this season, the Guangdong and Shenzhen teams started a warm-up match. It is understood that Jeff sprained his ankle during the warm-up training at that time, and Jeff made a simple recovery after the game, but Jeff was still able to play the game. However, it is undeniable that Jeff sprained his ankle some time ago and his state was really affected during the game. Jeff faced the away game of Guangsha team, and the outside three-pointer never opened, which was also because of his leg injury. Du Feng specifically mentioned this point in an interview, that is, Jeff’s leg injury was still troubled, and Hu Mingxuan’s waist was also affected by the injury. Once Jeff’s three-pointer opened, in fact, the Guangdong team had a great chance to eliminate Guangsha team 2-0, and Xu Jie had three days to recover. I still insist on the training of 1000 three-pointers every day, so I believe that after Jeff’s injury problem is recovered, the state of the game will be recovered in the third world war. Jeff revealed that his foot has been well recovered, but playing away from home is not suitable for Guangsha team, and his three-pointers have not been opened, but this does not affect Jeff’s ability to get more than ten points of data. Therefore, Jeff is the most stable master in possession of the ball and the most reliable super defender. Once his state is stable, Jeff will have a great advantage at home in the third game.I believe that Jeff will be able to play a super MVP level and help the Guangdong team win the game.

Third, Shabazz’s repositioning is about to replace Marchand Brooks’ position and join Hamilton’s lineup of three foreign AIDS. I really see great hope, especially when Marchand Brooks’ outside three-pointer is not opened, Du Feng said that he would launch a new round of tactical adjustment, that is, he would adopt Shabazz-based inside attack tactics, and use Shabazz’s breakthrough to the inside to cause the other side’s foul, thus breaking the other side’s defense. Even in the face of the lineup of Xu Zhonghao and Hu Jinqiu, during the interview, I still expressed confidence that I can break the defense line of Guangsha team, and at the same time, I can also break the defense lines of Liaoning and Chouzhou teams in Zhejiang in the following events to help Guangdong team compete for the championship.

Thus, Shabazz’s arrival can be said to be timely, and he can play a greater level, which really makes everyone see greater hope, and also hopes to eliminate Zhejiang in the home game.

Farewell to Bai Baihe! Kane’s transfer into substantive contact with Marchal or become a bargaining chip

Kane’s agent has made substantial contact with Manchester United, and Old Trafford Stadium and Bayern’s Allianz Stadium may become Kane’s next stop.

Kane, a 29-year-old Tottenham star center, has only one year left on his contract this summer. After another season with Tottenham, he finally saw that under the control of Levi, a vampire, Tottenham Club had no ambition or vision, but was only content to participate in the European War. Kane has repeatedly expressed his desire to leave the team in public. He doesn’t want to stay in this unambitious club and continue to waste time. He hopes to win more important collective honors in his career.

As we all know, Manchester United coach Tenhage is ready to spend a lot of money to bring in a star center in this summer’s transfer window, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of the Red Devils’ lack of scoring ability and over-reliance on Rachford. According to previous reports, the Dutch tend to chase Neapolitan marksman Osman. However, according to the latest report in Manchester Evening News, the English striker’s name is ahead of Osman in Tenghage’s signing list. Because Tenghage firmly believes that Kane can seamlessly connect with the current tactical system of the Red Devils, create opportunities for teammates while playing a fulcrum role in the front line, and also determine the direction of the game through his excellent goal-ending ability.

Tottenham also knew that it was impossible to keep the club’s top scorer in history. In the middle of the week, President Levi stated that Kane could be sold, but the transfer fee should not be less than 100 million pounds.This huge transfer fee also dissuaded Arsenal and Chelsea, two London clubs that were also interested in Kane. Therefore, the Red Devils are unlikely to face competition from Premier League rivals in the process of introducing Kane. According to the Sun on March 10th, Manchester United have expressed their intention to Tottenham Hotspur Club, agreeing in principle to a price of 100 million pounds, but hoping to add French striker Marchal to the deal to offset part of the transfer fee. Kane’s agent has also met with Manchester United representatives and had a substantive exchange.

But Bayern, the German giants, is also an ardent admirer of the England captain and is likely to become Manchester United’s main competitor. Given that Kane has expressed a strong desire to win the trophy, it will be attractive to move to Munich. German giants are expected to win the Bundesliga title for the 11th consecutive year and reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Although the Red Devils have played quite well on all fronts this season, they are still in the reconstruction period after all, and it is unrealistic to expect to harvest important trophies immediately.

Bayern coach nagel Mann, like Tenghage, started the season without a prolific center, and will also enter the transfer market in the summer to get a new striker. After Bayern changed its formation to 3-4-2-1 in recent weeks, it has always insisted on putting Shubomotin in the center position. Although the actual combat effect is not bad, the Cameroonian is obviously not regarded as a long-term choice.

Bayern made no secret of their keen interest in Kane. Bayern CEO Kahn praised the Tottenham striker earlier this season as one of the best centers in today’s football, and hinted that Bayern Munich would be interested in bringing him to Allianz Stadium.

But although Kahn seems determined to win Kane, Hernes, a member of the board of directors, stressed that they would not spend 100 million pounds to bring in a 30-year-old player, which is not in line with the tradition of the club. But a day later, he quickly changed his mind, saying that if the club professionals passed the evaluation of Kane, then the board of directors would not interfere with the signing of the team. However, Bayern’s cautious and conservative attitude towards the transfer price will undoubtedly give Manchester United a better chance to win this transfer competition. Other potential suitors also show some interest in Kane, such as Paris Saint-Germain. If they lose Mbappé, they may also get involved in the competition for Tottenham Hotspur.

And Kane himself seems to prefer to stay in England, because he wants to catch up with alan shearer’s Premier League scoring record.

Supervision needs to be broken, and generative AI is still not mainstream in medical care.

Generative AI(Generative AI) has set off a whirlwind in various fields, and it is considered to be a promising medical application. The industry admits that compared with the standard answer of judgmental AI, generative AI needs to overcome regulatory issues, and may be a possible application scenario in the short term, such as patient care, medical record/report generation and writing, and initial screening of telemedicine. Whether new drugs can be clinically developed in the future will have a more breakthrough development possibility.

Wang Dihao, director of Changjia Intelligent R&D, pointed out that the development of generative AI in the medical field is gradually moving forward. At present, it has been touched by people in the fields of text photos, pictures, sounds, etc. What is relatively new recently is the breakthrough in details, such as more simulated fingers, etc. However, compared with the standard answer of judgmental AI, which is still the mainstream of medical applications, generative AI does not produce an absolute answer of "yes or no", and it is difficult to be supervised in medical care.

However, Wang Dihao also believes that even if the regulatory issues still need to be broken, the generative AI will still have significance for the medical industry, including patient care, shortening the writing time of medical records and reports, and initial screening of telemedicine, which can help medical staff deal with related processes. It is more accurate and smooth, and it is still a scene that can be applied in medical care. However, he also admitted that there are many plans in the world, but no mature products have been seen yet.

The venture capital industry also believes that although the medical data startup Syntegra completed the fundraising in the first quarter of last year, and the Taiwan Province digital pathology and medical picture startup Yunxiang also completed the A+ round fundraising at the end of October last year, the market is still paying attention to the business model that similar startups can make profits in the future.

The industry believes that the most widely used AI in the field of intelligent medical care is still replacing large-scale repetitive administrative work or diagnosis. Although the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the development of telemedicine, this part still involves the integration of hospital organizational culture, governments of various countries and medical insurance payment norms, and there are still many places to be broken.

The international technology giants are looking forward to the progress of generative AI in the clinical development of new drugs. DeepMind, the most well-known artificial intelligence company under Alphabet, the parent company of Google, quickly predicts and generates a reasonable protein serial through neural network, and plans to sell or lease its AI technology successfully simulated in protein to new drug companies in the future to accelerate the clinical development of new drugs. It is planned to assist the new drug development company to develop the combination of drugs and protein serial. However, after the new drug development company was established independently, the market is still paying attention to its subsequent specific development.

Wang Dihao also said that although short-term generative AI has more room for development in non-medical core or medical materials that need to be approved, there are also opportunities for combining long-term judgmental AI with generative AI. For example, Changjia Intelligent develops the technology of judging whether there is bleeding or brain symptoms from brain computed tomography pictures, which can automatically output pictures into radiology reports by combining generative AI, greatly improving the efficiency of doctors’ interpretation and assisting in improving the diagnostic rate.

How did Liverpool’s flower of confidence fade after sweeping Manchester United but losing to Bournemouth?

"In the past five games, we have a stable state in the league, but confidence is like a fragile flower. We must ensure that we maintain this mentality."

At the pre-match press conference, klopp said this when talking about the team’s mentality after winning the big victory over Manchester United last week. He knows very well that not every game is played against Manchester United, and not every game can win seven goals.

However, even in the previous games, Liverpool played a good performance and results, but as we mentioned in the previous tactical observation, the strength of this set of things in Liverpool is doubtful, and beating Manchester United is more like an accident dominated by Manchester United.

The loss to Bournemouth is a good proof.

Compared with last week’s starting line-up, Liverpool made only one personnel change at the starting level, and bajcetic replaced Henderson.

And the tactics of the previous three games are the same. After the opening, Liverpool is still full-back, which greatly supports the offensive end:

Driven by such tactics, Liverpool’s offensive end performed well in the opening stage.

So in recent days, Liverpool’s tactical layout is actually like this (the yellow chess piece is Liverpool):

The full-back pressed on, widened the attack width and wrapped the three strikers into the middle. Jiakebo retreat, and the attack level before and after Nunez and Salah formed. The third middle court and double central defenders guard the backcourt and are responsible for dealing with the defensive problems of punctuality in attack and turn.

Among them, Eliot also has the offensive responsibility of post-insertion, and makes use of its characteristics of being versatile in both sides and middle, forming more rotations and transposition in local positions.

This is actually the basic tactics of Liverpool at its peak. In the period when Manet, Salah and firmino were all extremely powerful, the power of the offensive end was quite amazing. When Van Dyke and Fabinho were young, including Henderson and wijnaldum, they were more sure of the ball right and space coverage.

But now Liverpool’s staff, in fact, can’t hold up this content.

The 9th minute, Bournemouth hit a counterattack:

Although the source of the counterattack was Fabinho and Arnold’s mistakes in handling the ball, in an unexpected situation, Van Dyke’s front-top action was obviously not fast enough, which made Solanke open the angle, and Ouattara, who got the ball, dumped bajcetic and came all the way to the door:

In the 25th minute, Billing directly dropped Elliot in the confrontation, which caused konate’s foul:

Bournemouth’s counterattack in the 36th minute exposed Liverpool’s current problems more thoroughly. When Liverpool got the ball in the backcourt, the positions of the double central defenders and the third middle court were very clear:

As a result, the connection between konate and the frontcourt failed, and Bournemouth directly formed a counterattack on the spot. In the freeze-frame picture, we can clearly see the weak areas of Liverpool at that time:

Unfortunately, Bournemouth didn’t make a good counterattack this time. Like Rachford’s shot last week, Solanke didn’t threaten the door at the centre-back:

Three attacks, Eliot and bajcetic, who were originally responsible for protecting the backcourt instead of full-backs, didn’t work.

Yes, in this tactic, since the full-backs have been entrusted with the important task of forward attack, it is very normal for them to have space behind them when they turn to attack, and it is unreasonable to criticize them for not being able to return to their positions, because at this moment, it is Elliot and bajcetic’s responsibility to help the single central defender and the double central defender cover the space and regain the ball.

No, that’s their problem with klopp.

In fact, not only teenagers can’t do it, but also veterans can’t do it.

In the 20th minute, Bournemouth first caught Fabinho’s side area. After konate was teased out, Billing went to explore the space behind him, forming a cross on the left:

In the 22nd minute, Fabinho followed the frontcourt to force the grab, konate headed Solanke, and it was normal for the central defender to hesitate in this area, so the problems of konate and Van Dyke could be understood, but the consequence was that Bournemouth directly formed a counterattack:

So in the 28th minute, Bournemouth once again started from the space between the winger and the full-back. Van Dyke defended Ouattara one by one, lost his body and let him hold the ball. What’s worse, he couldn’t start again after standing still. As a result, Ouattara sent a cross and created the only goal in this game:

The problem is not over yet.

In the 43rd minute, when Bournemouth developed a cross to the back point, Van Dyke’s start was a little slower, giving Solanke room to attack:

Dozens of seconds later, Solanke shook Van Dyke in one-on-one, forcing the latter to use excessive action:

With a little bad luck, Van Dyke’s game may be here.

So this is the most obvious problem at this stage. In the big space, not only the peripheral protection forces like Elliot and bajcetic are not qualified, but also the protected people-Fabinho and Van Dyke.

In the first half of the season, attacking Arnold is the easiest way for Liverpool’s opponents to think of attacking. However, under this tactical system, it is meaningless to attack a player who is supposed to play more on the offensive end and leave room behind. Just like Bournemouth in this game, left-back Anthony did not single Arnold several times. More importantly, he returned to the middle as soon as possible after getting the ball, so that Billing, Solanke and others could consume Liverpool’s backcourt and use their confrontation and Ouattara’s insertion on the weak side.

This is the most deadly place for Liverpool on the defensive end at present.

In klopp’s way, he can’t fail to see what Bournemouth is doing.

So in the second half, he took the lead in changing people, not only adding more on the offensive end, but also changing into jota in order to score goals. More importantly, let bajcetic retreat to Fabinho’s side and form a double-waist position. On the front, strengthen a little protection in front of Van Dyke:

Under such a tactical system, Liverpool’s full-backs need to adjust their forward insertion range, because at this time, if both sides are on, there will be only four people left when defending and attacking.

Only when you try your best to score goals, such as in the second half of the game, can you consider this.

So in the opening stage of the second half, it is obvious that Robertson’s forward insertion is stronger and faster than Arnold’s side, and Arnold appears more and more in the backcourt:

This time, it is time to directly hit Arnold:

However, even if the tactics are adjusted, the back waistline is still not reassuring:

Klopp also knows very well that we can’t leave too many weak defensive rings in the backcourt at this time, especially when the team is about to press heavily, so in the 65th minute, he replaced Arnold and Fabio with Milner and Henderson.

A minute later, Liverpool passed Milner’s insertion and cross, and jota made a penalty at the back point, but Salah missed:

In this way, Bournemouth can continue to retreat, fully compress the ball handling space of Huckabee, Nunez and Salah in the middle, and constantly create opportunities for defending and attacking.

On the offensive end, we constantly use counter-attacks to create pressure on Liverpool’s backcourt and chop up the time period of Liverpool’s siege:

In this way, it is not surprising that Liverpool lost this away game.

After the game, many fans and friends mentioned Salah and suggested that he should be allowed to take a rest in rotation, but it must be said that this opinion is unrealistic.

As early as last March, we began to mention the problem of Salah playing winger, and a year later, klopp tactically let all the full-backs on both sides, in essence, it is still to ensure that Salah continues to play winger, with someone on the outside and someone on the inside. Salah can continue to stand on the right wing even if he can’t play anything.

It’s just that with such tactics, a lot of resources are tilted to him, and less to Van Dyke, which will expose Van Dyke.

If the resources are tilted to Van Dyke, that is the idea of winning Manchester City in the first half. When Salah enters the middle road, he still needs to keep working, sprinting, confronting and consuming the opponent’s central defender. Such hard work is obviously the way he doesn’t want to play. klopp seems to agree with this, so he picks up the old guy of 433 again.

But at this stage, Liverpool should actually tilt its resources to Van Dyke, not only because the old central defender has more long-term value than the old winger, but more importantly, Nunez can play better when there is space, while Huckabee at this stage needs space to play, because he is not a player of firmino’s size, nor does he have firmino’s excellent technology in a narrow space.

Bournemouth won’t provide Huckabee with a lot of space like Manchester United, so the quality of his peripheral work will become like this:

As we mentioned last week, beating Manchester United can bring more confidence to Liverpool players, but tactical problems will not disappear with a big victory.

Playing Manchester United is different from playing other opponents after all, and Manchester United will not play football with a low face like Bournemouth, so once the frontcourt does nothing in a dense space, Liverpool’s backcourt will expose problems in a large space, which is a pit that this tactical system can’t bypass.

Klopp chose to protect Salah, so he can’t protect Van Dyke under the existing midfield quality, so the summer window reinforcement is certain, but before that, Liverpool have to keep their own lower limit.

If you don’t qualify for the Champions League, the flower of confidence in Liverpool will fade.