Who is the current point guard No.1? The TOP10 list of pure strength point guards in NBA next season will convince you.

There is still more than a month before the NBA starts next season. In this article, we will start the prediction of each position next season.

First of all, let’s focus on the brain of the stadium-"point guard" and talk about who is the TOP10 in the first place next season. We will stand in an objective angle and only talk about strength, regardless of fame.

I have to say, in recent years, there have been a lot of first-place strength stars in the league, plus a lot of old-fashioned point guards who are hale and hearty. It is still very tangled to pick out the top ten.

Tenth place: halliburton

Last season, halliburton showed excellent pick-and-roll, instigating and rotating the ball, and was the player with the highest assist rate in the league. But he has never played in the playoffs in his career! It has not been really tested on a higher stage, and we will worry that when he is in the playoffs, when he is the core of attack, he will expose many problems such as weak singles ability and blocked development of positional warfare attack when facing opponents with strong defense changing ability.

Therefore, as a baby born in the Millennium, although halliburton is a good prospect, he is only the top ten goalkeeper at present.

Ninth place: Morant

This guy is a talented leader in the new generation of the league and a dead man in the new generation of the league.

Although Morant is gifted, he seems to be too indulgent in life, and seems to have no pursuit for himself in competitive sports. When the team is eliminated, he can laugh heartily.

Can you expect too much from such a player?

We even think that Morant, born in 1999, has reached a turning point in his career, and the probability of turning his head downwards is very high!

Last year, Morant signed a huge five-year contract with a maximum of $230 million. Grizzlies lost money!

By the way, the five-year $207 million contract that Grizzlies sent for Bain this summer completely locked the future of Grizzlies …

Eighth place: Treyan

Although Chui Yang performed well in the play-offs and playoffs last season, due to his physical talent, his playing style relied too much on holding the ball to pick and roll. Even with Murray around him, he still didn’t show any willingness to take on some tasks without the ball, but he still showed the way of holding the ball. Last season, he ranked fourth in the league in holding the ball and third from the bottom in the league in assisting rate.

It can be seen that the tactical tolerance of Chuiyang’s technical characteristics is very low. He must hold the ball, he must play pick and roll, he must occupy the ball, and he must be the absolute core of the team.

This single attack method will have great limitations in the face of strong enemies in high-end bureaus, and it will also restrict the offensive efficiency of the team.

Therefore, we often see that in the playoffs, when this high-end game is targeted by opponents, he always struggles and pulls his hips. Considering the stagnant ability and defensive problems of Chui Yang this year, it is difficult for us to rank him in the top five.

Seventh place: brunson.

Brunson proved his ability as the team’s assistant attacker in the lone ranger, and he was equally trustworthy as the main attacker in new york.

Last season’s playoff, when new york’s inside core pulled his hips, it was brunson who carried the team with his horrible offensive performance.

To tell the truth, if we only look at the playoff performance last season, brunson can make it into the top five, but considering brunson’s mediocre performance in the World Cup and the loss of the World Cup, we are not optimistic about brunson’s output next season.

It is worth mentioning that brunson and Dancsics, both in the same age, are both rookies in 2018, both selected by the lone ranger, and both are the No.3 show!

The difference is that Dancsics is the No.3 show in the first round and brunson is the No.3 show in the second round.

The lone ranger is always looking for the second holding point and scoring point, and brunson is actually very suitable.

Unfortunately, I can’t stay …

Owen is really not necessarily more suitable than brunson!

Sixth place: Harden

Three years ago, the beard was still the first killer in the Jianghu, and it was "a moment of beauty with Curry" in the eyes of fans.

Three years later, the beard is still there, but it has completely fallen out with the digital people, and where it will be next season is still unknown.

Harden’s ability is still there, but the decline in explosive power is also an indisputable fact. He is struggling on the offensive end. When the hand feels bad, it is common to score single digits. When the hand feels good, 30+ and 40+ are also him.

In short, due to the decline of explosive power, the trend of Harden’s eating touch is more and more obvious.

Now he has fallen out with Digital Man in public. It is not excluded that at the beginning of the season, the relationship between the two sides is still tense, which will have a great impact on his state.

Brother thunder is also the popular fried chicken in the league;

The second brother of thunder, after the embarrassing period, began to get the basic salary;

The third brother of Thunder began to enter an awkward period of his career.

Fifth place: Murray

Koumamba’s performance in the regular season last season was somewhat lackluster, so he was not optimistic in the playoffs. The Nuggets finally won the championship, except for the teacher’s ignorance, the most important contribution was "Koumamba"!

Koumamba not only recovered the projection state before the injury in 2021, but also showed full progress in passing the ball. He and Mr. Joe’s pick-and-roll found the truly epic unsolvable effect. When you face a team with a contract teacher and you have to double-team Murray, your team has no chance of winning.

It is no exaggeration to say that Koumamba was a superstar in the playoffs last season, and his performance on the offensive end was comparable to that of "Black Mamba". And experiencing such a wonderful season after a big injury will greatly increase his confidence and further improve his personal condition.

Not surprisingly, Koumamba will make his first All-Star trip next season and be selected as the best team.

Fourth place: Lillard.

Li’s performance last season can be described as a strong rebound. Many high-level integration data rank in the forefront of the league, and the offensive EPM value ranks first in the league.

He is still one of the best pick-and-roll players in the league, and he is also one of the players with the longest range and the most horizontal at the critical moment. It can be said that on offense alone, even if all the players are put together, few people can be compared with coach Li.

However, Li’s offensive means are lack of diversity, middle distance is lack of threat, and the threat of attacking the frame is not great, mainly long-range shelling after roll-and-pick, so when he feels bad, the offensive threat is greatly reduced. In addition, the failure of the pioneer’s dynamic attack mode also declared that Li’s guidance is not suitable for starting without the ball, but holding the ball is more to his taste. However, this kind of play is easy to be restricted in high-end bureaus, and the running-in cost will be higher when joining hands with other superstars.

Therefore, we believe that even if Li can join the favorite heat as he wishes, the final outcome will not be as wonderful as imagined.

Third place: Alexander

Last season, Alexander continued to upgrade and hit monsters, reaching a new peak in his career.

In terms of high-level data, he began to enter the top of the list. Although the results of leading the team were average, it was not easy to lead the Thunder to the playoffs.

Technically, Alexander has grown into one of the best breakthrough players in the league. He has a strong ability in face-box singles, excellent footwork skills, rhythm changes and foul-making ability.

Of course, there are also shortcomings. When encountering an opponent with particularly strong frame protection ability, his breakthrough threat is greatly reduced, and he still needs to continue to improve his ability to make an emergency stop during the trip. In fact, his ability in this respect has been obviously improved last season, but the output is still not enough.

Practically speaking, Alexander’s ability at present is not enough to suppress Lee’s guidance, but considering the contradiction between Lee’s guidance and the pioneer’s idea of building a team, and Henderson, a rookie in flower exploration, doesn’t seem to buy Lee’s guidance very much, but they are similar in playing style and body shape, and Henderson is 14 years younger than Billy’s guidance! Considering his visible talent, the blazers made it clear that Henderson would be the core of the team building in the future. How to match the two will be a practical problem next season, and it is not excluded that the Trailblazers will give way to the guidance. In short, Li will not be so comfortable in the pioneers in the future.

This is one of the reasons why we put Alexander ahead of the guidance of Lee.

Second place: Dancsics.

Dancsics is the representative of the new generation who holds the ball. He has strong face-to-face singles ability and certain back-to-back ability. Together with his excellent passing vision and coquettish ball-out ability during marching, he has formed this unique new generation.

He can shoot in any area and attack without dead ends. He is the strongest and most stereoscopic perimeter player in the league today.

However, we should also see that Dancsics’s poor performance on the defensive end is always overtaken by his opponent, and he rarely returns to the defense in time when he loses the ball. The data point of view is more obvious. Dancsics is one of the players with the least running distance in the league defense, and the offensive end completely stands when Dancsics has no ball, which does not fully reflect his offensive containment.

This is comparable to Harden.

Therefore, we think that Dancsics has not reached the super-giant level at present, and it needs to evolve. He needs to lose weight. He needs to be more active in defense and running.

As for whether the future can really evolve, our attitude is: not optimistic.

Besides, who can explain why Dancsics’s free throws are so bad?

First place: Curry

There is no doubt that the eldest brother in the list can only be a primary school student.

It can be predicted that the pupils who will reach the age of 36 next season will have a further decline in breakthrough power and defensive energy. But although 36 years old, primary school students have not graduated yet!

Curry is still the No.1 point guard with pure strength in this league.

At the age of 36, why?

With him in this league,

Offensive compatibility, the best;

Tactical value, the highest.

What is the solution?

Is there a player with the ball on the team?

Never mind, Curry can play without the ball.

Lack of ball handlers in the team?

Never mind, Curry can play with the ball.

The team needs to open up space?

It’s best. Curry’s range can be solved.

Does the team need to run in rotation?

Very good at it, Curry can’t stop running!

Therefore, Curry’s offensive and tactical value is the highest in the league, and there is no one!

When an opponent defends Curry, he has to use double-teaming, but it is also difficult to limit him. Curry will create opportunities for his teammates through his constant running and great offensive containment, which is also often said as "the library has gravity".

Can you find a star who is incompatible with Curry?

For teammates, there are too many super giants who are picky! There are also many abandoned teammates! But Curry is not picky about food! Not to waste teammates!

The actual problem in front of Curry is that the salary space of Warriors is very explosive, and the lineup configuration is somewhat deformed. The overall aging is serious and the inside line is empty. It is difficult for the actual configuration of Warriors to match Curry’s tactical value.

The coming 2023-24 season, Curry will play very hard, and the future of this warrior is not bright …

[Final conclusion]

The top ten point guards in the league next season are arranged as follows:

1. Curry

2. Dancsics

3. Alexander

4. Lillard

5. Koumamba


7. brunson

8. Blow Yang

9. Morant


The above is a pre-judgment ranking that is as close to the facts as possible in combination with last season’s performance and possible situations next season, and has nothing to do with personal preferences.

Do you agree with this ranking? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.

I am Huan Xiaochen, thank you for reading.

If you like it, please pay attention, and I will continue to publish original good articles.

Western media reporter La Liga officially adopted Barcelona’s plan to introduce Messi.

According to Spanish journalist Gerard Romero, La Liga has verbally informed Barcelona that they have passed Barcelona’s plan to introduce Messi, and they will formally hand over the official documents to Barcelona next week! !

According to reports, Barcelona gave Messi a two-year contract with an annual salary of 25 million euros before tax! ! Messi’s return can not only help Barcelona economically, but also make the team’s performance better in the Champions League, because Barcelona has been eliminated in the Champions League group stage for two consecutive seasons during Messi’s departure, and the subsequent record in the European League is also very bad! !

If the contract can be reached, it will be signed in July.

In addition, Manchester United, Manchester City and Newcastle in the Premier League are likely to make an offer to Messi in June! !

Balloon volleyball meets spike defense, making you the MVP in the game!

Love balloon volleyball is a life attitude!

Gas volleyball is a high-intensity and high-tech sport, and in the game, spike defense is one of the very important skills.

If you want to be the MVP in balloon volleyball, then you must master the skills and strategies of spike defense.

In this paper, we will deeply discuss the techniques, strategies and training methods of volley defense in balloon volleyball to help you improve your level and become the MVP in the competition.

Defensive technique of spiking

  1. Standing posture and movements

When defending against spiking, the correct standing posture and movements are very important, which can help you catch the spiking of the opponent better.

The correct standing posture means that your feet are shoulder-width apart, your knees are slightly bent, and your body is balanced.

When receiving the spike from the opponent, you need to move forward quickly and straighten your arm.

This will ensure that you can catch the opponent’s spike as much as possible.

Judge the direction of the opponent’s attack

In the competition, the opponent will adopt various attack strategies, including spike, lob and ping ball.

Therefore, you need to constantly observe each other’s movements and postures in the game in order to judge the attack direction of each other.

If you can accurately judge the opponent’s attack direction, then you can make a better response in the game and prevent the opponent from scoring.

Catch skill

The skill of catching the ball is the most critical link in the defense of spiking.

When you catch a spike, you need to move quickly and straighten your arm so as to catch the spike as much as possible.

When catching the ball, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Watch the ball

When receiving the spike from the opponent, you need to keep a clear eye on the trajectory of the ball and straighten your arm to catch the ball as much as possible.

Catch the ball with your arm

When you catch a spike, you need to catch the ball with your arm and straighten your arm. This will give you better control over the trajectory of the ball and prevent it from popping up.

keep balance

You need to keep your balance when you catch a spike. If you lose your balance, then you can’t control the trajectory of the ball and you are likely to make mistakes.

Defensive strategy of spiking

  1. Formulate effective defensive strategies

In the game, you need to make a defensive strategy according to your opponent’s attack style and weakness.

For example, if your opponent likes to use spike attacks, you can choose to set more defenders in the front row and more receivers in the back row.

This will allow you to better defend your opponent’s spike and reduce his chances of scoring.

Cooperation among players

In the competition, the cooperation between the players is very important.

You need to establish good communication with your teammates in order to work together better.

When defending the spike, you need to establish a tacit understanding with your teammates and support each other in order to better defend against each other’s attacks.

Defensive form of spiking

The defensive form of spiking is a combination of front block and back defense.

According to the number of people who take part in blocking, it can be divided into three forms: unmanned blocking, single blocking, double blocking and three-person blocking.

Various blocking forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. A high-level balloon volleyball team must be proficient in various forms and use them flexibly and correctly according to the changes and needs on the field.

1. The defensive form without blocking

The defense form without blocking is the most elementary and simple defense form, which is suitable for beginners of balloon volleyball or when the opponent’s attack is weak.

(1) Five-a-side standing method: When adopting the attack form of middle 22, the setter is in front of the No.3 net, the No.2 and No.4 players retreat to participate in the defense in the midfield area, and other players defend in the backcourt area; When using the side-two-two attack form, the setter is near the No.2 net, the No.3 and No.4 players retreat to defend the frontcourt, and the other players defend the backcourt.

(2) Four-man standing method: When using the side three attack tactics, the setter is in front of the No.2 net, the No.3 player retreats to defend the frontcourt, and the other players defend the backcourt.

2. Defensive form under single block

The defensive form under single block is generally adopted when the opponent’s offensive power is not great, the route changes little, or it is too late to organize a collective block because of the tactical confusion of the opponent.

Its advantage is that it increases the number of defenders and facilitates the organization of counterattacks. If the opponent’s attack is strong, the first line of defense is weak when blocking by one person.

Take the five-a-side system as an example, there are two ways to defend when a single person blocks the net.

(1) The defensive form in which the players in the position corresponding to the spiking players of the other side block the net from person to person. Take the opponent’s attack at position 4 as an example. The player at position 2 blocks the ball by himself, the player at position 3 retreats to prevent the drop ball, and the player at position 4 retreats to form a semi-arc defensive circle with other players, each of whom is responsible for defending an area.

(2) Fixed the defensive form of blocking by the No.3 player. No matter the opponent attacks from any position, the No.3 player blocks the net, and the No.2 and No.4 players retreat to form a semi-arc defensive circle with other players, each of whom is responsible for defending an area.

3. The defensive form under double block

When the opponent’s offensive power is great, the route changes a lot, and a single block is not enough to stop the opponent’s attack. In the five-person system, there are two ways of double blocking defense according to the situation of different back-row players following up defense and the different positions of front-row players who don’t stop.

(1) Internal withdrawal defense form: a method of internal withdrawal defense by players who don’t block the net in the front row. This form of defense is generally used when the opponent attacks in the backcourt and it is not convenient to smash the small diagonal ball.

At the same time, it can defend the empty area, but it is inconvenient for the players who withdraw from the protection to turn to counterattack.

For example, when the opponent’s No.4 attack, our No.3 and No.2 players form a double block, and the No.4 player withdraws inward to defend the ball behind the blocking player. If the opponent’s No.3 attack, the No.3 and No.4 players of our side form a double block, then the No.2 player will withdraw from the defense for protection.

(2) Side-following defense form: A player at No.1 or No.5 follows up the anti-dropping ball or the ball in the frontcourt, which is called side-following defense form. This form is generally used when the opponent’s offensive strength is relatively strong, tactical changes are more, and the lob is less.

For example, when the opponent’s No.4 attack, our No.3 and No.2 players form a double block, and the No.1 player will follow up behind the blocking player to prevent the drop ball or the ball in the frontcourt.

If the opponent’s No.2 attack, our No.4 and No.3 players form a double block, then the No.5 player will follow up behind the blocking player to prevent the ball from being dropped or the ball in the frontcourt.

4. Defensive form under three-person block

The form of three-person blocking defense is adopted when the opponent’s spike is strong, the route changes a lot, and the lob is few.

Three-man blocking strengthens the strength of the first line of defense, but it increases the difficulty of defending in the back row, which is also inconvenient for organizing counterattack.

This form of defense is only used in the five-a-side competition when the blocking skill level is high and the players are tall.

Defensive training method of spiking

Strengthen physical fitness

Balloon volleyball is a high-intensity sport, so you need to strengthen your physical fitness, including endurance, speed, strength and flexibility.

You can strengthen your physical fitness by running, skipping rope and lifting weights.

Enhance reaction ability

In balloon volleyball competition, reaction speed is very important.

You need to strengthen your reaction ability in training in order to better deal with the opponent’s attack.

You can enhance your reaction ability by means of reaction trainer and reaction ball.

Practice spiking skills

Spike-catching skill is the most critical link in spike-catching defense.

You need to keep practicing your spiking skills in training in order to master this skill better.

You can improve your spiking skills by practicing with your teammates and watching teaching videos.

Simulated game scene

In training, you need to simulate the game scene in order to better adapt to the environment and rhythm of the game.

You can ask a coach or teammate to simulate the game scene, so as to better train your spike defense skills.

The spike defense of gas volleyball is one of the most important skills in gas volleyball competition.

To become the MVP in the competition, you need to master the skills and strategies of spike defense, and constantly improve your level in training.

In the game, you need to formulate defensive strategies according to your opponent’s attack methods and weaknesses, and establish good communication and tacit understanding with your teammates in order to better cooperate with each other.

By strengthening physical fitness, enhancing reaction ability, practicing spiking skills and simulating game scenes, you can improve your defensive level of spiking and become the MVP in the game.