New Year’s Day has made a good start. Please accept this cultural package.

New Year’s Day is approaching and the New Year is coming. The wonderful New Year’s Day holiday has brought people a sense of relaxation. While gathering with family and friends, they can also enjoy a "luxury package" of history and culture. Follow this three-day "menu" to start the exhibition tour of Shandong Museum on New Year’s Day!
It is natural to see Qilu culture when you come to Shandong Museum. How can China’s 5,000-year-old cadenza be played in Qilu? Nearly 50 portraits, how to reproduce the spirit and feelings of the sages of Shanzuo? This double feast of Qilu culture will surely make you realize the cultural heritage and spiritual charm of this land.
Telling the "China Story" and showing the "Shandong Chapter", the sincere "Haidai Renewal-Shandong Historical and Cultural Exhibition" comprehensively and stereoscopically shows Shandong’s 600,000-year human history, 10,000-year cultural history, 5,000-year civilization history, 3,000-year Qilu cultural history and 100-year struggle history, and tells the story of Shandong’s magnificent history.
With an exhibition hall of 5,000 square meters, more than 2,000 selected cultural relics and the treasures of the top ten town halls, the temperament of this exhibition is really grasped! From prehistoric times, Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties, to Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern times, the exhibition structure follows the historical pace and has a clear vein, which comprehensively shows the development process of ancient civilization and the struggle process of modern times in Shandong, allowing the audience to realize "a glimpse of the whole picture"!
"Yan, the reputation of a scholar." In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, many outstanding figures who can be called "Bangyan" emerged in Shanzuo (another name in Shandong’s old days). The images of these sages have been circulated in the long-standing tradition of portrait painting in China, relying on the portrait painter’s description of "both form and spirit".
In the exhibition "Yamazuo Bangyan-Feelings of Home and Country in the Portraits of Ming and Qing Dynasties", nearly 50 portraits of Ming and Qing Dynasties gathered together to reproduce the spirit and features of Yamazuo’s sages and highlight the spiritual character, cultural inheritance and achievements of Shandong people. These profound and wonderful outstanding contents in Qilu culture are worth seeing!
Ancient meaning and new meaning, antiques and today’s Dong. Through Bo Gu and innovation again and again, the ancient meaning is penetrated and passed on; Past lives, a treasure of China, has penetrated into the collision between the past and the present. The wheel of history is rolling forward, the ceremony carried by bronze wares, the fate of holographic extension and epigraphy are interpreted on the same stage with the media of exhibition. Has this exhibition package, which will follow the past and follow the present, struck a chord with you?
Bronze ware and its representative ritual culture and patriarchal clan system are important cultural genes supporting the continuity of Chinese civilization. In Song Dynasty, influenced by the trend of admiring the ancient times and the development of epigraphy, imitation of pre-Qin bronzes became a common practice, which lasted until Ming and Qing Dynasties.
"The vessel carries the Tao-the ancient meaning and new meaning of the late bronze wares in Shandong" provides the audience with a tunnel through time and space, showing a magnificent history of the evolution of bronze wares. These exquisite, simple or heavy bronzes seem to be talking to the ancestors thousands of years ago. They not only carry the past, but also connect the future. They are the endless carriers of Chinese culture and the continuous proof of Chinese civilization.
Full-shape extension, also known as three-dimensional extension and shape extension, is a kind of extension technique that extends the three-dimensional shape of stone and stone objects to paper with high fidelity, which is equivalent to "taking a full-body photo" of the objects. It is the most difficult among the extension techniques and has strong ornamental value. Its unique connotation is worth inheriting and exploring.
Shandong Museum has a considerable collection of Holographic Extension, and some fine works selected from "Antique Today Dong-Mountain Zuo Jinshi Holographic Extension Cultural Relics Art Exhibition" are exhibited, which fully presents the technical, documentary and artistic value of Holographic Extension and reproduces a history of epigraphy from the middle of Qing Dynasty to the hundred years of the Republic of China.
How can the exhibition package be short of the "king-fried combination" of dinosaurs and minerals? Both from ancient times and buried underground, they are also good neighbors in Shandong Museum, telling the romantic and magnificent past of the earth together … …
At a glance, I dream back to ancient times, once I wake up, roaring the world. Coordinate Shandong, a generation of earth overlord reappears in the world! In the "Shandong Dragon-Crossing the Cretaceous", the mysterious "Shandong-born" dinosaur family organized a group to celebrate the New Year!
Huge stegosaurus, bulky Ankylosaurus, mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, stupid duckbill dragon … With the blessing of naked-eye 3D, VR and other multiple technologies, it seems to be alive. Huge body, sharp teeth, roaring from ancient times … vivid and shocking, which can not only feast your eyes, but also increase your knowledge. Let’s cross the Cretaceous together ~
Time flies and the years change. Minerals buried underground like dinosaur fossils bring us ancient information. Minerals born from the fire and magma hundreds of millions of years ago, such as the divine pen, gather the essence of heaven and earth, gather the aura of the sun and the moon, contain beautiful and gorgeous scenes, and exude irresistible beauty.
In "Crystal Color-Exploring the Magical Mineral World", you can see the brilliance of chromite like sunset glow, the quietness of aquamarine like deep sea, the mystery like amethyst night sky ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Culture, history, art, and nature, Shandong Museum will provide you with one-stop preparation, make an appointment for three days on New Year’s Day, and continue to celebrate the New Year with your friends!