What is sports? Adults said, children said.

Xinhua news agency

Today, the integration of physical education and education has become a hot topic, and the health of the whole people has become a common pursuit. If you are asked about the significance of sports for children, you will certainly be able to tell a lot of truth.

But in the eyes of children, the answer to this question is?

Ronaldinho’s wish

Two years ago, Luo Chengmian, the main striker of Zhanjiang Blind Football Team, volunteered to set up a "child prodigy club" in his hometown. There are more than 60 clubs from a dozen children at first, and he plays football and grows up with the left-behind children in the village.

Through football, he connected the left-behind children who were somewhat isolated.

"Football, it has something about being a person, which is what I mainly want to transmit and transmit to them." Ronaldinho thinks that sports will be very helpful to the future life of these left-behind children. Children whose parents are not around are more likely to complain and fall into closed and negative emotions. After actively participating in sports, children are more cheerful and positive, and they do not refuse to communicate with others.

"fierce and cute" little boxer

For mother Wu Yan, exercise not only makes her daughter’s personality more cheerful, but also unexpectedly makes her "fire" on the Internet.

In Tik Tok, she uploaded a video of her daughter Ma Tengyu practicing fighting. Macey’s flexible steps, lightning-fast fists and agile dodging attracted a lot of attention and praise.

Ma Tengyu practiced fighting for a year and a half, and before she was eight years old, she was able to knock her little brother down. Although fighting is a great challenge to physical fitness, the little girl enjoys it very much. In a flat support competition, she persisted for more than 40 minutes.

"Send her to learn fighting, hoping to have more ability to protect herself in the case of physical fitness." Wu Yan said that she doesn’t want her children to be limited in the choice of sports because of gender. As long as she likes it, she will fully support it.

"Go out early and return late" jump rope baby

In July 2019, China, the representative of Guangzhou Donghui Garden Primary School, competed in the 2019 WJR Skipping World Cup. This "Yunhui Skipping Team" composed of 20 primary school students broke two world records and won 2 silvers and 3 bronzes in the final stage.

According to coach Li Xiaoyu, the skipping team will only use one hour before morning class and one hour after school every week. Although the training is hard, the skipping team members never regard it as a chore. "Exercise is something I insist on every day, which is equivalent to a habit." Huang Huihui, a member of the skipping team, said.

"Sports are not only training and competition for them, but more importantly, they can develop a healthy lifestyle through sports." Li Xiaoyu said.

For the children of the little prodigy club, playing football with Mr. Ronaldinho is a long-awaited companion;

For the little boxer Ma Tengyu, fighting with sweat and fists is a hobby that I really like.

For the children of "Yunhui Skipping Team", it is a daily habit to leap and leap on the long rope.

When children no longer understand sports as "physical education class" and "sports meeting", but as simple, habitual and ordinary things like three meals a day; When children no longer regard sports as "optional" in their spare time activities, but as "necessary" in their daily life, the concept of health will better take root in the younger generation, and the spirit of sports will be more vividly extended and transmitted in daily life.

Perhaps, in the eyes of children, the meaning of sports is simpler than we think. Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 1st