Don’t just "Five-day Tour of King’s Canyon" these games are the best solutions for holidays.

[CNMO] In the face of the May Day holiday, I believe many people have been gearing up and started to make a perfect travel plan, hoping to take this opportunity to travel around the mountains. However, taking history as a mirror, every holiday, where is the expressway that is not blocked by traffic until the end of time, and which famous scenic spot is not crowded with people? Even if you break into the scenic spot, do you feel the sincerity of the smiling vendor or the "killing pig knife" behind the smiling face?

There is a saying that traveling is to run from a place where you are tired of living to a place where others are tired of living. Therefore, just as the best summer resort can’t compete with air-conditioned rooms, the author suggests that during the May Day period, instead of facing traffic jams and crowds of people going to the scenic spots to kill me for leeks, it is better to lie at home and sleep and play games, even if you play two the glory of the king, you can be physically and mentally safe. I really want to see the scenery, and Assassin’s Creed is also a good choice. If you really want to know how big the earth is, you can buy a globe, just turn around and look around …

Of course, besides the national game "the glory of the king", there are actually many games worth playing during the May Day holiday. Interested netizens can read this article and you will certainly gain something.

Have to taste: The Heart of the Atom

Labor Day was originally set up to celebrate the eight-hour working system for ordinary people. It can be said that this festival represents a great victory for workers. Then, on the occasion of the five-day long holiday on Labor Day, Heart of the Atom is a work that is quite suitable for play.

Heart of the Atom is a first-person shooter game developed by Mundfish Russia, which was officially released on February 21st, 2023. The story background of this game is set in the parallel world line of the current world, and the time is set in the 1950s. The main scene in the game is located in the former Soviet Union. In the story of this game, the robots and other advanced technologies developed by the Soviet Union enabled them to build a perfect utopian society, but at the same time, a storm was gradually coming, and all the robots suddenly lost control, and the protagonist was also affected.

When it was just released for sale, Heart of the Atom can be said to have caused a craze in the domestic game circle. Besides the beautiful story background setting, shocking Soviet-style science fiction and artistic Russian-style aesthetic design, it also benefited from the characters such as Gemini and refrigerator in the game, and interested netizens can learn for themselves. However, it should be noted that "Heart of the Atom" is played from the first-person perspective. Players who are seriously dizzy in 3D like the author had better make some preparations before playing.

Speed and Passion: forza motorsport Horizon 5

Since the "damn" traffic jam makes our way home and play difficult, why not experience speed and passion in the game? At present, forza motorsport Horizon 5, a racing game developed by Playground Games, a game studio owned by Microsoft, and released by Xbox Game Studios, is the best in this kind of game, and players can experience hundreds of models in this game. Moreover, instead of traffic jams and other elements in the game, players can get benefits by driving and crashing vegetation, facilities and landscapes, and properly decompress artifacts.

It is worth noting that because it is the first-party game owned by Microsoft, players don’t have to spend 200 yuan or 300 yuan to buy the game itself directly. They can choose to open Microsoft’s PC/Xbox Game Pass service at a price around 30 yuan, and then play it for free. Not only do you have fun, but you also save money. Isn’t it beautiful?

At present, forza motorsport Horizon 5 officially launched a brand-new update patch on April 25th, which will solve some running problems of forza motorsport Horizon 5 on the PC. Previously, the optimization of "forza motorsport Horizon 4" was very good, and it was very friendly to many users with low equipment performance, and "forza motorsport Horizon 5" could fully bear the evaluation of "the future can be expected".

A blockbuster new work: dead island 2

Not many masterpieces were released before Labor Day this year, and this dead island 2 is one of them. It was officially released on April 21st. Players who didn’t have time to play before can have a good experience during this five-day holiday. However, it should be noted that "dead island 2" is currently exclusive to Epic Mall on the PC side, and has not logged into Steam Mall. On Epic Mall, its price is 199 yuan.

At that time, "dead island" was loved by many players with its very literary concept animation, but the road to the appearance of "dead island 2" was slightly bumpy. However, it should be noted that, unlike the previous game, the stage of this game is set in Los Angeles, USA, and there are many famous scenes such as Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills.

For players, this game retains the highly acclaimed multiplayer connection mode of the previous game, which can be used by up to 8 players to jointly slaughter zombies or choose to spend a peaceful social experience with other netizens. Therefore, even players who don’t like to stand alone and like to spend game time with friends can find exclusive happiness in this game.

Brothers of the Original Gods: Collapse: Star Dome Railway

Recently, there are not many new mobile games, and the "Collapse: Star Dome Railway" under Mihayou is probably the most important one. Perhaps many people are not familiar with Miha Tour. In fact, this is the third largest game company in China at present, and the "Original God", which has been popular in recent two years, is its product. The game "Collapse: Star Dome Railway" is also very similar to "The Original God" in artistic style, but there are significant differences in gameplay. It is a turn-based RPG game.

It is worth mentioning that, according to an interview with the Japanese game media, David, the producer of Collapse: Star Dome Railway, said that many members of the R&D team of Collapse: Star Dome Railway had played the series "Unusual Records of the Goddess" (the latter is one of the representative works of JRPG games), and when Mihayou started the project "Collapse: Star Dome Railway" in 2019, he was awarded the title of "Unusual Records of the Goddess 5". They asked, "Can turn-based RPG really be accepted by the market?" The anxiety has also vanished because of the actual market performance of "Unusual Records of the Goddess 5".

So far, Collapse: Star Dome Railway has also achieved good results. Before it was officially launched, the game reached the top on the free list of App Store in more than 113 countries, which directly surpassed Tencent’s previous "Peace Elite".

Can only watch: the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The legend of zelda is one of the most important IPs owned by Nintendo at present. Previously, the sales of the legend of zelda: The Breath of the Wilderness exceeded 20 million copies. Now, we are about to welcome its sequel "the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom", which is also the 19th game in the the legend of zelda series.

It is a pity that we can’t play "the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" during the May Day holiday, and its official release date is May 12th. However, even so, during the May Day holiday, the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may be the most noteworthy game. Even if you can’t play, you can pay attention to its latest news.

It is worth mentioning that recently, overseas game media PC Gamer interviewed the developers of Switch open source simulators Yuzu and Ryujinx, and they said that they are preparing to bring the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to the PC platform. Although there may be some technical problems, they still have confidence. Yuzu developers said that although the Switch open source simulator is wary from Nintendo, they are not worried because the open source simulator is actually completely legal.