Teach you how to tell the difference between cricket and baseball.

# Home Time Museum # Cricket and baseball are both popular ball games, but they are different in five aspects.

1. Different countries are admired.

Cricket originated in Britain and is an aristocratic sport. Up to now, it is regarded as a middle-class sport, and its fans are mainly Britain and former British colonial countries.

Baseball is a popular fun and cooperative sport, which is popular in some countries in Central and North America, such as the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

2. The equipment of the competition is different

Cricket is round in shape with a protrusion in the middle. The weight of the ball used is 150-160 grams, and the circumference of the ball is 22.4-22.9 cm. The bat is shaped like a flat paddle.

The color of baseball is white, and there are red stitches on the surface. The weight of baseball is 141.7~148.8 grams, the circumference of the ball is 22.9~23.5 cm, and the center of the ball is made of round cork, rubber or similar substances; The bat used is cylindrical.

3. The venue of the competition is different

The cricket ground is oval, and its size and shape vary from place to place.

The playing field of baseball is a diamond-shaped, diamond-shaped or fan-shaped.

4. The way of competition is different

In cricket, one side will continue to take turns pitching and hitting the ball to two bases until one side loses all its sticks.

In baseball, the pitcher will keep pitching, while the batter will try his best to hit the ball and run to four bases.

5. The length of the competition is different.

The cricket match usually lasts for a long time. A game lasts for six hours or more every day, and each side plays two rounds. It also includes lunch and tea breaks, which usually last for several days.

Baseball games usually have only nine innings, sometimes it ends in an hour or two, and sometimes it is difficult to win or lose, so you can play for four or five hours.

So, if you want to try these two kinds of sports, remember to understand their differences first!