Table tennis men’s team summit gymnastics reappears China Day

     On August 18th, China men’s team coach Liu Guoliang (second from right) and his team members.Ma Lin(first from the right),Sonic(second from left),wang liqinOn the podium. On the same day, the China team was at the Beijing Olympic Games.table tennisIn the men’s team final, he defeated Germany 3-0 and won the gold medal. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Jiajun photo

China men’s table tennis swept Germany to win the gold medal in table tennis team.

    On August 18th, Beijing time, China won the men’s table tennis team crown in Beijing Olympic Games with a 3-0 victory over German team led by Bohr. China men’s team won the gold medal with five games without losing a set, and it was indisputable that it won the heaviest gold medal, and at the same time it defended the dominance of table tennis in China. [Details | Photos | Video]

    China Day reappeared in gymnastics competition of Beijing Olympic Games on 18th. China won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze, among which Chen Yibing and He Kexin won the Olympic gold medals in men’s rings and women’s uneven bars respectively. Branik, the world champion in 2007, won the first gold medal of men’s vault in the Olympic Games.

      On August 18th, China’s He Kexin competed in uneven bars. On the same day, the Beijing Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium.gymnasticsIn the uneven bars final, He Kexin won the championship with 16.725 points. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hui Lin photo

Gymnastics-He Kexin won the uneven bars championship.

    The women’s uneven bars competition is the most exciting, and the opening is white-hot. He Kexin, the first player from China, made an action with a difficulty of 7.7, and two "Li Ya somersaults" were completed like flowers on the bar, with a score of 16.725. Followed by the appearance of the American player Liu Jin quickly returned the favor. The same difficulty score, the same action completion score, the final score is also the same 16.725 points.

    According to the rules, in this case, the lowest score should be deducted from the four effective completion points obtained by the players, and the remaining three effective completion points should be added, and the players with high scores should be ranked first. In this way, Liu Jin can only win the runner-up. China’s Yang Yilin won the third place with a score of 16.650.

    He Kexin, 16, won the Olympic champion when she participated in the competition for the first time, and stood on the podium with a gold medal in her hand, smiling like a flower. However, in the qualifying round, He Kexin almost failed to reach the final due to a major mistake, and shed tears several times.

    Shanzhen Lu, head coach of China women’s team, said that it was unfavorable for He Kexin to play first today, but her performance today was particularly worthy of recognition. "He Kexin’s choreography is the best in the world, and today her movements are also the best." [Details | Photos | Video]

     On August 18th, China’s He Wenna celebrated after finishing the race. On the same day, it was held at the National Stadium.trampolineIn the women’s final, China’s He Wenna won the championship with 37.80 points. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Yushe

Gymnastics-He Wenna won the gold medal in the trampoline women’s individual event.

    China trampoline’s first Olympic gold medal, Hakka girl He Wenna created this history. "I feel very, very honored for this first gold medal, the first gold medal, which is the most meaningful thing for me. I didn’t have the confidence to win the championship before the game because I was still young, but now I am very, very happy." What the trampoline princess said after the game made people have to admire her who was only 19 years old. In addition to her perfect movements, her beautiful face and lovely smile also conquered all the spectators and referees.

    On August 18th, Beijing time, He Wenna won the gold medal with a nearly perfect performance with a total score of 37.80. This result was achieved after defeating his own psychology. "I think my biggest enemy is myself." He Wenna himself said, "If I can cross myself, it is success. My coach told me not to think too much about the result. Now it seems that such encouragement is very important to me." [Details | Photos | Video]

     On August 18th, China’s Chen Yibing celebrated after the award ceremony. On the same day, Chen Yibing won the Olympic rings final in the National Stadium with a score of 16.600. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hui Lin photo

Chen Yibing won the gold medal in the Olympic gymnastics men’s rings.

    China’s Chen Yibing won the gold medal in men’s rings with a score of 16? 600 points. Teammate Yang Wei won the silver medal with a score of 16? 425 points, Alexandria, Ukraine? Oleksandr Vorobyov with 16? Won the bronze medal with 325 points. Recalling the situation on the court, Chen Yibing’s feeling is still "nervous"! [Details | Photos | Video]

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