Hot search screen! The 12 New Year’s Eve party was so lively that some stars apologized all night.

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On New Year’s Eve, David’s party is hot!
Hot search for related terms of New Year’s Eve party
According to incomplete statistics, a total of 12 parties launched a positive battle last night, including CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV and bilibili, all of which presented wonderful New Year’s Eve performances for everyone.
Soon after the party started, the relevant terms took turns to board the hot search.
As of 0: 00 on January 1st, Weibo’s hot search was almost all topics related to the New Year’s Eve party, including real singing, broken sound and out of tune.
Until this morning, many topics related to the party were still causing discussion among netizens.
Cctv ratings are the first fault
According to Yangcheng Evening News, cool cloud ratings data show that CCTV’s New Year’s Eve party won the first place with 4.83% ratings, and Hunan Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve party ranked first with 2.17% ratings.
In the New Year’s Eve party of the four Davids, the highest ratings reached 2.8%, which was won by Huang Xiaoming and Zhifu when they sang "Rainbow Smile" in the New Year’s Eve party of Hunan Satellite TV. The highest rating of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve party was 1.95%, which was won by Emil Wakin Chau, Zoey, david lee, Liu Wei and others when they sang golden songs.
Someone apologized for being out of tune after the real singing.
Influenced by the "lip-synching storm" on May Day, the slogan of "true singing" became one of the selling points of this year’s New Year’s Eve party. Jiangsu Satellite TV called it "true singing, we are serious!" At the same time, "define" true singing as "full open wheat"
At the party that day, Emil Wakin Chau and Yan Renzhong, Zoey, Lingzi Liu, Jenny Zeng, david lee and Liu Wei sang a song "Let me be happy and let me be sad". Actress Zoey’s singing is out of tune seriously, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.
# Zoey is out of tune # and # Zoey scared me to death # two entries, and I also rushed to the hot search this morning.
After the concert, Zoey sent Weibo to apologize to Emil Wakin Chau and his fans, and used a cartoon expression of kneeling.
For Zoey’s apology, some fans joked that "it was really sung this time".
Another part of netizens thought: "If you can’t sing, practice first. If you can’t sing, concentrate on being an actor."
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