Carefully selected 8 big-name makeup that is most worth starting! Every one is a treasure

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These three pre-makeup lotions are all very easy to use.

I recommend Barbie Brown’s orange cream best.

Although its texture is like a cream, it is actually a moisturizing milk before makeup.

Super suitable for desert dry skin!

No matter how serious your card powder is, it can be solved perfectly.

Especially in the dry season, even if the skin has burst.

Can create a nearly perfect makeup.

Like ice cream, it is very malleable.

Very oily

It can moisturize dry facial skin to the greatest extent.

Smoothing skin explosion

Moreover, it has a little effect of filling pores. After applying it, the liquid foundation will become particularly obedient.

In short, girls with dry skin and dry skin in the desert, just close your eyes and go in, you are sure!

Among these three big-name liquid foundations,

My most love is Shu Uemura’s small bottle.

I think he is also the love of many girls with oily skin and mixed oily skin.

Although many oil-skin liquid foundations control oil and conceal defects, they are inevitably heavy and have a strong powder feeling.

But Shu Uemura’s small square bottle, really done, is thin and concealer.

And its oil control ability is super good.

Even girls with pure oil skin can wear makeup for eight hours in hot summer.

But its texture is really dry, and it can be firmly rubbed on the face and can’t be rubbed off.

Therefore, it is not suitable for dry skin with external oil.

It may get stuck

But oily girls are really super suitable.

Who knows who uses it

If you have money,

Of these three kinds of powder cakes, choose e-cake.

Although the price of 1000 yuan is a bit dreary.

But it really works!

In the circle of ladies, e pie is especially famous.

It is especially suitable for dry skin, mixed dry skin and mixed oil skin.

Really made the powder extremely fine.

Even if it is dry, it will not get stuck.

The peeling effect is also ok.

After putting on the face, the powder feeling is very light, which makes the foundation makeup particularly natural.

With a little oil control effect, the mixed leather is very suitable.

In short, there are no shortcomings except expensive.

Of these three loose powder makeup models, the one with the longest fame and the highest sales volume is definitely Givenchy’s Sigongge Loose Powder.

As an old online celebrity,

He is still a regular item on many girls’ dressing tables.

In short, I just can’t find fault.

The powder is fine and the oil control effect is good.

The effect of brightening skin color is also natural.

It is a loose powder with no reactive power and no fault.

Mainly suitable for oil skin mixed with oil skin

Personally, dry skin girls are not suitable, and the powder is still not fine enough.

These three big-name eye shadow discs are very daily in color matching.

Are very suitable for painting at work.

I recommend TF 04 best.

Maple leaf red-brown eye shadow tray

It is a necessary color system for every girl.

Super suitable for autumn and winter

And this dish is reddish brown, not deep.

After putting on your face, your makeup is not dirty.

Is very advanced, very mature, very aura.

Very suitable for mature royal sisters

At first glance, it is the boss of the workplace.

The color tone is completely unobtrusive, the yellow and black skin are at ease, and the makeup is white.

Needless to say, the fineness of the powder is fine.

Among all the big eye shadows, it is one of the best.

Among all the big brands, the best-selling and most popular blush is undoubtedly Clinique’s Little Daisy Blush.

Their blush is full of colors, and you can pick any color you want.

Moreover, the powder is very fine and not easy to fly.

The durability is good.

If you want to be a girl, choose the 18th and 08th colors.

If you want something everyday, choose the 17th color, and the daily bean paste color and yellow skin are also suitable.

I really have a hard time choosing these three big-name highlights.

Every piece is a classic among the classics.

Let’s just say.

If you usually like to wear heavy makeup and want to create a bling bling makeup, choose Rihanna’s diamond highlights.

Especially at night, under the light, you really shine like a female star on the stage.

If you like to paint everyday light makeup.

I want to use it at work.

Just choose the highlight of cpb, or Barbie Brown’s streaky highlights.

These two highlights have similar makeup effects.

Cpb is the lightest color and the least shining.

It’s a natural luster.

Best for work

Barbie Brown shines a little bit.

Daily shopping dates are also appropriate.

These three highlights have no choice in powder quality.

Fully worthy of this price

There are too many beautiful lip glazes.

I chose three symbolically.

After all, I’m a lipstick addict. Look at any one.

Chanel 69

Especially advanced cinnamon oolong color, as soon as it is launched, it will be hot!

If you like light makeup, choose it. Don’t look at its light color. Yellow and white are also good-looking.

Moreover, it is a lip texture, which is particularly moist.

Nars Aragon

Huge white clear black tea texture, yellow and black skin, you can safely enter it! A color number can be white in an instant.

It is also a moist glass lip glaze texture, which makes people want to take a bite.

TF 20

Super gentle cinnamon black tea color, not too gorgeous, but particularly white, yellow and black skin at ease.

Only do the most authentic beauty evaluation.

I am very practical!

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