"Assassination Storm" failed, Hong Kong films made the same mistake again, and good scripts were shot to pieces.

The performance of the film Assassination Storm at the box office and word of mouth undoubtedly proved that it failed to catch the audience’s eye. Despite the attractive script as the basis, the production team of this Hong Kong film seems to have made the old mistake again-they failed to turn this good script into a satisfactory film.

With the cast of Louis Koo, Chilam, Wu Zhenyu and Hu Xinger, I didn’t expect the film’s rating to be only 6.1. I really feel that Hong Kong films have run out of talent in Jiang Lang.

I watched Assassination Storm with an attitude of eight or nine points, but I didn’t expect what appeared in the end to be worth three or four points.

From the plot point of view, Assassination Storm has a wonderful story background and role setting. However, these advantages are masked by rough plot development and poor characterization.

The production team seems to rely too much on the plot of the script and ignore the importance of creating three-dimensional characters and emotional resonance in the film.

Legendary confrontation in basketball: style collision, strength confrontation

In the long history of basketball, many legendary players have emerged, among which Jordan is undoubtedly the most dazzling star. He conquered the whole basketball world with excellent skills and unparalleled talent and became a legend in the basketball world. However, even such a superstar has to make great efforts in the face of the "four big quarterbacks". "Four quarterbacks" refer to Johnson, Webber, Peyton and Page. These four quarterbacks were all top players in the NBA at that time, each with different basketball styles and strengths. Johnson is good at organizing attacks, and his passing ability is almost unmatched; Weber is famous for his strong personal ability and excellent scoring ability; Peyton is famous for his defensive ability, and his tight defense makes his opponent helpless; Page, on the other hand, is an all-round point guard, who can score points and control the pace of the game. For Jordan, it is a challenge and an opportunity to grow up against these four quarterbacks. He needs to face different styles of defense and find a way to break through his opponent on the defensive end. When confronting Johnson, Jordan needs to pay more attention to teamwork and use his teammates’ vacancies to find scoring opportunities; In the face of Weber’s personal defense, he needs to use his technical advantages to break the opponent’s defense by changing direction and shaking. In this duel, Jordan showed his strength and leadership. Whether on the offensive end or the defensive end, he can bring great pressure to his opponents. His excellent basketball IQ and talent enabled him to make correct decisions at critical moments and lead the team to victory. "Four quarterbacks"The scene against Jordan is not only a basketball game, but also a collision of basketball art. Everyone has his own unique basketball style and strength, and it is this diversity that makes basketball so wonderful. As Jordan said, "A basketball game is like a painting, and every player is one of them.".

Iverson and Jordan met for the first time, and their performance was sluggish, and the 76 ers won. This game is known as a legendary duel in the history of basketball, and the collision between two superstars has caused countless discussions and analyses. Iverson was a young rookie at that time, and his speed, explosive power and scoring ability attracted people’s attention. Jordan is a legend in basketball, a six-time champion and a five-time regular season MVP. The game was regarded as a symbol that Iverson took over Jordan’s mantle, but the result was unexpected. After the start of the game, Jordan encountered Iverson’s close defense on the offensive end. His shooting feel was not good and his shooting percentage was not high. On the contrary, Iverson showed his personal ability, his breakthrough and shooting were very accurate, and he continued to contribute to the 76ers. In the end, the 76ers ended the game with a big victory, while Jordan only got a mediocre performance. This game has brought people deep thought. As a superstar in basketball, does Jordan’s defeat mean that his glory will gradually come to an end? Does Iverson’s rise mean that he will be the next Jordan? These problems have sparked heated discussions among the fans. However, it turns out that this game is only an accidental result. Jordan did not decline because of this defeat, but continued to show his dominance and leadership in the following games. Although Iverson has excellent personal performance, he can’t lead the 76ers to win more. This game tells us that basketball is a team sport, and winning or losing depends not only on individual performance, but also on the cooperation and tacit understanding of the whole team.Jordan’s victory does not mean his personal advantage, but the overall strength of his Bulls. Although Iverson and Jordan showed a low performance when they first met, this does not deny the value and influence of their two basketball superstars. Their match is not only a game, but also an important milestone in the history of basketball.

Iverson versus Jordan, two legendary superstars, is one of the most exciting and intense contests in basketball history. Whether at the peak of his career or in the farewell game in his later years, their confrontation always brings endless surprises and aftertaste to the fans. The two players have completely different styles, but both have their own unique charm. Iverson is famous for his agility and excellent breakthrough skills. His speed and explosiveness make opponents hard to guard against. Jordan, on the other hand, became one of the greatest players in history with his all-around basketball skills and unparalleled scoring ability. In their confrontation, Iverson’s breakthrough can often bypass Jordan’s defense, but Jordan’s scoring ability can always pose a great threat to Iverson. This 50-50 situation shows that the two players are equal in strength. Their collision in the game is not only a struggle for personal honor, but also a inheritance of basketball spirit. Iverson’s tenacious struggle and Jordan’s never give up have become classic images in the hearts of fans. However, in addition to the result of the duel, some people also paid attention to the tacit understanding and friendship between the two players. Despite their fierce competition on the court, they are friends and brothers off the court. They respect and encourage each other and jointly improve the basketball level. This positive competitive attitude has also brought more joy and emotion to the fans. Iverson’s game against Jordan, regardless of the outcome, has become an eternal memory in the history of basketball. Their confrontation is not only a game, but also a kind of inheritance and continuation. With their own strength and spirit,Explain the charm and value of basketball. Whether I

The Bulls once considered trading Pippen for McGrady, which once caused quite a stir in the basketball circle. However, in the end, this transaction did not happen. This decision has led people to speculate: Is it because McGrady has shown the strength and potential comparable to Jordan? Looking back at that period, Jordan was already the core player of the Bulls, and he had incredible personal ability and leadership. However, McGrady showed his extraordinary talent when playing against Jordan. His flexibility, explosiveness and scoring ability make people shine. This made the Bulls realize the potential of McGrady and consider bringing it into the team. However, the Bulls finally decided to give up the deal, which may be based on a variety of reasons. First of all, Pippen is an important part of the Bulls, and his comprehensive ability and defensive contribution can not be ignored. The Bulls may think it’s better for the team to keep Pippen. Secondly, McGrady was only a young player at that time, and he had not proved whether he could continue to show the level comparable to Jordan. The Bulls may feel that he still needs time to grow and develop. The failure of this transaction finally proved that the Bulls’ decision was correct. McGrady then made his mark in Orlando Magic and became a superstar in his later career. He has become one of the most influential players in the league with his amazing scoring ability and leadership talent. The Bulls’ decision to keep Pippen instead of exchanging him for McGrady was controversial at that time, but it proved wise in the end. McGrady’s success proves his strength and potential.But the Bulls think it’s better for the team to keep Pippen.

Carter and Jordan: the legendary confrontation between two generations of flying people There are many legends in NBA history, and Carter and Jordan are the two most dazzling flying people. Although they didn’t play many times, Carter actually scored more than Jordan in one of the games, which undoubtedly brought great surprises and topics to basketball fans. This game became a classic duel between two legendary players, and it also showed us Carter’s strength as a successor. First of all, we can’t ignore Jordan’s great influence on basketball. As one of the greatest basketball players in history, Jordan conquered basketball fans all over the world with his excellent skills and unparalleled competitiveness. His flying dunk, winning moment and winning the NBA championship six times in a row have made him a role model and idol for many younger players. However, in that game, Carter showed his talent and strength. With his amazing explosive power and excellent jumping ability, he frequently staged wonderful dunks and scores in the game. He not only defeated his opponent’s defense, but also showed his unique charm in front of Jordan. This game made people see the potential and strength of Carter as a successor, and also triggered a heated discussion among fans about who is the real "flying man". However, we can’t judge the value of two players just by the result of one game. Jordan has maintained amazing dominance throughout his career, and his skills and leadership have made him the undisputed god of basketball. And Carter, despite his excellent performance,But he didn’t reach Jordan’s height in his whole career. Therefore, we should regard this game as Carter’s personal peak moment, rather than judging the overall strength of the two players. The legendary showdown between Carter and Jordan is a story in the history of basketball. Both Jordan’s dominance and Carter’s shining moment have brought unforgettable memories to the fans. Although Carter scored more than Jordan in that game, Jordan, as a superstar in basketball, has an unshakable position and influence.

Kobe is one of the greatest players in NBA history, and he has established a deep friendship with Jordan. This friendship not only stems from the confrontation between the two men on the court, but also is based on their mutual love for basketball and the common idea of pursuing Excellence. When Kobe entered the NBA, he was known as "Jordan’s successor". He showed amazing talent and unremitting efforts, and gradually emerged. Jordan saw the potential in Kobe Bryant and became his mentor and mentor. The two often exchange basketball experience and share training experience. Jordan gave Kobe a lot of encouragement and guidance to help him grow into an outstanding player. Although Kobe faced many difficulties and challenges in his career, he always insisted on pursuing Excellence. Jordan is his role model and inspiration. He learned and absorbed Jordan’s skills and wisdom. Kobe constantly improved his technical level, surpassed himself and eventually became a legendary player. The friendship between Kobe and Jordan is not limited to basketball, they also support and encourage each other in their lives. Whether on or off the court, the two have always maintained a profound friendship. They understand each other’s hardships and pressures and give each other comfort and encouragement. Kobe Bryant’s outstanding performance and Jordan’s guidance made them one of the most influential figures in basketball. Their friendship is not only of great significance to personal career development, but also one of the legendary stories in basketball. The friendship between Kobe Bryant and Jordan is a brilliant page in the history of basketball. They respect each other, promote each other and pursue Excellence together.

Kobe Bryant and Jordan, two legends in basketball, their fight is one of the most exciting moments in basketball history. At the first meeting, Kobe scored lower than Jordan, but with the passage of time, Kobe gradually caught up with and approached Jordan’s score. Kobe Bryant, as a representative of the Los Angeles Lakers, inherited Jordan’s mantle and became a new generation of basketball superstars. When Kobe first faced Jordan, he was just a young player, lacking experience and mature skills. In that game, Kobe’s score was really low, but he didn’t get discouraged or give up. On the contrary, he regards this defeat as a valuable learning opportunity. Kobe is an enterprising person. He can find ways to improve himself from every setback. By observing Jordan’s game videos, he studied his skills and tactics and constantly improved his basketball level. Kobe worked hard to improve his shooting, dribbling and defensive skills. He aimed at Jordan and tried to catch up with and surpass him. As time goes by, Kobe gradually shows his strength and potential. He became the core player of the Lakers and led the team into the playoffs many times. Kobe showed unparalleled dribbling skills, accurate shooting ability and calm and decisive decision-making ability in the game. His score gradually approached Jordan’s level, and sometimes even surpassed him. For Kobe Bryant, catching up with Jordan is not just for personal honor and record. Kobe knows that Jordan is a legend and an example. He hopes to prove his value and strength to the world by surpassing Jordan.He hopes to be the next idol and role model in basketball and inspire more young players. The competition between Kobe and Jordan is not limited to scoring. The confrontation between them is a spiritual contest and a pursuit of basketball wisdom and skills. Kobe saw the shadow of his future in Jordan. He studied Jordan’s advantages hard and improved his shortcomings constantly. The fight between Kobe Bryant and Jordan is a legend in the history of basketball, which shows how a young player can catch up with and approach the basketball superstar through hard work and persistence. Whether or not the final score exceeds Jordan, Kobe has become one of the greatest players in history.

In the career confrontation between Kobe and Jordan, Kobe scored 55 points, setting a record. This game has become a classic battle in the history of basketball, and it has once again witnessed Kobe’s extraordinary talent and endless potential. Kobe Bryant and Jordan are one of the most outstanding players in the basketball world, and their confrontation has always attracted the attention of fans. In this game, Kobe showed his all-round skills and unstoppable scoring ability. Like a cheetah, he shuttled freely on the court, shooting, breaking and passing the ball accurately, which caught his opponent off guard. At that time, Jordan had retired for many years, but he still maintained an excellent state. Jordan showed his leadership and wisdom in the confrontation with Kobe. He limited Kobe’s attack with experience and skill, and showed his scoring ability on the offensive end. Although he lost the game in the end, Jordan’s performance was still amazing. This game is not only a confrontation between Kobe and Jordan, but also an exchange and collision between two generations of stars. Kobe’s 55 points set a record, which is one of the peak performances of his career. And Jordan also showed his strength as one of the greatest players in history in this game. This game made people realize the charm and endless possibilities of basketball again. Whether Kobe Bryant or Jordan, they are all talented players, and they have made legends with their talents and efforts. Their match is not only a game, but also the intersection of two eras and an important page in the history of basketball. The confrontation between Kobe Bryant and Jordan will always be talked about by people. They are legends in basketball.Their story will be remembered forever. This game is not only a game, but also a legend, which makes people see the beauty and infinite possibilities of basketball.

Thank you for reading this article. Jordan’s achievements and influence are really admirable. His contribution to basketball will always be remembered.

Arsenal have no title for 19 years! Losing 15 points in 8 rounds, paying the price for youth, the future can still be expected.

After leading Manchester City by 8 points and the Premier League for 248 days, Arsenal fell short. After Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest away from home, Manchester City won the championship three times ahead of schedule, and Arsenal extended the Premier League crown-free spell to 19 years.

Saka lost his point and became a turning point.

The last time Arsenal won the Premier League title was in 2003-04. Undoubtedly, this season is an excellent opportunity for Arsenal to break the title-free spell. For various reasons, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United have all been in trouble this season, while Newcastle is still in its infancy, which makes the Premier League title a contest between Manchester City and Arsenal.

After losing to Manchester City at home in the first leg, Arsenal once lost only one game in 20 rounds. After the victory over Crystal Palace, Arsenal is eight points ahead of Manchester City, which means that as long as the gunners themselves don’t have problems, they can win the Premier League title.

However, starting from the away game against Liverpool on April 9, Arsenal began to "pay tuition" for young people. With a two-goal lead, Arsenal were chased by Liverpool. In the battle against West Ham, Arsenal was tied by the opponent with a two-goal lead, and Saca missed the penalty and it became a key turning point for Arsenal to win the championship.

After the 3-3 draw with Southampton, Arsenal lost the championship initiative by losing 1-4 to Manchester City in the final. In Nottingham Forest World War I, Odegard made a mistake in returning the ball, which allowed Nottingham Forest to counterattack and score the goal. This key goal allowed Manchester City to win the championship three times ahead of schedule.

The price of youth

In the last eight rounds of Premier League, Arsenal only scored 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. In the first 19 Premier League games, Arsenal lost a total of 7 points, but in the last 18 Premier League games, they lost 23 points. On the contrary, Manchester City has won 11 consecutive victories. In the sprint stage of the season, the huge psychological pressure made Arsenal suffer, and they finally paid a heavy price.

Not surprisingly, in the sprint last season, Arsenal also lost in the competition for Champions League tickets, when they lost to Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle in succession.

For two consecutive seasons, the chain fell at a critical moment, partly because the team was too young. After all, the average age of Arsenal’s squad is just over 25, making it the second youngest team in the Premier League.

Injury crisis+controversial penalty

Compared with Manchester City, the thickness of Arsenal’s lineup is obviously a big difference, which makes it difficult for them to find a replacement when they encounter injuries. Jesus, Zincenko, Thomas, Niels, Ernane and Smith-Rowe were all absent for a long time.

Saliba was reimbursed in advance of the season after being injured on March 16th, and his absence made Arsenal’s defence more fragile. In his absence, Arsenal conceded twice as many goals.

At the same time, the controversial penalty is also one of the important factors for Arsenal to miss the championship. Against Manchester United in September, Martineli’s goal was cancelled, and the referee company later publicly admitted that it was also a wrong judgment.

In brentford, Ivan Toni’s goal was offside controversial. In Southampton, Jesus was knocked down in the penalty area, but the referee did not award a penalty. In addition, against Newcastle in January, Arsenal also missed a penalty.

The gunman’s future is still promising.

Although it failed to win the championship this season, it scored 18 points more than last season and won the runner-up in the Premier League. Arsenal has obviously grown and improved. It is worth emphasizing that Arsenal may finally get 84 points, which will be a new high since the 2003-04 season.

Since 2005, Arsenal’s points in a single season have never exceeded 80 points, and only once in the past five years have they exceeded 70 points. However, just like Liverpool, Arsenal also found that they met a Manchester City with higher standards.

It’s really disappointing that we didn’t win the championship, but Arsenal did make great progress, Artta pointed out. "Those who thought we would win the sixth or seventh place now say that we failed to win the second place, and that’s the answer!"

World Championships 6-2! China youngster is another upset, completely suppressing the 13th seed, and it’s very promising to advance to the top eight.

In the early morning of April 23rd, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the 2023 Snooker World Championships, China teenager Si Jiahui passed the good news again. At the end of the first stage of the competition, the General Administration scored 6-2 ahead of the 13th seed Milkins. This score was already an upset for Si Jiahui, who made his debut in Crucible and broke into the top 16 for the first time. The newcomer to the World Championships after 00 once again brought surprises to everyone!

Si Jiahui, who broke through the qualifying round, became famous in World War I in Krusburg. In the first round, he faced Murphy, the favorite to win the championship, and made a super upset. His performance even conquered his opponent. After the game, Murphy praised Si Jiahui in an interview: He will be the first player in China snooker to win the World Championship. In addition, "Billiards Emperor" Hendry also said that Si Jiahui has a big heart, the green ball in the deciding game is too tough, and he has the potential to become a champion. It can be said that before, China fans got to know this teenager by beating Ding Junhui, but now, Si Jiahui is famous by beating Murphy in the World Championships, which makes fans all over the world know him.

In this campaign, Si Jiahui’s opponent is Milkins. The veteran snooker won the Welsh Open this season, ranking in the top eight in a single season. He is one of the best players this season, and the world ranking has already entered top16, and he has been listed as the 13th seed of this World Championships. In the previous first round of 32-16 competition, Milkins beat Jopery 10-9. In the competition, Milkins finished from 2-7 to 16. This round, against China teenager Si Jiahui, the two competed for a place in the top eight. The game was divided into three stages, with 25 games and 13 wins. The first two stages played 8 games and the last stage played 9 games.

In the first game, Milkins took the lead in winning 80-53. Subsequently, Si Jiahui hit 82 points in a single shot and broke 103 points, winning the second and third games in a row with 114-17 and 103-0. In the fourth game, Si Jiahui won 70-0 through multiple shots. In the fifth game, Si Jiahui scored 56 points in a single shot and won 70-49, completing the climax of a wave of winning four games in a row, and the General Administration scored 4-1 to overtake. In the sixth game, Milkins stopped his slump and scored 51 points in a single shot, winning 69-11. In the seventh and eighth games, Si Jiahui made another effort, hitting a single shot with 69 points +66 points, ending the first stage with the General Administration leading Milkins 6-2.

Not only was he in the lead in the score of the General Administration, but from the content of the competition, Si Jiahui also completely suppressed the 13th seed Milkins: on the offensive end, Si Jiahui scored 50+ in 5 shots, including breaking 100 in one shot, while Milkins scored only 51 points in one shot; On the defensive end, Si Jiahui’s safe ball is also better, and the snooker made many times made Milkins helpless. In short, to advance to the top 8, Si Jiahui has a good chance!

Balloon volleyball meets spike defense, making you the MVP in the game!

Love balloon volleyball is a life attitude!

Gas volleyball is a high-intensity and high-tech sport, and in the game, spike defense is one of the very important skills.

If you want to be the MVP in balloon volleyball, then you must master the skills and strategies of spike defense.

In this paper, we will deeply discuss the techniques, strategies and training methods of volley defense in balloon volleyball to help you improve your level and become the MVP in the competition.

Defensive technique of spiking

  1. Standing posture and movements

When defending against spiking, the correct standing posture and movements are very important, which can help you catch the spiking of the opponent better.

The correct standing posture means that your feet are shoulder-width apart, your knees are slightly bent, and your body is balanced.

When receiving the spike from the opponent, you need to move forward quickly and straighten your arm.

This will ensure that you can catch the opponent’s spike as much as possible.

Judge the direction of the opponent’s attack

In the competition, the opponent will adopt various attack strategies, including spike, lob and ping ball.

Therefore, you need to constantly observe each other’s movements and postures in the game in order to judge the attack direction of each other.

If you can accurately judge the opponent’s attack direction, then you can make a better response in the game and prevent the opponent from scoring.

Catch skill

The skill of catching the ball is the most critical link in the defense of spiking.

When you catch a spike, you need to move quickly and straighten your arm so as to catch the spike as much as possible.

When catching the ball, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Watch the ball

When receiving the spike from the opponent, you need to keep a clear eye on the trajectory of the ball and straighten your arm to catch the ball as much as possible.

Catch the ball with your arm

When you catch a spike, you need to catch the ball with your arm and straighten your arm. This will give you better control over the trajectory of the ball and prevent it from popping up.

keep balance

You need to keep your balance when you catch a spike. If you lose your balance, then you can’t control the trajectory of the ball and you are likely to make mistakes.

Defensive strategy of spiking

  1. Formulate effective defensive strategies

In the game, you need to make a defensive strategy according to your opponent’s attack style and weakness.

For example, if your opponent likes to use spike attacks, you can choose to set more defenders in the front row and more receivers in the back row.

This will allow you to better defend your opponent’s spike and reduce his chances of scoring.

Cooperation among players

In the competition, the cooperation between the players is very important.

You need to establish good communication with your teammates in order to work together better.

When defending the spike, you need to establish a tacit understanding with your teammates and support each other in order to better defend against each other’s attacks.

Defensive form of spiking

The defensive form of spiking is a combination of front block and back defense.

According to the number of people who take part in blocking, it can be divided into three forms: unmanned blocking, single blocking, double blocking and three-person blocking.

Various blocking forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. A high-level balloon volleyball team must be proficient in various forms and use them flexibly and correctly according to the changes and needs on the field.

1. The defensive form without blocking

The defense form without blocking is the most elementary and simple defense form, which is suitable for beginners of balloon volleyball or when the opponent’s attack is weak.

(1) Five-a-side standing method: When adopting the attack form of middle 22, the setter is in front of the No.3 net, the No.2 and No.4 players retreat to participate in the defense in the midfield area, and other players defend in the backcourt area; When using the side-two-two attack form, the setter is near the No.2 net, the No.3 and No.4 players retreat to defend the frontcourt, and the other players defend the backcourt.

(2) Four-man standing method: When using the side three attack tactics, the setter is in front of the No.2 net, the No.3 player retreats to defend the frontcourt, and the other players defend the backcourt.

2. Defensive form under single block

The defensive form under single block is generally adopted when the opponent’s offensive power is not great, the route changes little, or it is too late to organize a collective block because of the tactical confusion of the opponent.

Its advantage is that it increases the number of defenders and facilitates the organization of counterattacks. If the opponent’s attack is strong, the first line of defense is weak when blocking by one person.

Take the five-a-side system as an example, there are two ways to defend when a single person blocks the net.

(1) The defensive form in which the players in the position corresponding to the spiking players of the other side block the net from person to person. Take the opponent’s attack at position 4 as an example. The player at position 2 blocks the ball by himself, the player at position 3 retreats to prevent the drop ball, and the player at position 4 retreats to form a semi-arc defensive circle with other players, each of whom is responsible for defending an area.

(2) Fixed the defensive form of blocking by the No.3 player. No matter the opponent attacks from any position, the No.3 player blocks the net, and the No.2 and No.4 players retreat to form a semi-arc defensive circle with other players, each of whom is responsible for defending an area.

3. The defensive form under double block

When the opponent’s offensive power is great, the route changes a lot, and a single block is not enough to stop the opponent’s attack. In the five-person system, there are two ways of double blocking defense according to the situation of different back-row players following up defense and the different positions of front-row players who don’t stop.

(1) Internal withdrawal defense form: a method of internal withdrawal defense by players who don’t block the net in the front row. This form of defense is generally used when the opponent attacks in the backcourt and it is not convenient to smash the small diagonal ball.

At the same time, it can defend the empty area, but it is inconvenient for the players who withdraw from the protection to turn to counterattack.

For example, when the opponent’s No.4 attack, our No.3 and No.2 players form a double block, and the No.4 player withdraws inward to defend the ball behind the blocking player. If the opponent’s No.3 attack, the No.3 and No.4 players of our side form a double block, then the No.2 player will withdraw from the defense for protection.

(2) Side-following defense form: A player at No.1 or No.5 follows up the anti-dropping ball or the ball in the frontcourt, which is called side-following defense form. This form is generally used when the opponent’s offensive strength is relatively strong, tactical changes are more, and the lob is less.

For example, when the opponent’s No.4 attack, our No.3 and No.2 players form a double block, and the No.1 player will follow up behind the blocking player to prevent the drop ball or the ball in the frontcourt.

If the opponent’s No.2 attack, our No.4 and No.3 players form a double block, then the No.5 player will follow up behind the blocking player to prevent the ball from being dropped or the ball in the frontcourt.

4. Defensive form under three-person block

The form of three-person blocking defense is adopted when the opponent’s spike is strong, the route changes a lot, and the lob is few.

Three-man blocking strengthens the strength of the first line of defense, but it increases the difficulty of defending in the back row, which is also inconvenient for organizing counterattack.

This form of defense is only used in the five-a-side competition when the blocking skill level is high and the players are tall.

Defensive training method of spiking

Strengthen physical fitness

Balloon volleyball is a high-intensity sport, so you need to strengthen your physical fitness, including endurance, speed, strength and flexibility.

You can strengthen your physical fitness by running, skipping rope and lifting weights.

Enhance reaction ability

In balloon volleyball competition, reaction speed is very important.

You need to strengthen your reaction ability in training in order to better deal with the opponent’s attack.

You can enhance your reaction ability by means of reaction trainer and reaction ball.

Practice spiking skills

Spike-catching skill is the most critical link in spike-catching defense.

You need to keep practicing your spiking skills in training in order to master this skill better.

You can improve your spiking skills by practicing with your teammates and watching teaching videos.

Simulated game scene

In training, you need to simulate the game scene in order to better adapt to the environment and rhythm of the game.

You can ask a coach or teammate to simulate the game scene, so as to better train your spike defense skills.

The spike defense of gas volleyball is one of the most important skills in gas volleyball competition.

To become the MVP in the competition, you need to master the skills and strategies of spike defense, and constantly improve your level in training.

In the game, you need to formulate defensive strategies according to your opponent’s attack methods and weaknesses, and establish good communication and tacit understanding with your teammates in order to better cooperate with each other.

By strengthening physical fitness, enhancing reaction ability, practicing spiking skills and simulating game scenes, you can improve your defensive level of spiking and become the MVP in the game.

What kind of jobs will be stable and promising in the next 50 years?

With the continuous development of science and technology and society, the future job market will undergo tremendous changes. Some traditional jobs may gradually disappear or be replaced by automation, while some emerging occupations will rise rapidly. Therefore, it is very important to choose a stable and promising career. This article will introduce ten stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years.

1. Data scientist

With the advent of the era of big data, data scientists have become an increasingly important profession. Data scientists help enterprises make decisions by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. In the future, the demand for data scientists will continue to increase, because enterprises need more data to guide their business decisions. In addition, with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the work of data scientists will be more automated and efficient.

2. Software development engineer

Software development engineer is one of the stable and promising occupations in the next fifty years. With the popularity of Internet and mobile devices, the demand for software development engineers will continue to increase. In addition, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain will also bring more opportunities for software development engineers.

3. Health care professionals

With the aging of the population, the demand for health care professionals will continue to increase. In the future, health care professionals will need to master more skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing health care market. In addition, with the development of artificial intelligence and big data technology, health care professionals will have more opportunities to apply these technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of health care.

4. Environmental scientist

With the aggravation of environmental pollution and climate change, environmental scientists will become one of the more stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years. Environmental scientists promote environmental protection and sustainable development by studying and analyzing environmental data. In the future, environmental scientists will need to master more skills and knowledge to cope with the ever-changing environmental challenges.

[Gardener Hehe]

5. Artificial intelligence experts

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies in the next fifty years. Artificial intelligence experts promote the development of artificial intelligence by researching and developing artificial intelligence technology. In the future, artificial intelligence will become the core technology of various industries, so artificial intelligence experts will become a very important profession.

6. Town planner

With the acceleration of urbanization, urban planners will become one of the more stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years. Urban planners promote urban development and planning by studying and analyzing urban data. In the future, urban planners will need to master more skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing challenges of urban development.

7. Educational technology experts

With the continuous development of science and technology, educational technology will become one of the important trends in the next 50 years. Educational technology experts improve the effect and quality of education by researching and developing educational technology. In the future, educational technology will become the core technology of various educational institutions, so educational technology experts will become a very important profession.

8. Financial analyst

With the globalization and the continuous development of financial markets, financial analysts will become one of the more stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years. Financial analysts guide investment decisions by studying and analyzing financial data. In the future, financial analysts will need to master more skills and knowledge to cope with the ever-changing financial market.

9. Marketing experts

With the intensification of market competition, marketing experts will become one of the more stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years. Marketing experts guide marketing decisions by studying and analyzing market data. In the future, marketing experts will need to master more skills and knowledge to cope with the ever-changing market competition.

10. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is one of the more stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years. With the continuous development of economy, entrepreneurs will have more opportunities to create new business models and business opportunities. In the future, entrepreneurs will need to master more skills and knowledge to cope with the ever-changing business environment.

In a word, there are many stable and promising occupations in the next 50 years, which require practitioners to master more skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing job market. Therefore, we need to constantly learn and improve our abilities to meet future challenges and opportunities.