Table tennis world cup: all the top 8 are born! Guoping 24

On the evening of December 5th, Beijing time, all the group matches of the first stage of Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup came to an end, and the list of the top eight who advanced to the second stage was officially released. Although China team lost the game unexpectedly in Manyu Wang, the total score was still 24-2, and it was successfully promoted.

In addition, Germany, Japan, and South Korea also won the first place in the group like Guoping, while Sweden, Slovakia, French, and China Taipei advanced as the second place in the group. Some people are happy and others are sad! Please see below for the detailed situation.

It’s not surprising that China, the world’s No.1 team in Group A, advanced, but it’s surprising that Manyu Wang lost unexpectedly. In the contest with Puerto Rico, she lost 1-2 to A Diaz, which was a big surprise, but the whole team still won 8-2, and the other two games were 8-0, sweeping Sweden, China and Hongkong, and the total score was 24 wins and 2 losses, making her the first in the group.

As for Puerto Rico, although it broke through the national table tennis defense and beat China and Hong Kong 8-7 unexpectedly, its total score was only 13, which was lower than Sweden’s 16 points, and the latter was promoted, while China and Hong Kong were at the bottom with only 7 points. What a surprise!

The highest ranked team in Group B is Germany. Although the six main players Ochalov, Qiu Dang, Francesca, Bohr, Han Ying and Mittham didn’t come, their strength is still the top stream of foreign associations, and then they won Egypt 8-3, Portugal 8-3 and Slovakia 8-1, and beat their opponents in three games in a row, and advanced with a huge advantage of 32 points, without being upset.

As for the European champion Portuguese team, because of the same lack of two core players, Freitas and Apollonia, its strength was greatly reduced. In the end, the total score was 16-17 and it lost to Slovakia, ranking third, while Egypt was at the bottom with 12 points. Slovakia narrowly missed the test.

The strongest team in Group C is naturally Japan, the arch-rival of table tennis. In fact, in the absence of most of Germany’s main players, they are actually the second team. In the first stage, their total score was 32-5, and they ended the battle with 8-2 wins over Romania, 8-1 wins over Australia, 8-2 wins over France, and 8-0 wins over the United States. Their strength is really good.

As for the second place, the competition was fierce. France and Romania decided to win or lose in the final battle. The French team advanced with 26 points, Romania lost with 23 points, the United States scored 18 points, and the worst Australian team only got 4 points. It really couldn’t beat it!

The highest ranked team in Group D is the South Korean team, which is also very hopeful to attack the top two and three teams. The promotion is also expected by many fans. As a result, they won 8-3, 8-2, 8-2, 8-1 in China Taipei and 8-1 in India, and got 32 points. However, Jin Naying, the main player, lost 1-2, which did not affect the overall situation.

As for the China Taipei team, in the absence of Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing, they made a thrilling promotion and beat Singapore 26-25, while Canada and India both finished at the bottom with 18 points, thus stopping at the group stage and missing the medal.

The second stage is still round robin, and the winner will win the championship, so let’s continue to cheer for China!