As "standard" on the menu? Guangzhou people’s winter begins with mutton casserole.

  Conghua Zhi Zhu mutton brisket pot

  White-cut East goat

  Mutton kebao

  Text, map/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Zeng Fanying

  Although the winter in the south is still warm, it can’t stop people’s enthusiasm for eating mutton. Come to a lamb chop pot after dark, so that it will be suitable for the occasion. At the dinner table, they use this way to express the changes of the four seasons and look forward to the coming of winter. At the moment, in Cantonese restaurants in Guangzhou, mutton chop has become a "standard" on the menu.

  There is a big difference in flavor between the sauce and the clay pot sauce.

  If the diners want, the chef can bring the mutton to the diners and give a special live show of the braised mutton brisket. There is a little oil in the sand pot. When the steam rises, the ginger is put into the pot, and the soaked mutton brisket is put down and fried in the pot, which makes a sound, and the fragrance of mutton brisket is scattered throughout the room. This is the softest and tender part of the sheep — — Mutton brisket After this frying, the mutton brisket has taken on the sweet smell of caramel, and with a splash of high-alcohol rice wine, the smell of wine overtook the smell of meat and surrounded the room. This scene is staged in the Huishijia Mansion in the west of Binjiang, and diners who are interested can follow suit and try it at home.

  After the mutton is fried, add the sauce and soup, just slightly overflow the surface of the mutton. While cooking, stir until the juice is more concentrated and finally concentrated into a thick sauce. Serve the table as soon as the flameout is over, and take a few bites while it is hot. The scalding mutton is wrapped in the bright juice, and the alcohol has already evaporated, leaving only the mellow fragrance in the meat, with a hint of sweetness. This flavor is very different from the common mutton casserole in the market. It has no smell of fermented bean curd. Chef Fage introduced that it is a "mutton sauce" made of a mixture of sauce and clay pot sauce, which is specially blended for cooking mutton casserole. Don’t dip in the sauce first, have a savory lamb brisket, and then try the dipping version. It is served with garlic Chili sauce and sweet sauce, which is not ordinary, and its taste is memorable.

  The salty flavor of double-winter mutton brisket is the most pungent.

  The ingredients in the mutton chop pot are different, but in the traditional mutton chop pot, there is no shortage of "double winters" — — Winter bamboo shoots and mushrooms. They are all first-class "taste-sucking" generals, who can suck all the flavors of mutton brisket and raw material into themselves, thus becoming the most abundant two flavors. In the Wynn Hotel along Yanjiang Road and Diangong Mansion in the west of Jiangnan, there are double winter mutton casserole in winter. The recipe of the latter comes from a well-known restaurant in Hong Kong, where Chef Tan studied art and learned how to do it.

  In the choice of mutton, Master Tan selected the East Goat with a growth period of about one and a half years, selected the goat’s brisket, stir-fried it with cooking wine and brandy to get rid of the goat’s coquettish smell, and then stir-fried it in boiling water. This was repeated four or five times. When the taste of mutton meets his standard requirements, add more than a dozen spices such as south milk, fermented bean curd and Chinese angelica slices and stew with mutton for two hours. Choose Guangxi bamboo shoots as winter bamboo shoots, take the essential parts, cut them obliquely into large pieces, stew them with mutton, and fully taste them under the influence of fine fire. Fermented bean curd and south milk are particularly particular about it. Master Tan said that the Hong Kong version of fermented bean curd, which is made by hand, is more salty and can arouse the fragrance of the whole lamb stew.

  The protagonists of the Winter Trilogy are all sheep.

  In Conghua area, the temperature is lower now and the mountains are more quiet. When you play in the mountains on weekends, you might as well try the Zhi Zhu lamb chop pot from Chaohuanghui in DuDu International Manor. The chef selected Dong goat from Haining, Hainan, Lutian yuba, carrot and horseshoe from Conghua, seasoned with a little yellow wine, added a proper amount of Zhuhou sauce and south milk braised stir-fried mutton, and put it in a casserole with soft and juicy local yuba, and simmered it slowly with slow fire. While maintaining the heat, the casserole tightly locked the umami flavor of the mutton. As soon as the lid was lifted, the small fire was boiling in a straight way, and the fragrance was overflowing, which made people salivate.

  There is a so-called "winter trilogy" here, and the main theme is sheep. In addition to Conghua Zhi Zhu mutton brisket pot, the other "two parts" are Dongshan mutton soup stewed with medicinal diet and Baiqiedong goat. Chefs use Haining East Goat to make mutton soup, paying attention to its mellow taste, and the auxiliary materials are selected from a variety of health-preserving herbs of origin, including Shangdang Dangshen and Minxian Danggui. This mutton soup needs to be stewed professionally for 4 hours. The chopped leg of lamb is closely combined with precious medicinal materials, and it is stewed continuously with mineral water at high temperature. The meat is soft and juicy, and the aroma is fragrant. White-cut East goat is generally eaten as a cold dish. It is a high-quality part of Haining East goat’s belly, cooked with skin and authentic. The mutton brisket with skin, which is rich in collagen, can be presented with only a little salt. It is fresh and refreshing, tender and crisp, accompanied by hand-brewed soy sauce, which has a unique flavor and makes people feast.