Today’s football analysis recommended, 003 La Palmas La Liga vs Atletico Madrid

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Las palmas ranked 10th in the standings with 14 points. Poor performance at the beginning of this season, only winning one game.

Recently, the state of La Palmas has rebounded. The team has won a winning streak in the last two games, but the strength of the opponents is limited.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid does not lose to Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga strength; They have always been one of the strong contenders for the La Liga title.

Last season, Atletico performed well and won the third place in the league; This season, Atletico Madrid still showed a strong competitive state.

Comprehensive analysis:

The two sides have confronted each other for nearly eight times, and La Palmas has only scored 1 win, 0 draw and 7 losses. It can be seen that La Palmas is at a disadvantage. At present, it is a critical period for Atletico Madrid to try its best to grab points, and Atletico Madrid will try its best to fight against its opponents. At present, the lineup of Atletico Madrid is basically complete, and the team has no core players absent for the time being. By comprehensively comparing the current situation and strength of both sides. This game may wish to look forward to the performance of Atletico Madrid.

Forecast of this field: subjective and negative

Score: 0-2 1-2