Special action highlights: Shuangsen’s bald head is not as bright as this beautiful woman.

  Dwayne Douglas Johnson and Jason Statham’s "Shuangsen Group" made a new film "Speed and Passion: Special Action". As a popcorn blockbuster, the cool high-tech combat readiness, flying drift, close combat, speed master and gorgeous movements, plus the bickering between Shuangsen, make the audience enjoy themselves. The film was released last Friday, and the box office successfully broke through 700 million in the first weekend.





  However, Heidi Shaw is the beauty catalyst in the film. She is among the two tough guys, and she has a different charm.

  Vanessa kirby, who plays Heidi Shaw, is even more amazing than the white widow she played in Mission Impossible 6. It can be said that she is the biggest surprise of the film Speed and Passion: Special Action. After Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson’s sexy and glamorous images of beating women became popular all over the world, now there are finally latecomers, and vanessa kirby has become the new darling of commercial blockbusters.

  Vanessa kirby, a British actress, can play both the noble and elegant Crown and the action blockbusters such as Speed and Passion: Special Action and Mission Impossible 6. Her image can be charming, sexy and cold, and her face value and acting skills are excellent. The golden age of 31 is promising. It is said that the catwoman of the new Batman has also taken a fancy to her.

  When Vanessa first made her debut, the British Guardian once praised her as a "rising star in Ran Ran" and The Independent described her as an "unprecedented star". Although this praise is somewhat exaggerated, Heidi Shaw’s eye-catching performance in Speed and Passion: Special Action has undoubtedly made vanessa kirby move towards the road of becoming a superstar.

  Women can also save the world.

  In Speed and Passion: Special Action, Heidi Shaw, played by vanessa kirby, is a capable and excellent MI6 agent, which promotes the development of the film plot and has unparalleled courage and mission.

  At the beginning of the film, Heidi is leading a team to recover "Snowflake", a mysterious vial containing deadly pathogens. Once it is made into a weapon, it will destroy a large part of the global population. Heidi and her teammates were ambushed by Brixton Lohr, a biochemical man. Heidi became the only survivor in the team. At this time, she realized that she could not stop Lohr from taking the pathogen and killing her, so she injected the pathogen into herself.

  Heidi is infected, and the pathogen will soon activate in her body, killing her and billions of human beings. Heidi fled to find an antidote, but both American and British intelligence agencies believed that Heidi had defected. Qiang Sen’s Hobbes and Statham’s Dekaat Shaw were sent to get her back without the other party’s knowledge. In the end, Heidi and her brother made up their differences and fell in love with Hobbes secretly. Together, they embarked on the road of saving the world.

  On the first day of filming with Qiang Sen, the scene that vanessa kirby wants to shoot is a fierce battle with Qiang Sen in the CIA office in London. Vanessa wants to complete a flying triangle lock. She drills under Qiang Sen, wraps her legs around his neck, and then pulls out a pistol. The purpose of this scene is to make the audience understand that Heidi is as tough as Hobbes and Dekaat Shaw.

  Vanessa is obviously happy to play Heidi: "The director has always wanted Heidi to be a stronger character. He has always insisted that Heidi is as strong and resilient as Hobbes and Dekaat Shaw, and she is also a fighter."

  Men have heroic dreams, so do women. vanessa kirby is very excited to play the role of "the most handsome female agent": "In this story, in a team composed of two men and one woman, she has an equal position with two men, and she doesn’t need to be saved or fought for her. She is not the weak link. I think it is necessary for young female audiences to see that women can also save the world. Therefore, I think it is my responsibility to give Heidi extra tough qualities. "

  The female characters in "Speed" series have repeatedly proved that they are as accomplished as the male characters, with dedication and fighting ability. By choosing vanessa kirby to play Heidi Shaw, this admiration for powerful female characters will become the cornerstone of "Speed and Passion: Special Action".

  Heidi’s heroism will also push her to reunite with Gogotkat Shaw, who has been estranged for a long time, and finally reach a reconciliation.

  Not good at sports and poor coordination.

  Speed and Passion: Special Action is not the first time that vanessa kirby has acted in an action movie. Before that, she played the role of "White Widow" in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 6, which was amazing and still enjoyed by fans. However, the action scenes in that play were much less than those in Speed and Passion: Special Action. Interestingly, Vanessa said that she was not good at sports and her coordination was not good.

  In order to shoot Speed and Passion: Special Action, Vanessa had to learn complicated choreography. Before that, Vanessa received special training, three hours a day, three days a week, for six weeks. Vanessa said: "A lot of fighting, a lot of parkour, a lot of martial arts training — — Frankly speaking, I did badly at first. "

  But in the end, she feels that her physical fitness is good and her athletic ability is good. "I like shooting action scenes very much, and I feel that I have learned a brand-new skill. This is a magical process. "

  The action director also praised her cleverness: "From the perspective of stunts, Vanessa is getting better and better. She works closely with our action team, and they even train her to such a degree that whenever someone gives her some instructions, no matter how subtle the tips are, she knows how to make adjustments. She always tries to do better. She has excellent actress qualities and strives to make the fighting scene look wonderful, and she did. "

  Evelyn, the costume designer of the film, also praised: "Vanessa is so elegant and confident. No matter what you wear for her, whether it is a combat uniform or a simple leather jacket, she can upgrade the overall shape to a higher level, showing fashion and resonating with people."

  Vanessa was chosen to play Heidi because the producer thinks that she has a quality that can add "chemical elements" to the funny interaction between Hobbes and Dekaat Shaw, making it from hilarious to hilarious. Director david leitch said, "vanessa kirby is an excellent actor. I am convinced that we can turn her into Heidi through training. She can show strength, fragility, perseverance and emotion with her acting skills, and all this is true. An actress with her strength can not only help us get a relaxed scene, but also make the risk appear real and credible. "

  I watched cherry orchard at the age of 12 and had the idea of being an actor.

  Vanessa kirby was born in London in 1988. Her father was selected as one of the top 100 doctors in Britain, and her mother was a magazine editor. She was cared for by her family as a princess since she was a child. However, because of her poor health, she was not happy at school, and even her classmates bullied her. She preferred reading Chekhov at home to watching movies.

  However, at the age of 12, vanessa kirby watched cherry orchard, a drama played by film legend vanessa redgrave, which influenced her life choice. Vanessa redgrave is a legendary British actress, nominated for six Oscars, and won the lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival last year.

  Vanessa is a close friend of Vanessa’s mother. Vanessa is no stranger to this elder, but when watching cherry orchard, Vanessa’s performance greatly shocked the little girl, and she was not the aunt who went to her house to chat with her: "The shock of this play made me stupefied, and I really wanted to do that kind of work."

  Interestingly, Vanessa’s white widow in Mission Impossible 6 once mentioned her mother Max, and in the first episode of Mission Impossible, it was vanessa redgrave who played the arms dealer Max, which was a wonderful fate, whether by providence or coincidence.

  In 2009, Vanessa got a first-class degree certificate in English literature. In 2010, she turned down an invitation from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts because an agent was willing to sign her contract. Later, at the invitation of director David Thacker, she took part in three stage plays, All My Sons, Ghosts and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, at the Octagonal Theatre in Bolton, London. Vanessa’s performance on the stage at the age of 22 was highly praised. Since then, Vanessa has become a new drama star and stepped onto the stage.

  Vanessa starred in Studio Time with Ben Whishaw and dominic west in 2011, which was her first TV series. Later, she played Estella in the BBC adaptation of Great Expectations with ray winstone and gillian anderson. At the end of 2012, Kirby starred in the drama Three Sisters, which won the drama critic award, and won favorable comments.

  Later, Vanessa starred in the movie Traveler in Time and Space, and with Jake Gyllenhaal, josh brolin and Keira Knightley, she starred in Breaking Altitude, which was selected as the opening film of the 2015 Venice Film Festival.

  Vanessa also appeared in the drama The Makeup Artist of BBC 2, starring Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ian McKellen .

  In the same year, Kirby also starred in A Streetcar Named Desire with Anderson and Ben Foster, and won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her outstanding performance as Stella in the film. The stage play of the same name was successfully performed in the New Vic Theatre, and then entered the Broadway stage.

  Vanessa then returned to the stage and played the role of Elena in the highly acclaimed Uncle Vanya performed by Almeida Theatre. Matt Trueman of Variety magazine called her "an outstanding stage actress of her generation who can present the most unexpected performance".

  In 2016, Kirby co-starred with claire foy and matt smith in the TV series Crown, playing Princess Margaret. This hit drama won the Golden Globe Award for Best TV Drama Series in 2017. Kirby was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the 2017 BAFTA for her role as Princess Margaret, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the BAFTA for the second consecutive year in 2018 and won the award.

  It is because of The Crown that Vanessa got the chance to star in Mission Impossible 6. As a stage actress, Vanessa’s performance foundation is more solid.

  Catwoman and other roles are all planned and have a bright future.

  After "Mission Impossible 6", Vanessa got the chance to star in "Speed and Passion: Special Action". She can play well and has acting skills without losing her temperament. Obviously, vanessa kirby will become another super popular female actress after "Fast Universe" relay michelle rodriguez and Gal Gadot. The audience loves to watch Vanessa’s trio with Qiang Sen and Statham, and the sequel to Speed and Passion: Special Action should be planned.

  Today, Vanessa has obviously become an "action movie star". There are many people who are optimistic about her acting in action movies. DC Pictures announced the new Batman candidate before, and then it has been reported that Vanessa will play the catwoman around Batman. Mission Impossible 7 and Mission Impossible 8 are also planned. It is reported that Tom intends to find Vanessa to return to perform.

  In order to win the award, Vanessa will obviously also appear in films that test her acting skills. In October this year, Vanessa will appear in the thriller Gareth Jones. Based on real events, the film tells the story of Gareth Jones, a British investigative journalist, going deep into the Soviet Union and exposing an international conspiracy.

  Emotionally, the low-key Vanessa and British actor Callum Turner have been dating for more than four years. Callum Turner, who is 1.85 meters tall, is handsome, an actor and a model. What is familiar to mainland audiences is that he once appeared in Fantastic Animals: The Crime of Grindelwald.

  Vanessa was recently awarded the honorary title of "Global Ambassador for War Children" to support charities that help children affected by war in conflict areas. (Reporter Zhang Jiagong Tu Jianxiong)