On the second day of New Year’s Day holiday, 376,600 people were welcomed in Beijing’s municipal parks.

It is understood that during the New Year’s Day, the municipal parks launched 26 cultural innovations, including 14 special restaurants in parks, handbooks and three-dimensional notes in the Summer Palace, bags and longbao dolls at Jingshan Palace Gate, calendar of national plants, and zodiac seals in zoos. At the same time, Beihai, Taoranting, Yuyuantan and Zizhuyuan respectively launched special refrigerator stickers. Beijing Zoo Panda Gift Flagship Store, Temple of Heaven Qixi, Mifu, Beihai Park Yuxiuyuan Wenchuang Store, Summer Palace Zhichunting Stationery Store, Zhongshan Park Laijin Yuxuan, Zizhuyuan Zizhu Restaurant and other cultural and creative spaces are popular among tourists. Tiantan Clifford Ice Cream, Beihai Gift mallard Series, and Zhongshan Winter Vegetable Steamed Bun have become the most popular cultural and creative items in the holiday TOP3.