Six "secrets" of women’s private parts, let alone men, some women don’t know themselves!

The vulva is the female external genitalia, which includes labia majora, clitoris, pubic mound, urethral orifice, hymen and vaginal orifice. The vulva is the first line of defense of the reproductive system. Under normal circumstances, it is closed, which can cover the urethral orifice and vaginal orifice, avoid the invasion of pathogens, and reduce the risk of urinary system diseases and reproductive system diseases. How much do you know about female vulva?

1. Every woman’s shape and color are different.

The labia and clitoris are almost the same, but their shapes and sizes are different. There is no standard for the size, color and shape of vulva, as long as it is healthy. You can’t feel inferior because the vulva is black or ugly.

2. The vulva will change after pregnancy.

Many parts of a woman’s body will change greatly after pregnancy, as will the vulva. After a woman is pregnant, the hormone level in her body changes greatly, which will change the size and shape of the vulva, and the labia become black and swollen. In addition, the vagina will also lengthen the labia minora during delivery. The above changes will disappear after production, and slight changes will be sustainable. This is a normal phenomenon, so don’t worry too much.

3, underwear can affect the vulva health.

Nowadays, many women like to wear lace thong, which is really sexy, but it will stimulate the vulva. Try to choose one that has less friction on the vulva and can fully cover the vulva, and also consider the comfort and material of underwear. Pure cotton loose underwear is the best choice, which is beneficial to the ventilation of the genitals. Both thongs and tight underwear will stimulate vulva to varying degrees, so try not to wear them.

4, shaving pubic hair is harmful

No matter which method you choose to shave pubic hair, it will do harm to vulva skin. Shaving too fast will cause itching and tingling in the local area, and it may also be cut by a razor, and then infection will occur. There are over-the-counter depilatory creams on the market now, but you can’t stay on the delicate vulva skin for a long time to avoid causing allergies. Wax removal of pubic hair is very painful, but it can fundamentally remove hair. Electrolytic hair removal or laser hair removal can directly act on hair follicles, which lasts for a long time, but it is expensive. It is best to keep the vagina intact, and pubic hair is also a natural defense system, which can prevent harmful bacteria from invading the vagina.

5, health problems can be seen through the vulva.

Always touch the vulva for lumps. When suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, such as human papillomavirus or genital herpes, it can cause vulvar tissue ulcers. When the vulva has unexplained pain or new life, go to the hospital for examination in time.

6, vulva shape can be changed, but it is not recommended.

With the development of plastic surgery, vaginoplasty or vaginoplasty can change the appearance of labia and vagina and correct medical problems such as special diseases and congenital defects. However, for women with normal vagina who want to improve their appearance through surgery, try not to have surgery to avoid serious complications.


To sum up, I believe people have a general understanding of vulva. I hope to take good care of the vulva, wipe the part with warm water every night, wear loose and breathable underwear, and carefully clean the vulva before and after sex.

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