Dream for three years, and the glory will continue! The final of the 2023 Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational Tournament ended successfully.

Guangzhou, a city in the night, is full of colorful lights. On December 2 nd, Guangzhou Guangfa Securities Building staged a colorful and cool light show. The six sonorous characters of "trust and respect for the truth" attracted people’s attention, and also created a grand momentum for a badminton wine event.

On December 3rd, the final of the 2023 Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational Tournament ended in Guangzhou International Badminton Training Center. Thirty-one teams from all over the country caught up with each other, and dedicated many high-level competitive confrontations to badminton lovers. In the end, Ningbo Xingming Sports Panhuo Badminton Hall stood out, and they defeated the host Guangzhou Xicheng Badminton Hall 3-2 in the final to win the championship successfully! At the awards dinner, the team of Ningbo Xingming Sports Panhuo Badminton Hall raised the championship trophy symbolizing the highest glory of the national badminton hall, and also announced the successful conclusion of this four-month badminton grand event spanning the north and south of the river.

From breaking ground in 2021 to full-fledged in 2023. Ingenuity creates mellow wine. You can only see the glory of victory when you are tempered. Dream for three years, burn the soul!

Drunk lion stepping on Xiangyun champion’s live solitaire contest

Before the opening ceremony, a unique drunken lion performance was performed at the scene.The lion leaps and turns, climbs high and screams, like a broken bamboo, just like a badminton player’s fearless smash and save the ball on the court, symbolizing the sportsmanship of being brave and progressive. During the performance, the two lions also performed the finishing touch of smelling wine and tasting wine, which made the atmosphere extremely hot. Drunk lion is in Lingnan area.An important intangible cultural heritage, the competition started with this performance with national cultural characteristics, cheering for the athletes who participated in the finals.

Zhang Ning, two-time Olympic badminton women’s singles champion, Chen Jin, men’s singles champion of the World Badminton Championships, Tang Hui, director of China Badminton Association, Luo Yuandi, secretary of the Party branch and chairman of Guizhou Laimao Liquor Co., Ltd., Fan Xinhui, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Haodi Trading Co., Ltd., Inplanning Freeters Xiao, executive director and general manager of Hunan Radio and Television Group (Hunan Radio and Television Station) Happy Pioneer Media Co., Ltd., former member of Beijing badminton team and Li Yao, an online badminton expert, and other leading guests attended the opening ceremony to kick off the annual event.

After the opening ceremony, Zhang Ning and Chen Jin led the "Ning" gathering true feelings camp and the "Golden" trusting camp respectively, and partnered with the participating athletes for a fun solitaire competition. The two champions showed their deep badminton "internal strength" on the court. While playing high-quality shots, they also instructed their players to move and return the ball at any time. The court was full of wonderful fake moves, heavy backcourt kills, four or two corners, and even the unique skill of saving the ball behind them … In the end, the "Ning" Juzhen camp led by Zhang Ning won the game with 15-14.

Ningbo Xingming Sports Pan Huo broke through and won the national championship.

This competition has gathered many top amateur players from all over the country, and many exciting and fierce confrontations have been played on the field, and even many games have seen the classic scene of 20-20 grabbing the golden ball to win points. Zhang Ning and Chen Jin, two badminton champions, watched the whole competition and said: It is obvious that everyone’s level is improving this year, and some players don’t even look worse than professional players.

Pan Huo of Ningbo Xingming Sports and Hangzhou Jiangran Beili met in the semi-final, and the first four games were 2-2. The key men’s singles final game was played by two ace players Li Kele and Ouyang Nanjun from each team. In the end, Li Kele, who played for Ningbo, staged a reversal drama. Under the situation that the two sides tied 1-1 and the deciding game was 13-19 behind, through indomitable willpower, he repeatedly

In the final, Pan Huo of Ningbo Xingming Sports played against Guangzhou Xicheng, and two champion coaches, Zhang Ning and Chen Jin, each took a team to compete for the final championship. The stadium is changing, and the two champions also use their experience in the world arena to help their respective teams. The final lived up to expectations and played five games again. In the end, Pan Huo of Ningbo Xingming Sports, directed by Zhang Ning, relied on Li Kele’s excellent performance in the last game to seal the victory in the final game, and Pan Huo of Ningbo Xingming Sports topped the annual championship.

Going in two directions because of trust and building a new scene with true feelings

The Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational Tournament has been held for three consecutive years. When talking about the original intention of hosting the competition,Luo Yuandi, Party branch secretary and chairman of Guizhou Laimao Liquor Co., Ltd. said: "Badminton venues act asAn important place for badminton lovers to meet friends with the ball has now become an important window for Laimao brand promotion and product display.Lai Mao hopes that more and more people can enjoy the happiness brought by badminton, feel the cultural charm of Maotai-flavor liquor and taste Lai Mao’s "beautiful" products in the cooperative arena by holding competitions in parallel and holding offline activities with world champions. Lai Mao, as a national brand, responds to the strategy of strengthening the country by national fitness and sports, and builds a platform for more badminton fans to make friends with the ball and express their feelings with wine. This is our unshirkable responsibility and obligation. "

Badminton friendship, toast each other. At the event awards dinner, the champion celebrated the victory moment with a glass of wine and paid tribute to every struggle and effort of the team. No matter the teammates who fought side by side or the opponents who stood across the net, they all raised their glasses to chat at this moment. During the day, the "sword and shadow" turned into a toast at the dinner, and they met each other because of feathers, and enjoyed this rare moment of truth with cocktail party friends and ball friends.

Don’t trust and condense the truth.

Looking back on the annual events, Olympic champion Zhang Ning, world champion Zhao Jianhua, Chen Jin, Ma Jin, Bao Yixin, Liu Cheng, Xiong Guobao and other big coffees, badminton experts "Li Yao", "Yang Yongga", "Badminton Xiaolu" and "Citizen Yu Xiansheng" all contributed to the events online and offline in various forms. On the day of the final, many mainstream platforms, such as China Sports, Pioneer Table Tennis and Badminton Channel and Zhongyu Badminton, broadcast live simultaneously, and the total number of live online users in the whole network exceeded 10 million.

Full of lofty sentiments, irresponsible. Years are engraved, and the true feelings are condensed. Whether it’s persistenceThe brewing of sauce wine that has remained unchanged for nearly a hundred years, or for three consecutive years, strive to build a boutique event IP, Lai Mao.Always adhere to the truth as value, and express it with trust.

In the future, Lai Mao will always be firm in its quality and clear in its appearance. In-depth implementation of Maotai’s strategy of "one chess game for a big group and one heart for the industrial chain", taking the "five-line" development path, in-depth implementation of the "five-in-one marketing law", giving full play to the leading role of the brand, giving full play to the power of "inheritance", insisting on "beautiful" products and "beautiful" services, and bringing "beautiful" enjoyment to consumers.

The 2023 Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Venue Invitational Tournament has come to an end. In the future, we expect more badminton venues to be integrated into the tournament, and more badminton fans will take to the arena to rally for trust and swing for the truth!