In March 2024, online registration for the National Computer Rank Examination in Shanghai will begin on March 3.

According to the introduction of the Municipal Education Examinations Institute, the National Computer Rank Examination (NCRE) in March 2024 (the 72nd time) will be held from March 23rd (Saturday) to March 24th (Sunday), and some subjects will be tested. Please refer to the NCRE Level Subject Setting and Certificate System for the types, subject codes and certification conditions of relevant levels. See ↓

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Registration time

Candidates must register from 10:00 on March 3 (Sunday) to 16:00 on March 6 (Wednesday), and will not be accepted after that.


Registration process

Candidates can visit the unified registration website (Education Network:; Public Network:; ), select the "Shanghai" entrance to enter the login page, and follow the relevant prompts to complete the online reporting steps such as account registration, information filling, photo uploading and payment. The first time you log in to the system, you need to register for a login pass. If the candidate already has a pass account, you can log in directly. The registration fee for each subject is 105 yuan.


Registration photo format requirements

1. The photo should be a recent bareheaded color photo of the candidate himself.

2. In the imaging area, the upper part of the head should be left blank by 1/10, the head by 7/10, the shoulder by 1/5 and the left and right by 1/10. The minimum size of the acquired image is 192mm×144mm (height× width), and the size of the imaging area is 48mm×33mm (height× width).

3. Photo size: 20KB-200KB.


Test site selection

This registration is open to social candidates except for Guangbiao College of Shanghai Sanda University (310034) and Shanghai Vocational College of Foreign Languages for Industry and Commerce (310043). For the information about opening the exam, please refer to the Information List of Opening the Exam in March 2024 ↓

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Admission ticket printing

Candidates can log on to the unified website within the specified time (Education Network:; Public network:, select the "Shanghai" entrance to enter, download and print the admission ticket; If there is a problem with printing, please consult the registration point.


1. Candidates must fill in the information carefully and be responsible for the online registration information and photo format. The uploaded photos are the photos of the admission ticket. If they do not meet the requirements or cannot be confirmed as candidates themselves, they will not be able to take the exam.

2. Candidates must complete the registration within 24 hours from registration to payment, and the overdue system will automatically delete the registration information.

3. During the registration period, candidates can choose the date of the intentional test (only for the test sites that open for two days). The date of the intentional test can only be arranged as far as possible. If it cannot be met, candidates must understand and obey the random allocation of the test time, and it will not be used as a reason for refund.

4. In 2024, we will continue to suspend the examinations of three-level Linux application and development technology and four-level Linux application and development engineer. In the second half of 2021, I have passed the Grade 4 Linux exam.

5. See China Education Examination Network for the examination syllabus and course catalogue in 2024.

6. Since the examination in September 2023, electronic certificates will replace paper certificates, and all candidates who meet the requirements for obtaining evidence will get electronic certificates. At the same time, paper certificates will no longer be produced and distributed, and candidates can query and download them in the "National Computer Rank Examination" column on the homepage of China Education Examination Network.

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