Star players trade or leave the team, the Blazers and the Heat are solid, and Philadelphia is rebuilt and set sail.

Recently, it is reported that Damian Lillard, the star player of Portland Trailblazers, intends to join Miami Heat, while james harden of Houston Rockets wants to join the Los Angeles Clippers. However, the possibility of these two transactions is considered to be very small. First of all, Lillard’s interest in the Heat has aroused widespread concern. As an excellent shooting guard, he has shown his dominance and leadership in the past few seasons. However, to achieve such a deal, the Heat need to pay a high price. They may need to give up their core players and future draft picks, which is a huge risk for a team in the reconstruction period. Therefore, although Lillard is interested in joining the Heat, the actual transaction situation is quite complicated, which makes this possibility very slim. At the same time, Harden’s desire to join the Clippers also triggered media speculation. As an all-star shooting guard for many times, Harden’s joining will undoubtedly bring great help to the Clippers. However, the Clippers already have a strong lineup, including stars such as leonard and George. To realize Harden’s joining, the Clippers need to make major adjustments and may lose some core players. Considering Harden’s age and contract, this is also a high-risk transaction for the Clippers. Therefore, it is unlikely that Harden will join the Clippers. Although Lillard wants to join the Heat and Harden wants to join the Clippers, the possibility of these two deals is very slim. The interest and desire between teams can’t completely determine the outcome of the transaction.The actual transaction situation is very complicated. Teams need to consider their own development direction, the value of players and their future development potential.

The Trailblazers made a series of signings in the offseason in 2021, and won top players such as Harden and Lori, as well as future draft picks, which undoubtedly greatly improved the team’s strength. This signing not only added offensive firepower to the team, but also injected fresh blood into the team. First of all, Harden’s joining will bring the Blazers a strong scoring ability. As a scoring champion many times, Harden’s personal ability is beyond doubt. His excellent scoring skills and excellent three-point shooting percentage make him a defender’s nightmare. Harden’s joining will provide more offensive options for the Blazers, attract more defensive attention and create more opportunities for teammates. The arrival of Lori has added a sharp weapon to the team’s organizational ability. Lori is an excellent point guard, and his leadership and organization on the court are top-notch. He is good at organizing the team’s attack, can stabilize the team’s rhythm, and make wise decisions at critical moments. His arrival will make the Blazers’ offense smoother and provide more scoring opportunities for other players in the team. In addition, the Trailblazers also won the future draft pick, which is of great significance to the long-term development of the team. Future draft picks can be used to select potential young players, or as a bargaining chip to introduce other excellent players. This will enable the Trailblazers to better adjust and optimize their lineups and maintain their competitiveness in the future. The Blazers have achieved great success in this signing. The joining of Harden and Lori and the acquisition of future draft picks will bring more opportunities and possibilities to the team.The team not only strengthened its offensive strength, but also laid a good foundation for the team’s future development.

The Heat made a stunning deal in this offseason. They successfully got Damian Lillard and Joseph nurkic from Portland Trailblazers, and also won two second-round draft picks. This transaction is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the history of the Heat, and it has also injected a shot in the arm for the team to further enhance its strength and hope of winning the championship. Lillard is an excellent shooting guard. He can contribute more than 30 points per game, and he always stands up at critical moments. His joining will provide more offensive options for the Heat and form a tacit cooperation with Bam Adebayor. In addition, the arrival of nurkic will also provide more protection for the Heat inside, and his rebounding and scoring ability should not be underestimated. For the Heat, the significance of this transaction lies not only in signing, but more importantly, it shows the team’s ambition and determination. The Heat are not satisfied with the status quo, and they hope to further enhance their competitiveness by introducing top stars. This determination will undoubtedly inject more confidence and motivation into the team and attract more excellent players to join. However, we can’t ignore the risks brought by this transaction. Lillard and nurkic are both core players of Portland Trailblazers, and their departure will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the team’s strength. Moreover, the Heat need time to adapt to the arrival of new players, and the tacit understanding and tactics also need a process. Generally speaking, the Heat’s acquisition of Lillard, nurkic and two second-round draft picks is undoubtedly a very successful signing.This transaction not only improved the strength of the team, but also demonstrated the ambition and determination of the Heat.

The Bulls won T Harris, Koleb Martin, Keon Johnson and the next two first-round draft picks in a recent transaction, which is a very valuable transaction for the team. Bulls have been rebuilding in the past few seasons. They need to bring in young potential players and more draft picks to strengthen the team. First of all, T Harris and Koleb Martin are very promising young players. T Harris is an excellent shooting guard. He showed excellent shooting skills and scoring ability last season. Colleb Martin is an all-round striker, who can play an important role in both offensive and defensive ends. Their participation will add more young and energetic players to the Bulls and enhance the competitiveness of the whole team. Secondly, through this transaction, the Bulls also won two future first-round draft picks. Draft selection is very important for a rebuilding team, which can help them introduce more excellent rookie players. Bulls can use these draft picks to choose players who meet the needs of the team and lay a solid foundation for the team’s future development. Finally, this transaction also shows the confidence of Bulls management in the future of the team. They are willing to strengthen the team’s strength by introducing young potential players and draft picks, which shows their persistence and determination to the team’s reconstruction plan. Bulls fans can look forward to the future of the team and believe that the team will gradually rise in the next few seasons.T Harris, Koleb Martin, Keon Johnson and the next two first-round draft picks won by the Bulls through this transaction will have a positive impact on the team’s development. This transaction has injected more young and potential players into the Bulls and laid the foundation for the team’s future development. The decision of the team management also shows their confidence and commitment to the team’s future.

In the new era of pioneers, the heat is now stable; In recent years, many changes have taken place in the NBA, the most striking of which is the rise of the Trailblazers and the consolidation of the Heat. At the same time, the decision to rejuvenate the Philadelphia 76ers and the reconstruction plan of the Chicago Bulls are also worthy of attention. These changes are not only a reflection of the team’s record, but also a combination of management wisdom and player strength. Trailblazers have gradually emerged in the past few seasons and become one of the top teams in the western region. Behind their success, it is inseparable from the wise decision of the team management and the excellent performance of the players. Especially, Damian Lillard, the core of the team, has the leadership and excellent basketball skills, which makes the Blazers maintain a high level of competitiveness in the competition. In addition, the Trailblazers also introduced some potential young players through clever draft and trading strategies, which laid a solid foundation for the team’s future. At the same time, the Heat have maintained a stable record in the past few seasons. The success of the Heat can be attributed to the wise decision of the team management and the excellent performance of the players. They discovered some potential new stars in the draft, such as Bam Adebayor and Taylor Hiro. These young players injected fresh blood into the Heat. In addition, the Heat also introduced some experienced players, such as jimmy butler and andre iguodala, through trading and free market signing, which provided the team with leadership and stability. The Philadelphia 76ers chose the road of rejuvenation. The management of the team focuses on training young players.They believe that this is the key to building long-term competitiveness. Joel embiid and Ben Simmons are the most potential players in the team, and their growth and progress are very important for the team. The Philadelphia 76ers have also introduced some potential young players, such as Terrence Marks and Dee Harris, through draft and trade, who will contribute to the future development of the team. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls are in the initial stage of reconstruction. The management of the team realized that the team needed to rebuild its competitiveness, and they introduced some young and potential players, such as Zach Lavine and Laurie Markanen, through draft and trade. These young players will become the cornerstone of the reconstruction of the Bulls and bring new hope to the team. The rise of the Trailblazers and the consolidation of the Heat show the combination of the wisdom of the team management and the strength of the players. The rejuvenation decision of Philadelphia 76ers and the reconstruction plan of Chicago Bulls will also bring new vitality to the league.

The Blazers have made some important progress in the recent trading market. They successfully got james harden and kyle lowry from the Rockets and Raptors respectively, which undoubtedly injected new blood into the team’s strength. However, for the Blazers, it seems that they are not satisfied with the asking price of Damian Lillard. Damian Lillard is the star of the Blazers, and he has been the core of the team for the past few seasons. He is famous for his excellent shooting skills and leadership and has become a symbol of the Trailblazers. Therefore, if the Blazers want to trade Lillard, they will naturally ask a high price. However, other teams may be dissatisfied with the asking price put forward by the Blazers. After all, Lillard’s strength and value are obvious to all, and any team wants to get him at the least cost. Therefore, the Blazers may need to reconsider their asking price for Lillard in order to attract the interest of other teams. Of course, as the team management, the Blazers must remain cautious and calm. They need to find a balance in the Lillard deal, which can not only meet the interests of the team, but also attract the cooperation of other teams. This requires them to carefully evaluate the needs and resources of different teams and communicate and negotiate with them effectively. The Blazers were not satisfied with Lillard’s asking price when they got Harden and Lori. However, they need to reconsider their requirements wisely in order to achieve better results in the trading market.

The Heat recently brought in star defender Damian Lillard and center nikola jokic of Portland Trailblazers, which undoubtedly injected new vitality and strength into the team. This transaction made the fans full of expectations for the future of the Heat, and triggered a wide-ranging discussion. First of all, the arrival of Lillard has added a great threat to the Heat’s backcourt. As an excellent scorer and organizer, Lillard’s performance in Portland Trailblazers was impressive. His shooting skills are exquisite and he can hit the key ball under pressure. In addition, he also has excellent leadership and determination, which will help the Heat to better schedule and execute tactics in the game. And Jokic’s joining has provided strong support for the Heat’s insider. As an excellent center, Jokic has shown excellent ability in defense and rebounding. His physical condition is superior, he can resist the impact of his opponent and protect his own basket. At the same time, he is an excellent passer and can create good scoring opportunities for his teammates. This will undoubtedly provide more choices for the Heat’s offense. This transaction is a very wise decision for the Heat. In the past few seasons, the team has been looking for the right player to partner with jimmy butler, and the arrival of Lillard and Jokic has undoubtedly filled this vacancy. Their strength and experience will make the Heat a competitor that cannot be ignored in the Eastern Conference. However, we can’t ignore the risks brought by this transaction.The addition of Lillard and Jokic will inevitably change the team’s tactical system and players’ roles. The Heat need to find the best way to cooperate in a short time, and ensure that the other players of the team will not be affected. In addition, they also need to adapt to the team culture of the Heat and the tactical requirements of the coaching team. This requires the joint efforts of the team management and the players to ensure that the overall interests of the team are maximized. The Heat’s joining Lillard and Jokic is undoubtedly an important signing action. Their strength and experience will bring new vitality and strength to the team and make their mark in the Eastern Conference. However, the team still needs to adapt and integrate in a short time to ensure the success of this transaction.

The Philadelphia 76ers have recently become a hot focus in the NBA trading market. It is reported that they intend to trade james harden, one of the team’s core players, and the Clippers have become the biggest potential trading partner. However, the Clippers are unwilling to give up their young guard Mann, which brings some difficulties to the transaction. In the past few seasons, james harden has been the scoring champion and leader of the Philadelphia 76ers. However, although Harden’s ability on the offensive end is beyond doubt, his performance on the defensive end has been controversial. In addition, Harden’s salary is also an important factor that the 76ers can’t afford. Therefore, the 76ers hope to readjust the team’s lineup and salary structure by trading Harden. As a strong team, the Clippers are naturally full of interest in Harden’s joining. Harden’s offensive talent will further enhance the Clippers’ strength, and form a "Big Four" lineup with players such as Lucas Mann, paul george and Kawai leonard, which will make them a competitor that cannot be ignored. However, the Clippers are unwilling to give up Mann, which is one of the reasons why their trade negotiations with the 76ers are deadlocked. As a young guard of the Clippers, Mann showed amazing potential and talent. His performance on the offensive end is stable and comprehensive, and he also plays well on the defensive end. The Clippers are very optimistic about Mann’s future and hope that he can become one of the core of the team. Therefore, they don’t want to send Mann away, even in order to get a superstar like Harden.The deadlock in this transaction negotiation has brought some pressure to both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Clippers. For the 76ers, they need to find a suitable trading partner as soon as possible in order to reshape the team’s lineup. For the Clippers, they need to weigh whether to give up Mann to meet the opportunity brought by Harden’s joining. No matter what the final result is, this transaction negotiation will have a far-reaching impact on the two teams. For the Philadelphia 76ers, they will re-evaluate the team’s strategy and look for trading options suitable for the team’s future development. The Clippers need to consider how to strengthen the team while maintaining Mann.

The management of Philadelphia 76ers recently made it clear that they are willing to trade the team’s star player james harden. However, this does not mean that they will reduce their chances of winning the championship. Instead, they hope to get players who can help the team win the championship by trading Harden. As a top player, Harden undoubtedly has excellent scoring and organizational skills. However, in the lineup of Philadelphia 76ers, he may not be able to play the biggest role. The 76ers have two young and outstanding players, Ben Simmons and joel embiid, who have shown great dominance on the offensive end. Therefore, it is a rational choice to trade Harden, which can bring more resources to the team. The management made it clear that they wanted to exchange Harden for a player who could help the team win the championship. This shows their ambition for the future of the team and their desire for the championship. They will not be satisfied with just maintaining the status quo, but hope to improve their team’s strength by introducing suitable players, thus increasing their chances of winning the championship. This attitude is commendable, because it shows the persistence and determination of the management of Philadelphia 76ers. They are not only satisfied with qualifying for the playoffs, but hope to become a truly competitive team. By trading Harden to get better players, they laid a solid foundation for the team’s future. However, this does not mean that the management of Philadelphia 76 ers will blindly pursue transactions. They will carefully consider every possible trading opportunity and ensure that any transaction is in line with the overall strategy of the team.They will not sacrifice the long-term development of the team for short-term benefits. The Philadelphia 76ers management is willing to trade Harden, but it will not reduce the probability of winning the championship. They made it clear that they would exchange Harden for a player who could help the team win the championship. This decision shows the management’s ambition and dedication to the team’s future.

Lillard is eager to win the championship, but he is satisfied with his career. Damian Lillard, the star of Portland Trailblazers, has always been a player who pursues Excellence. He showed a strong desire to lead the team to win the NBA championship. Surprisingly, however, he is very satisfied with his career. Lillard is not the kind of player who only values trophies and honors. Although he has been striving for victory, he pays more attention to the process and progress of each game. He closely linked personal growth with the success of the team, and believed that only through continuous personal progress can he bring more victories to the team. Lillard has never stopped pursuing excellence. He is not only a scoring machine, but also an excellent organizer and leader. He led the team on the court with his excellent skills and wisdom, and also inspired his teammates to make continuous progress. He was elected as an all-star player many times in his career, which proved his position and influence in the league. However, although Lillard was satisfied with his personal achievements, his desire for the championship never faded. He knows that only by winning the championship can he truly prove his worth. Therefore, he has been constantly challenging himself and trying to improve his skills and leadership in order to bring more victories to the team. Lillard is not afraid to face difficulties and challenges. He knows that to win the championship, the team needs to overcome all kinds of difficulties and overcome powerful opponents. He has always maintained a positive attitude and firm belief that as long as he makes efforts,You will be able to realize your dream. As a player, Lillard not only pays attention to his own success, but also pays attention to the development and progress of the team. Through his actions and words, he inspired his teammates to pursue Excellence and encouraged them to believe in their abilities. He believes that only when the whole team can reach the best state can they win the championship. In a word, Lillard is eager to win the championship, but he is very satisfied with his career. Through continuous personal progress and team success, he showed a true leader and champion mentality.

Lillard is satisfied with his achievements, but he is eager to pursue the championship, perhaps leaving the Trailblazers. This topic has aroused widespread concern and speculation. As a superstar player, Lillard has brought the Portland Trailblazers into the playoffs with his outstanding performance and leadership in the past few seasons, and has created a series of amazing personal records. However, he also knows that to achieve the peak of his career, it is not enough to rely solely on personal honor. Lillard is a competitive player, and his dream goal is to win the NBA championship. Despite his great success in Portland, the overall strength of the Trailblazers can’t be compared with other top teams. This made Lillard begin to consider leaving the Trailblazers and joining a team with more strength to compete for the championship. However, it is not easy to leave the pioneers. There is a deep emotional bond and loyalty between Lillard and Portland. He has always been the core of the team, and the fans love him very sincerely. In addition, Lillard signed a long-term contract with the Blazers, which means it is not easy to leave the team. Nevertheless, Lillard still has the right to decide its own future. He can find a team that has a better chance of winning the championship through trading or free agent market. This is a rational choice for a player who is eager to succeed. After all, the championship is an important criterion to measure the success of a player’s career. No matter what decision Lillard finally makes, we should respect his choice. He has made great achievements in Portland and brought countless joys and memories to the fans.If he decides to leave, we should be grateful for all he has done for the team and wish him to realize his championship dream in the new team. In a word, Lillard is satisfied with his achievements, but the pursuit of the championship is his ultimate goal. No matter whether he leaves the pioneer or not, we should understand and respect his choice.

Thank you for reading this article. We have made some analysis on the rumors and trading possibilities among NBA players. Although there are reports that Lillard wants to join the Heat and Harden wants to join the Clippers, the actual transaction is very complicated. Teams need to weigh their own development direction, the value of players and their future development potential. Therefore, the possibility of these two transactions is considered to be very small. In any case, we will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the NBA and bring you the latest reports. Thank you again for reading!

Some people win the championship, some people say goodbye, and some people are frustrated! There are too many stories to tell in the Premier League this night.

No one will stand at the top forever, but someone will carve his name at the top. He will not be successful forever, but he interprets the definition of success with strength. No one likes to say goodbye, so we always say that parting is to get together better, although some people turn away and forget about the rivers and lakes; No one likes failure, they say that they can’t taste the sweetness of iris without stepping on thorns, but who can really laugh it off?

People are emotional animals, and they are influenced by emotions all the time. Generally speaking, we will only accept the involvement of an emotion for a period of time. However, if all these emotions are put in one night, how crazy would it be? Furthermore, if all these things happened because of a small football, how amazing would it be? You know, my friend, football is like life. A game is full of leading, falling behind, winning and disappointment. Every moment is full of ups and downs, and life is full of unwillingness, joy, sadness and farewell. Therefore, if you experience the Premier League this night, it is like witnessing the truth of life.

Things are unpredictable like chess, and there are many changes in the DPRK.

In the 37th round of Premier League, many teams staged many focus games. These games, like gears, mesh with each other, and each game more or less determines the pattern of the whole league. Those mysterious puzzles that have been played up for a season and have been locked in country-specific ones for 10 months have been unveiled last night and this morning.

The biggest suspense is the championship. This season, Arsenal, which struggled for the fourth place in previous years, rose to the top of the list after several consecutive victories, and throughout the season, they led for more than 200 days, leading the second place by as much as 8 points at most. However, after entering 2023, losing to Everton and Ping Bee stopped moving forward, and then the home and away games were double-killed by Manchester City, and the blue moon had quietly arrived. After losing to Brighton in the last round, it was only theoretically possible for Arsenal to win the championship. This round, the away game challenged the relegation team Nottingham Forest, and Odegard and Gabriel made a series of mistakes, which allowed Avonii to score the only goal in the whole game.

Arsenal, who lost two games in a row, is still four points behind Manchester City. With one round left in the league, they gave up the league title. Manchester City used to watch TV at home, but the result was that it fell from the sky and caught up with the championship for a season. So it was so dramatic to defend the title-Guardiola became the first manager to win three consecutive Premier League titles after Ferguson-and it is estimated that Chelsea will breathe a sigh of relief.

However, as we all know, the competition for the championship is just a "duet" between Manchester City and Arsenal. Compared with the ownership of the championship, the more intense competition is the competition for seats in the European War next season and the "competition for four" in the Premier League. This season, leicester city fell into the quagmire of relegation, Chelsea fell behind, and Newcastle came from behind. Before this round, the Magpies, Red Devils Manchester United, Red Army Liverpool, as well as Brighton and Villa, which fell behind, were all strong competitors in the top 4 (in fact, the third and fourth places). However, before this round, only Newcastle, Manchester United and Liverpool were left to compete for two places.

The difference between Liverpool and Manchester United is one point, so neither team can lose this round. Losing means missing the qualification for next season’s Champions League. Losing means losing, which means being blamed by fans, ridiculed by the media and gloating by opponents, which means that the coach and some players will lose their jobs. However, everyone knows the truth, but the game is not like that. Liverpool fell behind by a big half in the game against Villa. Fortunately, firmino, who is about to leave, scored a goal in seconds. Manchester United scored a small victory over Bournemouth with the help of casemiro’s clever barb. Therefore, Manchester United, who was one round short, was three points ahead of Liverpool, which means that if Manchester United plays two games in the next, they can lock in the top four as long as they get one point.

Speaking of firmino, I can’t help feeling deeply. This game is the last home of firmino’s career in Liverpool. After the season, firmino will leave Liverpool, leaving this place that made him a legend, and he also finished his farewell to Liverpool with a goal. The "Jade-faced husband" is affectionate and righteous, and the key moment has once again become a key narrow victory. However, there is only so much he can do.

Firmino is only 31 years old, but there is no place for him in the team. Once the Red Arrow Triumph, he was proud of England and the Champions League. With the departure of firmino, Salah was the only one left in the Triumph.

Relegation, a suspense-filled Premier League program, is even more intense than the title competition. Sometimes, the competition between weak teams is far more tragic than that between strong teams.

Southampton has been relegated, leicester city still needs six points, Leeds United still has a chance, Nottingham Forest only needs three points, so Tottenham became a boy who sent points. "Bai Baihe" was still in the lead in the first half, and in the second half, he was completely different, allowing Nottingham Forest to soar in his own half. Mbemo shot two shots and made three goals independently, which robbed Kane of the record.

Tottenham, who lost the game, slipped to eighth place, followed by brentford. According to the current ranking, Tottenham will not be seen in the European Games next season. With this victory, Nottingham Forest scored 37 points and successfully relegated! This season, the three newly promoted horses in the Premier League: Bournemouth, Fulham and Nottingham Forest have all been relegated successfully, and the other two relegation places will be produced in Everton, Leeds United and Leicester City.

There is one round left in the league, and this season is over. What kind of story will happen in the next round?

Wait and see, and listen to the wind.

# 100 teams # exclusive starting.

1-0! The Asian Cup is upset! 91-minute lore, triple crown collapse, national football wins Korea = breaking into the World Youth Championship.

1-0! The Asian Cup is bursting with cold! 91-minute lore, triple crown collapse, national football wins Korea=rushes into the top four.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup have ended a game. The Iranian National Youth Team ranked first in Group B played against the Iraqi National Youth Team ranked second in Group A. Results In the stoppage time, the Iraqi national youth team beat the Iranian national youth team 1-0 in 91 minutes, and qualified for the World Youth Championship while advancing to the semi-finals.

In the history of the U20 Asian Cup, the Iraqi national youth team won the championship five times. The most recent one was in 2000. In recent years, the team’s performance is not very stable. In this Asian Cup, the Iraqi national youth team is not a seed team, only ranked second. In the three matches of the group stage, the Iraqi national youth team scored one win, one draw and one loss. In the standings, it beat the Indonesian national youth team with the goal difference, and the group ranked second. Iran’s national youth team won the U20 Asian Cup three times. In recent years, the Iranian men’s soccer team has been in the forefront of Asia. In the group match, Iran’s national youth team won two wins and one loss in three group matches, and scored six points in the standings with Australia’s national youth team and Vietnam’s national youth team. However, when comparing each other’s record and goal difference, the Iranian national youth team ranked first in the group, the Australian national youth team ranked second in the group, and the Vietnamese national youth team regretted that the group was out.

Both teams are very careful about the game of 8 into 4. At the beginning, the Iraqi national youth team did not attack blindly. Instead, look for opportunities to fight back while doing a good job of defense. The Iranian National Youth Team seems to be cautious. Until the first half of the game, the Iranian National Youth Team frequently used its physical advantages to suppress the defense of the Iraqi National Youth Team. But it only thundered and didn’t rain, and neither side could break the door and ended the first half with 0-0.

Fight again on the easy side! The lineup adjustment of both sides is a small adjustment. Maybe everyone didn’t find a suitable method, and the game was consumed in this boring offensive and defensive conversion! Maybe everyone is aiming at the penalty shootout! But when the game just entered the stoppage time, the Iraqi national youth team scored. In the 91st minute of the game, Yasim successfully broke the ball outside the restricted area, then rushed forward and pushed the corner to break the door! Iraq’s national youth team led Iran’s national youth team 1-0! At this time, the Iranian national youth team woke up like a dream and then stepped up its attack. But there is too little time left for the Iranian national youth team! Overtime is over in 7 minutes. With Yasim’s solo breakthrough in Longtan, the Iraqi national youth team defeated the Iranian national youth team 1-0. Iraq’s national youth team successfully advanced and qualified for the World Youth Championship.

The Iraqi National Youth Team is demonstrating, and the China National Youth Team can follow suit. At 6 o’clock this afternoon, the China National Youth Team will play against the Korean National Youth Team. If China National Youth can win the match, it will advance to the semi-finals and qualify for the World Youth Championship. China National Youth Team, please continue to refuel!