Why didn’t football and baseball catch on in China? Rong Guotuan won the championship on April 5, 1959.

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Why didn’t football and baseball catch on in China? April 5, 1959: People’s Republic of China (PRC) table tennis player Rong Guotuan won the men’s singles championship at the 25th World Table Tennis Championships in Dortmund, Germany, which was the first time that People’s Republic of China (PRC) won the world championship.

Why is table tennis so popular in China, but rugby and baseball are not popular?

"Table tennis" was born in Britain in 1900, and it was named after the sound of "banging" when hitting the ball. In January 1926, an international table tennis tournament was held in Berlin, Germany. A total of 64 male athletes from 9 countries participated in the competition, which became a world-class sport.

Table tennis originated in Europe, and was dominated by European players before 1960s, but it was quickly controlled by China players. By 2005, China had won 143 championships, including 100 in the World Championships, 27 in the World Cup and 16 in the Olympic Games, ranking first in the world.

The popularity of table tennis in China is not accidental. Like Indian popular cricket, China table tennis is so popular and has such a good result because of its mass base, continuous investment from the state, and high-level players, coaches and competitions.

In the sixties and seventies, table tennis was very popular among the masses.

At that time, New China was relatively backward. Taking the school as an example, it didn’t have the strength to engage in all kinds of big ball sports.

As far as playing football is concerned, the biggest problem for children playing football in those days was that they were afraid of kicking their shoes. At that time, everything was a rationing system, and it was not easy to get a pair of shoes. Once a child kicks his shoes, he will definitely be scolded by his parents, and he will not play football casually in the future.

Therefore, football is not popular among the people in China. After all, there are no shoes.

Table tennis is completely different. Any school, even a rural primary school, can set up a wooden table tennis table, even a cement or masonry table, which doesn’t cost a few dollars. Table tennis rackets and balls don’t cost much. When Sasha was a child, everyone in the class, whether male or female, could play table tennis, and physical education class often played ball.

This kind of exercise can be done indoors and outdoors, without special venues, and is not limited to men, women and children. It can be said that hundreds of millions of China people play occasionally, and at least tens of millions of people play regularly.

In addition, table tennis has low requirements for players’ physical fitness and strength, and the key lies in reaction and skill. This is more suitable for yellow people in East Asia, and whites and blacks have no physical advantage in this sport. Historically, Japan, South Korea, even North Korea and China and Taiwan Province have achieved good results.

As early as the 1960s, China attached great importance to table tennis, and the national system was adopted to train gold medal players. In 1961, Beijing hosted the first international competition in New China, the 26th World Table Tennis Championships. On the eve of the competition, the State Sports Commission mobilized 108 top table tennis players in China for intensive training, which will make a great contribution to the table tennis cause in China.

More importantly, these 108 people have been passing on a high level. Until today, China’s table tennis training is also the highest level in the world. European table tennis masters once complained that their training level was not as good as that of China. More importantly, because the overall level of table tennis in Europe is not high, it is difficult for them to find excellent sparring partners. Practicing with teammates with low technical level, it is difficult to maintain a good state, let alone improve the level, no matter how good you play. China’s table tennis sparring partner can also win a gold medal in the world.

However, table tennis in China has been cooling for a long time, and fewer and fewer people are playing today.

The biggest problem of table tennis is that the effect of physical exercise is not good, and it can only be regarded as an entertainment.

Table tennis is not popular in the world, and there are not many people playing table tennis in Europe and America. China still has a great advantage.

Similarly, football and baseball are not popular in China, which are also the reasons.

First, the issue of venue.

The most popular ball games in China are basically ping-pong, badminton and basketball, but others are not very good.

Why do ordinary people participate in these three kinds of balls more?

The main reason is that the learning cost is low and the venue is easy to get.

As mentioned above, table tennis, no matter what middle school or primary school there will be a basketball court, at least students can play it.

Badminton can also be played out of thin air without a net.

Why do boys in China like football, but today’s football is not popular?

I used to be afraid of kicking my shoes, but after the reform and opening up, I suffered from the lack of venues for playing football.

In middle school, Sasha had his own football team in his class. A group of children played by themselves and sometimes played games with other classes. What is hateful is that the school obviously has a football field, but it is only used for decoration and never used by students. Because there is no space, we can only play in the school basketball court or small playground, and we have to wait for no one.

We sometimes go to small parks not far apart to play football. This small park is only a few tens of meters away from the school, and we barely have space. If there is no small park or the distance is too far, everyone can’t play football.

The same is true.

Rugby needs a large field, with a length of more than 100 meters. Baseball’s field length should not be less than 90 meters, and it is also required to be flat. This kind of venue is not easy to find in China.

It doesn’t even have a venue, so what the hell?

Second, the cost of learning.

A pair of badminton rackets and table tennis brands have little money, so basketball and football are more expensive. When Sasha was a student, it was not easy for children to buy balls with their own pocket money.

In the past, football was inferior, and it broke down when it was often kicked. The football team in the class was all crowdfunding to buy the ball, which was barely tolerable.

If basketball and football were expensive in those days, children could no longer afford them, and rugby and baseball were even more expensive.

Take football as an example, the most basic equipment is helmet, shoulder armor, football shoes, anti-collision clothes and pants, gloves, tooth protection, arm guards, knee pads, ankle protection, goggles, training blouses, training shorts and tights, stockings and so on.

This whole set of cheap ones also costs tens of thousands of RMB. Where do you want children to get money to buy them?

More importantly, football is fierce, or you will get hurt. Baseball is relatively low in danger, but it is also easy to get hurt: a high-speed solid hard ball will be very painful when it hits the body directly, and it can be directly disfigured when it hits the face.

Once you are injured, you have to go to treatment. Children will definitely be scolded by their parents and give up the sport.

In addition, the rules of these two sports are complicated, the antagonism is fierce, and there are high requirements for body and reaction and understanding of the rules.

Besides, it is impossible for children to reach a higher level of football and baseball by playing by themselves.

This requires systematic training and a lot of real capital investment, which is basically not invested by children and parents in China.

Many people marvel at Gu Ailing’s success? This is an unpopular road that her mother planned for her since she was a child.

Do you know why many American figure skating men’s champions are Chinese? As usual, Chinese Americans are a small ethnic group in the United States, and they don’t have the qualities particularly suitable for skating. Isn’t that a big surprise?

It is mainly the local blacks and whites who are biased against this sport and think it is a sport only played by gay men. Even if they are not gay, boys who have been engaged in this sport for a long time and wear feminine clothes may have homosexual tendencies.

In 2006, Jon Jackson, a former figure skater and referee, revealed in an article for The Advocate: "In certain circles, it has been known that at least seven of the 14 people who won medals in men’s figure skating in the past 20 years are gay. In fact, all members of the men’s single flower skating team in at least five countries are gay (although there is only one person in the so-called flower skating team in some countries). " In the same year, Rowley King, an expert in flower skating, wrote: "Unofficial insider estimates range from 25% to nearly 50%."

So most foreign men don’t play this game for fear of being regarded as gay. Chinese people don’t care about being misunderstood, and they will have such achievements in the field of men’s flower skating.

The same is true. In the United States, women’s freestyle skiing is a very small, expensive and easily injured sport. Freestyle skiing is an artistic competition in which athletes slide freely on slopes and perform aerial skills. It is also called acrobatics in the snowfield. Different from alpine skiing with competitive speed, its biggest feature is that it can appreciate the gorgeous aerial skills of the athletes. If you take a look, you will know the difficulty and danger of this sport. It is by no means a mass movement, and it is absolutely impossible to popularize it.

Skiing itself costs a lot, and freestyle skiing is a golden beast.

It has been estimated that Gu Ailing’s training expenses from small to large are at least as high as tens of millions of RMB or even higher, which is by no means affordable for ordinary people.

There was a case in which a daughter hit her father with a car in a Chinese-American family before.

This Chinese girl is an expert in figure skating, and has won many championships in American Junior Nationals. The girl thinks she has talent and hopes to continue her studies and become an Olympic champion. Figure skating can’t be compared with the free skiing without Gu Ailing, and it also needs a high training cost of up to 1,000 US dollars per hour. Everyone knows what this concept is. Training for more than 10 hours a week will cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is 40,000 to 50,000 dollars a month, equivalent to 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, and 200,000 to 300,000 yuan a year.

As the father of Ford’s car software engineer, this girl’s income is very high, and she can only barely maintain her training until she is 17 years old. As the economy is really unsustainable, the father can only let the children give up. There was a fierce dispute between father and daughter, and the daughter stopped the car to run away from home. Her father was knocked down during the blocking, but fortunately it was just an injury.

In addition to the high cost, figure skating is only a fall injury at best, while freestyle skiing often causes human life or serious injuries.

In free skiing training, it is inevitable that the action will fail and lead to a fall. Because of its high speed and high altitude, it is very easy to get injured or even die. The risk of engaging in this sport is great, and it belongs to a minority and a minority sport. It is classified as extreme sports in Europe and America. Men don’t play much, and women play even less.

It can be said that Gu Ailing was planned a relatively unpopular road to success from an early age, and then she achieved brilliant results.

Ordinary people can’t take this road, have no economic strength, and have no endurance after the failure of career planning. If the family with special background didn’t make her worry about money, it would be impossible to guarantee such high training expenses.

Third, the requirements for the team are very high.

The sports that ordinary people like are either one-on-one sports such as table tennis and badminton.

This kind of sport can be played by yourself by finding someone or pulling someone; Either you can temporarily pull people, you can form a team, and it is no problem to pull strangers.

For example, in half-court basketball, we basically play three against three, and sometimes we play four against four. We don’t need to cooperate with each other too much, so we just fight alone and occasionally pass the ball.

It is difficult to play football in a temporary team, and it is very important to cooperate with each other.

Rugby and baseball require very, very high teamwork and coordination. In principle, they must always be played by the same group of people.

Even if the same team cooperates for many years, as long as one person is weak, the whole team will lose.

You see in Robot Cat, the big bear is often scolded because he is too weak to drag down the team.

You can’t play football and baseball by setting up a straw team temporarily, which greatly limits the promotion of these two sports in China.

Fourth, it is not an Olympic event.

If baseball and rugby have always been Olympic sports, some countries will vigorously promote these sports for gold medals.

Take baseball, which is widely promoted all over the world, as an example. Although it began to be an Olympic event in Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, baseball was not included in the Olympic events in London Olympic Games in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.

By the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan is a baseball power, and baseball is listed as an Olympic event (Japan won the championship), but it is only limited to men’s competitions, and only six teams participate.

Baseball is like this, and football is even worse.

Not being listed as an Olympic sport all the year round has affected the development of these two sports.

Taking China as an example, the legal restriction of dual nationality can be broken at any cost. The special affairs office asked Gu Ailing to represent China for several gold medals.

Without these gold medals now, who cares?


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