Beautiful wallpaper, natural scenery, picturesque, refreshing.

The natural scenery, picturesque, makes people relaxed and relaxed.

green bamboo

Peach, red, willow and green warblers are singing and dancing.

Wonderland on earth, Xanadu, I really want to live in this beautiful scenery.

The golden afterglow in the evening shines on a sea of flowers on the earth, which is breathtaking.

Ah! How beautiful! The stones on the shore are colorful, like watercolors, and the lake is reflected by flowers and trees.

Magnificent buildings.

The mountains are lofty and majestic, like an old man looking into the distance.

A dreamlike fairyland.

Riverside plumbing duck prophet, ten thousand hanging green silk tapestry

All loves can’t be caged, the trees are lush and the flowers are in full bloom.

Spring has come, the sun is shining, and Dayanfei is back. The earth is green, and a winding path stretches into the distance from the grass.

In the evening, the golden glow shines on the lotus pond, a boat floats gently in the water and a seagull hovers in the air.

Yes, blue sky, white clouds and green grass. The soul of grassland lies in its beauty and freedom, which makes people relaxed and happy!

A group of white goats are eating grass leisurely on the green hillside, and the smoke from a family in the distance rises, adding a beautiful scenery to the grassland. # Beautiful grassland #

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