Table tennis experts from seven provinces and one city gathered in Xinyu Gymnasium, and it was hot!

In order to speed up the pace of building a sports power, promote the national fitness campaign, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation of table tennis level among brother provinces, cities and counties, display the image of Damei Xinyu, and help regional coordinated development, the 16th Hunan-Jiangxi-Hubei-Guangdong Table Tennis Tournament and Hunan-Jiangxi-Hubei-Guangdong Cooperation Tournament will be held in Xinyu Gymnasium on December 15th and 17th.

▲ Some players take photos.

host unit

Xinyu Municipal People’s Government

Jiangxi table tennis association

Xiang gan e county (city) table tennis cooperation sai organizing Committee


Xinyu sports bureau

Xinyu sports general officers


Xinyu sports industry industry development center

Xinyu table tennis association

Competition time

December 15-17


Xinyu gymnasium

Competition arrangement on December 15th.

Competition arrangement on December 16th.

Competition arrangement on December 17th

This competition will kick off tonight.

Code the schedule quickly.

Arrange the time

Go to the city gymnasium to watch the game for free.

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Original title: "table tennis experts from seven provinces and one city gather in Xinyu Gymnasium, which is hot! 》