The hot snow is boiling! The 5th Beijing-Zhangjia Volkswagen Ski Exchange Competition was held in Yanqing.

From January 20th to 21st, the 5th Beijing-Zhangjia Volkswagen Ski Exchange Competition was held in Shi Jinglong Ski Resort of Yanqing Vanke. 240 skiers from Beijing and Hebei Province raced through the snow to compete and share the speed and passion of snow sports.

There are two events in this competition: alpine skiing slalom and snowboarding slalom, which are divided into four groups: adult men and women and young men and women. On the morning of the 20th, the contestants set off along the track with their feet on the skis. They shuttled around the track flexibly, constantly changing their movements, and finished the race one by one. "This is my first time to sign up for the mass skiing competition, and it is also my first time to come to Yanqing for skiing. I feel very comfortable skiing here and the staff are very patient. I met many skiers this time, which is an opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and will come back next year. " Contestant Wu Yixuan said.

It is understood that this competition will select 31 winners according to the competition system of Alpine Skiing Competition Rules, including 7 women’s single board group, 8 women’s double board group, 8 men’s single board and 8 men’s double board.

"Today, we held the 5th Beijing-Zhangjia Volkswagen Ski Exchange Competition at Vanke Shi Jinglong Ski Resort. By building this ski platform, we promoted exchanges between the two places, and at the same time helped to build the Beijing-Zhangjia sports and cultural tourism belt. Later, we will also hold speed skating competitions and ice and snow training activities for employees. I hope that more citizens will participate in the ice and snow sports and experience the happiness of ice and snow sports. " Ma Zhiyong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yanqing District Sports Bureau, said.

As one of the brand events of ice and snow sports in our region, this exchange competition further promoted the spirit of Beijing Winter Olympics, promoted the popularization and development of mass ice and snow sports, improved the ability of ice and snow sports in Yanqing District and the level of professional referees’ judging by building a platform for in-depth exchange and interaction between ice and snow lovers in Beijing and Zhang, further expanded the development achievements of ice and snow population, and made good use of the legacy of Winter Olympics.