In 2017, the 2nd National Basketball League of Sports Colleges was launched in Beijing.

  The National Sports College Basketball League is a national-level professional basketball league sponsored by the Science and Education Department of the State Sports General Administration, the Basketball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, and the National Sports College Competition and Cooperation Association, and hosted by Shandong Institute of Physical Education (National Basketball Academy) and Shandong Zehui Sports Culture Management Co., Ltd., which is exclusively operated by Beijing Huiyao Centennial Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. and aims to follow the concept of specialization, socialization and marketization. Improve the professional training level and talent training quality of basketball, build a brand-new national sports college basketball brand and a platform for China’s future basketball superstars, and accumulate strength for the development of basketball in China.

  On the basis of the success of the first National Basketball League of Physical Education Institutes, the second National Basketball League of Physical Education Institutes has been upgraded again with the theme of "passion, innovation and forge ahead". From May 28th to June 22nd, it will be staged in Shandong Institute of Physical Education, reloading and attacking! The men’s competition was held in Jinan Campus of Shandong Institute of Physical Education from May 28th to June 11th, and the women’s competition was held in Rizhao Campus of Shandong Institute of Physical Education from June 13th to June 22nd.

  Expansion: For the first time, there are teams from Taiwan Province.

  This year’s national sports college basketball league has expanded its army for the first time, increasing to 22 on the basis of 14 participating colleges in the first competition. For the first time, the team from Taiwan Province Normal University was invited to participate. In 2018, the league will further expand the number of participating institutions to 32, and will fully invite many universities from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to participate. On the basis of the competition system, the competition system truly realizes the national regional trials and the national top 8 competitions with the home and away system.

  Major: National Basketball Academy participated in the competition for the first time.

  On January 12, 2017, the National Basketball Academy was formally established in Shandong Institute of Physical Education. As the only national professional basketball college in China, the National Basketball College is sponsored by the State Sports General Administration and the Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and jointly undertaken by the Chinese Basketball Association, Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau and Shandong Institute of Physical Education. It is an application-oriented national special sports college featuring basketball, which integrates academic education, professional training, scientific research, cultural inheritance and dissemination, and international exchanges and cooperation.

  The National Basketball Academy will recruit the first students from the autumn of 2017, carry out full-time undergraduate education and postgraduate education, and promote the "3+1+1" international cooperation and open education, with the responsibility of cultivating high-level basketball coaches, referees, managers, physical education teachers, special physical fitness trainers and sports rehabilitation trainers, event operators and club executives. At present, the National Basketball Academy is recruiting professionals and teams all over the world, actively building a high-level talent training base and a youth training base for reserve talents to revitalize basketball in China, and striving to build a leading and internationally influential application-oriented special sports college in Asia.

  The National Basketball Academy will use its professional management advantages and talent advantages to protect the success and high-quality development of the league.

Welcome the National Day for Helping the Disabled, and the special Olympic football match will be staged warmly.

The scene of the event.

On the morning of May 19th, the Shanghai "Sunshine House" special Olympic five-a-side football match opened in Aihe Ennuobao public welfare base.

This is the first integrated football match for the students of Sunshine House in Shanghai. Teams composed of sunshine students and integrated partners from all districts in the city experienced the charm and happiness of football in the form of "integration of the disabled and the healthy".

The event was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Employment Service Center for the Disabled, Special Olympics International and Shanghai Special Care Foundation, and was hosted by Shanghai Aiheen Sports Club. In the meantime, Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shanghai Sports Federation gave great attention and guidance.

Sports director Cheng Kelun, East Asia Region of International Special Olympics, Zhong Ming, member of Shanghai Paralympic Committee and founder and chairman of Shanghai Aiheen Sports Club, attended the opening ceremony.

This competition is the first integrated football match for the students of Sunshine House in Shanghai. The competition adopts a five-person system, and the competition system consists of group competition and qualifying.

Among them, the group stage was divided into two groups, A and B, according to the lottery results. After 22 wonderful competitions, the champion, runner-up and third runner-up of this competition ended up in each family.

Throughout this competition, the organizing committee of the Games started from many aspects, such as safety guarantee, schedule design, on-site experience, etc., which reflected the professional ability of the Games service and practiced the spirit of the Special Olympics.

As a sustainable competition platform, Shanghai Sunshine House Convergence Soccer Competition aims to provide a professional convergence soccer competition opportunity for the sunshine house groups in the city, encourage the sunshine houses in all districts of the city to set up convergence soccer teams and carry out daily training by means of competition, test the training results of each convergence soccer team and share the coach’s experience in the coaching process, so as to promote the development of convergence sports in East Asia of Special Olympics.

It is worth mentioning that May 21st is the 33rd "National Day for Helping the Disabled" and the 24th "Shanghai Week for Helping the Disabled". The holding of this event also actively demonstrates the value of the popularization of the form of integrated sports among the disabled.

Indeed, sports has become a new channel for Special Olympics athletes to integrate into society. Holding this competition will not only help them establish new hobbies and enrich their communication life, but also inject more positive energy into their lives with the spiritual core of football.

Balloon volleyball meets spike defense, making you the MVP in the game!

Love balloon volleyball is a life attitude!

Gas volleyball is a high-intensity and high-tech sport, and in the game, spike defense is one of the very important skills.

If you want to be the MVP in balloon volleyball, then you must master the skills and strategies of spike defense.

In this paper, we will deeply discuss the techniques, strategies and training methods of volley defense in balloon volleyball to help you improve your level and become the MVP in the competition.

Defensive technique of spiking

  1. Standing posture and movements

When defending against spiking, the correct standing posture and movements are very important, which can help you catch the spiking of the opponent better.

The correct standing posture means that your feet are shoulder-width apart, your knees are slightly bent, and your body is balanced.

When receiving the spike from the opponent, you need to move forward quickly and straighten your arm.

This will ensure that you can catch the opponent’s spike as much as possible.

Judge the direction of the opponent’s attack

In the competition, the opponent will adopt various attack strategies, including spike, lob and ping ball.

Therefore, you need to constantly observe each other’s movements and postures in the game in order to judge the attack direction of each other.

If you can accurately judge the opponent’s attack direction, then you can make a better response in the game and prevent the opponent from scoring.

Catch skill

The skill of catching the ball is the most critical link in the defense of spiking.

When you catch a spike, you need to move quickly and straighten your arm so as to catch the spike as much as possible.

When catching the ball, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Watch the ball

When receiving the spike from the opponent, you need to keep a clear eye on the trajectory of the ball and straighten your arm to catch the ball as much as possible.

Catch the ball with your arm

When you catch a spike, you need to catch the ball with your arm and straighten your arm. This will give you better control over the trajectory of the ball and prevent it from popping up.

keep balance

You need to keep your balance when you catch a spike. If you lose your balance, then you can’t control the trajectory of the ball and you are likely to make mistakes.

Defensive strategy of spiking

  1. Formulate effective defensive strategies

In the game, you need to make a defensive strategy according to your opponent’s attack style and weakness.

For example, if your opponent likes to use spike attacks, you can choose to set more defenders in the front row and more receivers in the back row.

This will allow you to better defend your opponent’s spike and reduce his chances of scoring.

Cooperation among players

In the competition, the cooperation between the players is very important.

You need to establish good communication with your teammates in order to work together better.

When defending the spike, you need to establish a tacit understanding with your teammates and support each other in order to better defend against each other’s attacks.

Defensive form of spiking

The defensive form of spiking is a combination of front block and back defense.

According to the number of people who take part in blocking, it can be divided into three forms: unmanned blocking, single blocking, double blocking and three-person blocking.

Various blocking forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. A high-level balloon volleyball team must be proficient in various forms and use them flexibly and correctly according to the changes and needs on the field.

1. The defensive form without blocking

The defense form without blocking is the most elementary and simple defense form, which is suitable for beginners of balloon volleyball or when the opponent’s attack is weak.

(1) Five-a-side standing method: When adopting the attack form of middle 22, the setter is in front of the No.3 net, the No.2 and No.4 players retreat to participate in the defense in the midfield area, and other players defend in the backcourt area; When using the side-two-two attack form, the setter is near the No.2 net, the No.3 and No.4 players retreat to defend the frontcourt, and the other players defend the backcourt.

(2) Four-man standing method: When using the side three attack tactics, the setter is in front of the No.2 net, the No.3 player retreats to defend the frontcourt, and the other players defend the backcourt.

2. Defensive form under single block

The defensive form under single block is generally adopted when the opponent’s offensive power is not great, the route changes little, or it is too late to organize a collective block because of the tactical confusion of the opponent.

Its advantage is that it increases the number of defenders and facilitates the organization of counterattacks. If the opponent’s attack is strong, the first line of defense is weak when blocking by one person.

Take the five-a-side system as an example, there are two ways to defend when a single person blocks the net.

(1) The defensive form in which the players in the position corresponding to the spiking players of the other side block the net from person to person. Take the opponent’s attack at position 4 as an example. The player at position 2 blocks the ball by himself, the player at position 3 retreats to prevent the drop ball, and the player at position 4 retreats to form a semi-arc defensive circle with other players, each of whom is responsible for defending an area.

(2) Fixed the defensive form of blocking by the No.3 player. No matter the opponent attacks from any position, the No.3 player blocks the net, and the No.2 and No.4 players retreat to form a semi-arc defensive circle with other players, each of whom is responsible for defending an area.

3. The defensive form under double block

When the opponent’s offensive power is great, the route changes a lot, and a single block is not enough to stop the opponent’s attack. In the five-person system, there are two ways of double blocking defense according to the situation of different back-row players following up defense and the different positions of front-row players who don’t stop.

(1) Internal withdrawal defense form: a method of internal withdrawal defense by players who don’t block the net in the front row. This form of defense is generally used when the opponent attacks in the backcourt and it is not convenient to smash the small diagonal ball.

At the same time, it can defend the empty area, but it is inconvenient for the players who withdraw from the protection to turn to counterattack.

For example, when the opponent’s No.4 attack, our No.3 and No.2 players form a double block, and the No.4 player withdraws inward to defend the ball behind the blocking player. If the opponent’s No.3 attack, the No.3 and No.4 players of our side form a double block, then the No.2 player will withdraw from the defense for protection.

(2) Side-following defense form: A player at No.1 or No.5 follows up the anti-dropping ball or the ball in the frontcourt, which is called side-following defense form. This form is generally used when the opponent’s offensive strength is relatively strong, tactical changes are more, and the lob is less.

For example, when the opponent’s No.4 attack, our No.3 and No.2 players form a double block, and the No.1 player will follow up behind the blocking player to prevent the drop ball or the ball in the frontcourt.

If the opponent’s No.2 attack, our No.4 and No.3 players form a double block, then the No.5 player will follow up behind the blocking player to prevent the ball from being dropped or the ball in the frontcourt.

4. Defensive form under three-person block

The form of three-person blocking defense is adopted when the opponent’s spike is strong, the route changes a lot, and the lob is few.

Three-man blocking strengthens the strength of the first line of defense, but it increases the difficulty of defending in the back row, which is also inconvenient for organizing counterattack.

This form of defense is only used in the five-a-side competition when the blocking skill level is high and the players are tall.

Defensive training method of spiking

Strengthen physical fitness

Balloon volleyball is a high-intensity sport, so you need to strengthen your physical fitness, including endurance, speed, strength and flexibility.

You can strengthen your physical fitness by running, skipping rope and lifting weights.

Enhance reaction ability

In balloon volleyball competition, reaction speed is very important.

You need to strengthen your reaction ability in training in order to better deal with the opponent’s attack.

You can enhance your reaction ability by means of reaction trainer and reaction ball.

Practice spiking skills

Spike-catching skill is the most critical link in spike-catching defense.

You need to keep practicing your spiking skills in training in order to master this skill better.

You can improve your spiking skills by practicing with your teammates and watching teaching videos.

Simulated game scene

In training, you need to simulate the game scene in order to better adapt to the environment and rhythm of the game.

You can ask a coach or teammate to simulate the game scene, so as to better train your spike defense skills.

The spike defense of gas volleyball is one of the most important skills in gas volleyball competition.

To become the MVP in the competition, you need to master the skills and strategies of spike defense, and constantly improve your level in training.

In the game, you need to formulate defensive strategies according to your opponent’s attack methods and weaknesses, and establish good communication and tacit understanding with your teammates in order to better cooperate with each other.

By strengthening physical fitness, enhancing reaction ability, practicing spiking skills and simulating game scenes, you can improve your defensive level of spiking and become the MVP in the game.

Absolutely! After the coaching change, only seven games were used, and the third line of the ten champions collapsed.

"Changing coaches is like changing knives", I believe many fans have heard such a sentence. However, there are many teams in European football this season whose performance is still sluggish after changing coaches, and Chelsea is one of them.
However, in Germany, Bayern, the king of Nantah who dominated the Bundesliga for 10 years, has now entered the dilemma after changing coaches.
Last night, in the 29th round of Bundesliga, Bayern played Mainz away. It seems that they haven’t got out of the shadow of the Champions League in the middle of the week. In the end, Bayern lost to the opponent 1-3 and suffered two rounds of the league.
As Dortmund beat Frankfurt 4-0 behind him, Bayern once again fell from the top of the Bundesliga standings to the second place.
In addition, Bayern has suffered four consecutive games in various competitions, which is the first time they have suffered four consecutive games since October 2018.
0-3 Manchester City, 1-1 Hoffenheim, 1-1 Manchester City, 1-3 Mainz
Since Bayern replaced the former coach nagel Mann with tuchel, tuchel led the team to play seven games, but the results were not satisfactory.
The results of seven games are: 2 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. At present, Bayern has been out of the German Cup and Champions League one after another, and the league is also very competitive with Dortmund.
Embarrassed, in the first press conference after tuchel took office as Bayern coach, he made it clear that his goal of leading the team was to help Bayern win the triple crown.
However, after only seven games, the ambition of the Triple Crown is doomed to be a joke.
According to statistics, tuchel lost three games after coaching only seven games, while the former coach nagel Osman lost three games after coaching 37 games. Bayern changed coaches and became lonely?
The three senior officials of Bayern, Heiner, Kahn and Sally, who were watching the game at the scene, also looked embarrassed when they saw Bayern’s present situation.
Looking back at the data of the whole game, although Bayern holds 74% of the ball control rate, it still has no score.
Plus this game, this season’s main center, the team’s top scorer (17 goals) Shubo-Morting missed due to injury, and Bayern finally failed to score.
In fact, after the main center Lewan left the team, Bayern this season has been short of stable scoring players.
According to Romano, Bayern has planned to make major changes this summer, one of which is to introduce a new center.
After Levan left the team, Bayern brought in Liverpool winger Manet, but the latter did not integrate well into the team, and even after losing to Manchester City in the Champions League knockout, he fought with teammate Sanet.
Mane, 31, is likely to be sold this summer in exchange for funds to introduce a new center.
On the other hand, due to the poor performance after the coaching change, Kahn, a senior member of the club, was also told that "he has been abandoned by the board of directors and it is only a matter of time before he is dismissed."
Whether Bayern, which is at home and abroad, can keep the final Bundesliga title this season is still unknown. Will Dortmund tear down the fig leaf of the Ten Champions?

Oracle Netsuite code-free integrated connection solution

Oracle NetSuite native cloud ERP, covering ERP/ financial management, CRM and e-commerce, supports highly flexible solutions from start-ups to global enterprises, with more than 28,000 customers worldwide. NetSuite changes the product-centered model, creates a brand-new service centered on customer business processes, and completely subverts traditional ERP.

Oracle Netsuite needs to fill in six items of information: AccountID, TOKEN ID, TOKEN SECRET, CONSUMER KEY, CONSUMER SECRET, and Account Name.

Note: the [Account Name] field can be customized and optional; if it is left blank, the default display name is Oracle Netsuite#1, 2 and 3.

[AccountID] acquisition method:

Click to enter the login page. After logging in to Netsuitre, the < AccountId > in the address bar "https://< Account ID >.".

For details, please see the following example:

[CONSUMER KEY] and [CONSUMER SECRET]: Ask the administrator to log in to the background and get it after opening the TBA token function in the Settings-Integrated Management interface.

[TOKEN ID] and [TOKEN SECRET]: Please ask the administrator to enable the TBA function for this role when creating it.

The above fields are successfully obtained, fill them into the authorization account of Jijian Cloud, and click "Next" to authorize successfully.

Available trigger action

  • When a new financial voucher is generated.

Application example

Oracle NetSuite+ forms system:When a new financial voucher is generated in Oracle NetSuite, it will be automatically synchronized to the form system via data, which is convenient for statistical records.

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1. Business process automation, saving tens of thousands of hours of labor costs for enterprises.

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3-1, Chelsea won three consecutive victories! 2 goals are blown, Enzo assists and kovacic volleys.

In the 27th round, there is a strong dialogue, and leicester city plays Chelsea at home! In the 11th minute of the first half, Chilwell volley scored a goal, and then a shot from both sides hit the doorframe. In the 34th minute, Felix’s offside goal was invalidated. In the 39th minute, Dhaka equalized the score with a long-range shot. In injury time, Enzo made an assist, Havertz made an offside shot and scored a goal. In the 75th minute, Moudrek’s offside goal was blown away. In the 77th minute, kovacic volleyed and scored a goal to expand the score, 87.

Leicester city League suffered a three-game losing streak, ranking 15th in the Premier League with 24 points, only 2 points higher than the relegation zone. The former Premier League champions now have to fight for relegation. In the first cycle of the season, leicester city lost to Chelsea 1-2 away! In terms of players, Valdi, Evans and Endidi are substitutes, and the team formation is 4-2-3-1. The starting players are as follows: 1- Ward, 3- Fass, 15- Sutar, 18- Amartey, 21- Ricardo Pereira, 27- Castagne, 10- Madison, 22- Hall and 24.

Chelsea beat Leeds United 1-0 in the last round and won the first victory in nearly six games. By the end of this round, Chelsea had scored 34 points and ranked 10th in the Premier League, 7 points away from the European war zone! In terms of players, Silva was injured, and Puglisi, Gallagher and Chiyeh were substituted. The team discharged a 3-4-3 formation. The starting players were as follows: 1- Kepa, 33- Fofana, 26- coulibaly, 32- Cucurella, 12- Chick, 5- Enzo, 8- Kovacic, 21- Chilville, and 21-Chilville.

In the first half, in the 11th minute, Chilwell made a cross from the right corner. After the teammate ferried, coulibaly took the ball around the baseline and sent it out. Chilwell’s back post volley scored, and Chelsea led 1-0 away! After breaking the gate of his old club, Chilwell also celebrated in front of the old fans in response to the boos of the fans at the Kingship Stadium!

In 13 minutes, Amartey grabbed a header in front of the door and missed the bottom line; In 19 minutes, kovacic broke the ball straight, and Havertz’s shot was blocked by the defender; In 24 minutes, Havertz sent a top pass in the midfield, and Felix made a single-handed breakthrough and hit the post with a volley. In 26 minutes, Hall took a long shot and hit the doorframe after the ball was on the sideline.

In the 34th minute, Chelsea played smoothly, and Moudrek retreated to catch the ball. Chick made a cross on the right, and Felix outflanked and pushed the goal, but the referee decided that Felix was offside and the goal was invalid. In the 39th minute, Felix played with fire in the backcourt. leicester city broke the ball in the frontcourt and organized a counterattack on the spot. Dhaka took the ball outside the restricted area and suddenly scored a goal, 1-1, and the score was even!

In 41 minutes, Madison shot from a small angle in the restricted area, and Kepa flew to save the yellow ball with one hand; In 42 minutes, the Chelsea defender made a mistake, and Ishi Na Qiao’s powerful shot was saved by Kepa again. In 44 minutes, Madison hit the wall with a free kick; In the 50 th minute of injury time, Enzo sent an overhead pass outside the restricted area, and Havertz crossed the offside and inserted a clever cushion to score a goal, 1-2, and Chelsea took the lead again! It is worth mentioning that this is the first time since 2023 that Chelsea scored 2 goals in a single game in the Premier League.

In the second half, Gallagher came off the bench and replaced Felix; In 46 minutes, Chelsea crossed the right corner and Fofana’s header in front of the goal was magically solved by the goalkeeper! In 49 minutes, Moudrek was treated by his opponent’s ankle, and then he returned to the field! In the 55th minute, Kepa was hit by Ishi Na Qiao when saving. After the team doctor came in for treatment, Kepa re-entered the game!

In 63 minutes, Haftz’s right foot shot higher than the crossbar; In 65 minutes, leicester city crossed the corner, Kepa hit the ball not far, and the leicester city player outside the restricted area shot hard, and Gallagher on the goal line cleared the ball; In 72 minutes, Puglisi Qi and Chaloba came off the bench; In the 75th minute, Enzo sent a direct cross from the midfield, and Moudrek rushed into the penalty area with a single knife and scored against the goalkeeper. However, Moudrek was offside a little, and the goal was invalid. This was the second goal that Chelsea was blown off because of offside.

In the 77th minute, Chelsea quickly broke into the frontcourt, Havertz made a cross from the right side of the restricted area, Moudrek headed the ferry to assist, kovacic followed up and volleyed the ball into the court. The goal was valid, and Chelsea expanded the score 3-1!

In 87 minutes, Fass got the second yellow card in this game, 2 yellow changed to 1 red and left;

At the end of the game, Chelsea won three games in a row, defeated leicester city 3-1 away, and leicester city suffered a five-game losing streak!