Discussion on exchange, mutual learning and common experience to promote implementation

Exchange learning

In order to learn from the advanced work experience of brother courts and promote the continuous improvement of implementation quality and efficiency. On February 22nd, a member of the Party Group of the People’s Court of Ji ‘an and the Director of the Executive Board led a group of four policemen from the Executive Board to the People’s Court of huinan county to exchange and learn about the implementation.

At the meeting, Sun Liguo, director of the Executive Board of the People’s Court of huinan county, introduced in detail the operation of the execution work in our hospital, and shared his experience and experience from three aspects: the execution of case handling mode, the construction of execution norms and the innovation of execution system. Participants conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on resolving letters and visits, how to strengthen the management and control of key nodes, solve the practical difficulties in the final case management, improve the work style of police officers, optimize the allocation of executive teams, strengthen the assessment and encouragement of daily work, and increase the implementation of publicity. The two sides learned from each other’s strengths and learned from each other, and the discussion atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

This exchange and study has established a communication platform between the courts of the two places, which is conducive to the continuous innovation of work ideas and exploration and summary of experience. In the next step, the Executive Board of huinan county People’s Court will learn from the new methods and measures of the brother courts in combination with its own work practice, effectively solve the implementation problems, create the distinctive highlights of our hospital, and push the implementation work to a new level.

Original title: "Discussion on exchange, mutual learning and sharing experience to promote implementation"