47 out-of-town "village friends" donated money and materials to run 70 tables of dam seats, and invited the whole village to join the group in the New Year | Go to the grassroots in the New Year.

Cover journalist Wang Renhong
In the cold weather, people are warm, and the villagers gather together with strong feelings. On the morning of January 29th (the 19th day of the twelfth lunar month), 96-year-old Liu Zhenghuai, accompanied by his eldest son and daughter-in-law, happily walked to the dam of the village committee. What are they going to do? Watch performances, eat dam mats, receive red envelopes and gifts, and welcome the Spring Festival with great excitement.
There was jubilation. Photography Wang Renhong
On the same day, 70 tables of dam mats were placed in the courtyard dam of Yingchun Village, Bajiao Township, Yilong County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. Besides Liu Zhenghuai’s family, all the villagers in Yingchun Village went to eat dam mats. All expenses such as running dam mats, giving out red envelopes, gifts, and performing group performances were all donated spontaneously by 47 "village friends" who went out from Yingchun Village to work hard.
Sit on a dam mat. Photography Wang Renhong
Give red envelopes to the elderly. Photography Wang Renhong
I’m so happy: I’ll get gifts for the reunion dinner after watching the performance.
On the morning of January 29th, beside the field near the dam of Yingchun Village Committee, the "original ecological stage" built with steel pipes and scaffolding was particularly dazzling. On the background wall of the stage, the words "Mu Dangen welcomes the New Year-2024 Yingchun Village Annual Party in Bajiao Township" and "Organizer: Yingchun Village Committee" are written. On the other side of the stage, in the makeshift stove, the flames licked the bottom of the pot, and the high steamer was steaming. Cutting vegetables, serving dishes, setting tables, laying tablecloths and installing benches … The villagers are very busy.
Cook with fire. Photography Wang Renhong
Cooking. Photography Wang Renhong
At eight or nine o’clock, villagers flocked to the dam of the village Committee from all directions. At 10 o’clock, the annual party kicked off. Song and dance performances, dramas, rolling lanterns, solos, Sichuan Opera’s face changing and other programs came on stage in turn, bringing joy to the villagers. Wu Yuanhong, the head of Bajiao Township, also performed on stage.
At the annual party, the old people aged 60 to 70 in the village were given two bottles of red wine and a thermos. Everyone over 80 years old will be given a quilt.
There are five elderly people over 90 years old in Yingchun Village, including Liu Zhenghuai, Wu Yingchang, Xiao Shude, Zhu Shuzhen and Xiao Guangfu. They are in good health, and they all like to make trouble. They all rushed to the scene to sit on the dam mat. Xiao Lin, secretary of the Party Committee of Bajiao Township, walked up to each old man, sent New Year greetings, red envelopes and quilts, and put on long red scarves symbolizing prosperity.
Wear a red scarf for the old man. Photography Wang Renhong
Just after the annual celebration, 70 dam seats were opened. White oil belly strips, meat with sand, old duck soup, fried bacon, shredded green pepper, steamed pork ribs with rice flour, steamed fish … were served one by one. "cheers, happy new year and all the best!" The villagers raised their glasses in unison, exchanged blessings and looked forward to a better life.
How touching: 47 "village friends" donated money, wine and fat pigs.
"The 47′ village friends’ who went out from Yingchun Village to work hard paid for all the expenses incurred by running dam mats, giving red envelopes and gifts, and inviting the troupe to perform." He Zhiguo, secretary of Yingchun Village Branch, introduced.
Watch the show. Photography Wang Renhong
Bajiao Township is very remote, 78 kilometers away from Yilong County. Yingchun village is also a remote mountain village in a remote mountain village. The villagers have to walk four or five kilometers to get to the countryside. If you are poor, you will change your mind. After the reform and opening up, there are many villagers who go out to work. Many people have made small achievements now, and they have all worked hard to change the poverty in their hometown. Now Yingchun Village has been lifted out of poverty and the conditions are getting better and better.
Among the 47 "village friends" who donated money, there are private entrepreneurs such as Bound, chairman of Foshan Woodpecker Board Dayiye Co., Ltd., Tang Yi, chairman of Nanchong Yili Environmental Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Xiao Guanjun, general manager of Chengdu Guangwei Culture Media Co., Ltd., as well as small bosses and ordinary workers who are still in the start-up stage. Everyone donated 12,000 yuan and 32,000 yuan to show their gratitude. Some also combine their own business projects and donate materials. Guo Yong and Guo Quan, two big farmers, donated a fat pig for the dam mat.
Most of the "village friends" who donated money and materials rushed back to Yingchun Village to celebrate the New Year with the villagers. "Many of them rushed back to the village far away, and they could not be allowed to do the work of dam mats." According to the cadre of Yingchun Village, the village committee organized more than 80 villagers with working ability to cook, serve and do odd jobs. The village drum team and the elderly singing and dancing team also came to perform.
Serve. Photography Wang Renhong
Villagers who do odd jobs. Photography Wang Renhong
Taking advantage of the villagers’ participation in the dam mat, the medical staff of Bajiao Township Health Center rushed to the scene to make health promotion, and distributed commonly used drugs and condoms for the villagers’ physical examination and free clinic.
Free clinic. Photography Wang Renhong
"No matter how much money you earn or how big your boss is, you are all villagers in Yingchun Village when you return to the village. Don’t forget that we went out from Yingchun Village." Bound encouraged the villagers who went out to work hard.
"We launched this dam mat activity, and invited the villagers to organize a group for next year, which shows that the villagers who went out to work hard have a strong concept of hometown. Everyone has not forgotten their hometown, and we will contribute to the construction of hometown in the future." Tang Yi said.